Book 2 Chapter 101

Fighting Nabir

Host of Darkness.

This was Leguna's second gift. Leguna could release dark-aspect impetus and re-assimilate it, allowing his body to be filled with the power of darkness. The ability didn't have any effects during the day in bright areas, but in dark corners where light couldn't reach, Host of Darkness could truly bare its sinister fangs.

His body contained dark energy, so he could almost merge with the darkness. In the shroud, his speed, power, reaction time, vision, senses, and impetus would be greatly enhanced, the last so much he rose several strata.

He could also control the ability's intensity. Before this, he could at most release and assimilate two-tenths of his impetus. But that alone was more than enough to provide a huge boost in power during the night. This time, however, he released four-tenths of his impetus in his berserk state and doubled his might!

The process...

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