Chapter 99 - Made Some Improvements

The stalactite was over ten meters long and had solidified spiritual essences. Concentrated liquid spiritual essence was valuable by itself and even more so when solidified. The stalactite closest to the wall would be tougher to break, so Lin Yun wanted to break off a meter from it first.

But who would have imagined that there would be an enormous snake lying around? Lin Yun now faced a dilemma. Should he retreat?

Time was running out and he had to make a choice. In the end, Lin Yun decided to dive down.


When the snake missed, it wriggled its body and continued chasing after Lin Yun. In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun arrived at the bottom of the stalactite and snapped a segment off it. Lin Yun didn’t even have the time to look at the solidified spiritual essence he snapped off and jumped into shallow waters, causing a splash.

The shallow waters weren’t enough to submerge him. When Lin Yun looked back, he wore a grim expression. The crimson snake was nearly a hundred meters in length, glistening with a metallic glow. Furthermore, the aura coming from it wasn’t any weaker than Wan Qiuye. That means that this demonic beast was in the sixth orifice of the Xiantian Realm!

Lin Yun took in a cold breath. If he had forcefully tried to get a bigger segment of the stalactite, he would’ve been devoured by the snake.


But before Lin Yun could even feel relieved, the snake spat out a mouthful of foul green flames in his direction. Looking at the green flames coming at him, Lin Yun flashed and avoided it.

Although he managed to avoid it, the water beneath his feet was contaminated by the toxic green flames. Terrified at this scene, Lin Yun turned around and started running.


The snake chased after him, moving around in the karst cave with unbelievable agility. At the same time, it was continually spat out strands of toxic green flames.

Facing the snake, Lin Yun’s nerves tensed, not daring to relax for a second. Dodging the snake’s attacks, Lin Yun didn’t have time to care about the sharp stalactites in his path. As a result, it didn’t take long for him to be covered in wounds.

“Finally!” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up when he saw the entrance that he came in from. Without a second thought, he jumped into the water.


But just as he jumped into the water, he was struck by the snake’s tail.


Lin Yun spat out a mouthful of blood. When he fell onto the ground, his body was twitching in pain and his bones were nearly shattered.

Damn it! Lin Yun tried to move, but he was having a hard time getting on his feet. He broke a few ribs, which disrupted his breathing.

A demonic beast in the sixth orifice of the Xiantian Realm wasn’t an existence that he could deal with his current strength. If it weren’t for the Fiery Demon Physique, he would’ve lost his life by now.

When he raised his head, he could see a pair of crimson eyes directed at him. The snake had half of its body lifted in the sky and looked down at Lin Yun. As it spat out its tongue, it was letting out hissing noises.

Lin Yun’s heart turned cold when he saw this scene. He knew that the snake was going to end his life.


Without giving him any time to think, the snake pounced over.

Violet Sacred Frostfire!

Lin Yun gnashed his teeth. The Violet Sacred Frostfire on the sword box condensed into the shape of a Violet Ice Sparrow and flew over.

The explosion made the snake fly out, but it pounced back in the blink of an eye. Bearing the pain, Lin Yun slammed his palm on the ground and dove into deep waters.


Even though the snake missed its target, it immediately followed Lin Yun and dove into the water.

Quick! Quick! Quick! Lin Yun grew anxious and tried swimming upwards. Sensing the temperature rising, he immediately rejoiced. He finally saw the ravine again as he saw countless bubbles rising.

Lin Yun kicked as he dove through the ravine.

“I’m finally safe…” sighed Lin Yun with relief when he saw the earthen flame and sat down.


Lin Yun bore through the pain of fixing his fractured bones before circulating his Xiantian Pure Yang Art. The added benefit of the Fiery Demon Physique allowed his injuries to repair at a stunning rate. It only took half an hour for him to recover most of his injuries.

“Mhm?” Lin Yun was shocked to notice that his spiritual energy grew stronger when he was about to stop circulating the cultivation technique. When he looked around, he immediately figured out the reason. So cultivating on the Flame Vein could quicken his cultivation.

“Wan Feng and the rest should still be refining the spiritual essence now. So I’ll just take this time to cultivate.”

Although he couldn’t make a breakthrough in his cultivation, he could take this opportunity to get his Xiantian Pure Yang Art to the fourth stage.

Spiritual Lake was an opportunity once a decade. So Lin Yun was sure that Wan Feng and the rest wouldn’t give up this opportunity to absorb the last spiritual essence.

As the spiritual essences were gradually used up in the Spiritual Lake, the waters became clear.


Amidst the nine in the lake, Feng Wuheng’s aura exploded.

“Wuheng is finally reaching the Xiantian Realm.” Wan Qiuye smiled, standing by the shore.


“Not bad. This sword is superior in terms of its appearance and sharpness. This should be a sixth grade Amber Martial Soul!”

When Feng Wuheng heard Wan Qiuye’s words, he rejoiced, “Uncle, is my Martial Soul really in the sixth grade Amber?!”

