Chapter 97 - Xiantian Spiritual Essence

“We lost…” The members of three clans lowered their heads in dejection. Losing the Spiritual Lake meant that their days in Violet Flame City were about to get tougher. A trace of murderous intent was thinly veiled behind the reluctance in their eyes.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Wan Qiuye sneered at this scene and started clapping. Upon receiving his signal, cultivators who were hidden in the surrounding area began to appear.


It didn’t take long for everyone to assemble. The Wan Clan suddenly had twice the number of people the three clans had combined. No pushover could make a name for themselves in the Azure Sun County, and no one would pity the weak here. In this world, only the strong are respected!

The Wan Clan was no pushover