“Although we’ve not done an official test, it should be higher and not lesser.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Feng Wuheng was in high spirits. Martial Souls were divided into four categories, Amber, Profound, Earthen, and Sky. Each category was further divided into eight stages. It was rare for a newly born Martial Soul to be in the Sixth Grade Amber,  even in Azure Sun County.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several powerful aura exploded out from the other Wan Clan’s disciples. It was a sign of them making a breakthrough. When they opened their eyes, their pupils contained unconcealable joy.

If it weren’t for the Spiritual Lake, it would take them a year to reach the second orifice of the Xiantian Realm. They were barely sixteen and seventeen, and they had already reached the second orifice. It meant that they had boundless prospects.

Soon, one after another began to open their eyes in the lake. Everyone in the first orifice of the Xiantian Realm had all made a breakthrough.

“Feng’er, how do you feel?” Wan Qiuye looked at Wan Feng.

“My bottleneck has started to sway. I’m confident in reaching the third orifice of the Xiantian Realm in less than a year!” Wan Feng declared with confidence.

“Good! Good! Terrific!” Wan Qiuye was naturally happy to see that his son was so capable.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, nine water geysers shot out into the sky. Wan Feiye had opened his eyes with a brilliant glow.

“Third orifice of the Xiantian Realm!” The Wan Clan’s disciples were all shocked. Wan Feiye had most of his spiritual essence snatched by Lin Yun, but he still managed to make a breakthrough. It meant that Wan Feiye’s talent was simply shocking.

At the same time, Wan Feng’s facial expression was unsightly. Wan Feiye made a breakthrough, while he hadn’t. That alone had proved the difference between their aptitude. He wouldn’t feel so hurt if there was no comparison.

“Cousin don’t have to be too worried about it. If you’re hard-working enough, there are still chances of you overtaking him.” Feng Wuheng comforted.

“Don’t worry about it.” Wan Feng squeezed out a smile.

“Where’s that piece of trash, Lin Yun?!” Wan Feiye was brimming with confidence after making a breakthrough. He swept his gaze around, searching for Lin Yun’s silhouette.

That’s right, where’s Lin Yun? Did he leave? Wan Feng and Feng Wuheng were both perplexed when they did not see Lin Yun around. 

It would be best if Lin Yun had left. After all, they knew that Wan Feiye wanted to look for Lin Yun to take revenge now that he made a breakthrough.

“He has already finished refining the spiritual essence, and he’s currently at the bottom of the lake searching. I guess that he’ll return soon.” Wan Qiuye replied as he looked at the lake.

He and several elders had already searched the bottom of the lake, and they had taken everything valuable. So he did not believe that Lin Yun could find anything at the bottom.


The surface of the lake exploded as Lin Yun came out with his sword box.

“What powerful aura…” Wan Qiuye was shocked as he looked at Lin Yun. He could sense the torrential spiritual energy coursing through Lin Yun’s body.

But right after Lin Yun landed on the shore, he heard a cold snort rang out before he could even take a step.

“What a piece of trash. You can’t even make a breakthrough after refining so many spiritual essences? My dad was right. You shouldn’t have taken the quota!”

Turning around, Lin Yun saw Wan Feiye barking at him. When Wan Feiye saw Lin Yun looking over, he puffed his chest out with confidence and released his aura.

Looking at Wan Feiye, Lin Yun finally knew why the former was so confident. So it turns out that Wan Feiye made a breakthrough. On the other hand, Wan Feng was only a step away from making his breakthrough.

“Congratulations on making a breakthrough.” Lin Yun indifferently replied before walking towards Wan Qiuye.

“You!” Wan Feiye was furious by Lin Yun’s indifference. “Lin Yun, do you dare to spar with me once more? Same rules!”

Chasing up to Lin Yun, Wan Feiye released his aura. Based on his current stance, he had no intentions of letting Lin Yun off the hook.

“Feiye, don’t be impulsive.” Wan Qiuye immediately called out.

“Didn’t he snatch my spiritual essence earlier? I can’t let this matter rest so easily!” Wan Feiye coldly replied.

Listening to Wan Feiye’s reply, Wan Qiuye sighed. You silly lad, I’m helping you here…

“Sure!” Lin Yun replied after a brief pondering.


A cold sneer rose on Wan Feiye’s lips. When he threw out his attack, he gathered his spiritual energy in his palm. He learned from his mistake this time, and he didn't go easy on Lin Yun.

However, Lin Yun did not panic. His Xiantian Pure Yang Art had already reached the fourth stage, and his spiritual energy was like an endless wave of flames. Looking at Wan Feiye coming at him, Lin Yun clenched his fist and threw a punch over.


The clash between them held no suspense at all. Wan Feiye’s mouth gushed with blood as shock filled his eyes. He noticed that Lin Yun had entirely crushed his spiritual energy. In addition, Lin Yun’s spiritual energy had even invaded his body, sending a shock to his internal organs.

Wan Feiye flew out like a cannonball and reached the opposite bank in the blink of an eye.

Retracting his attack, Lin Yun was satisfied with the attack and smiled, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to mention that I made some improvements as well.”

Wan Qiuye’s lips twitched upon hearing it. You call that ‘some’ improvements?!

Lin Yun might seem to have thrown out an attack casually, but he wasn’t holding back at all. Taking that blow, Wan Feiye would have to be bedridden for at least half a month! Lin Yun was still as grudgeful as always.

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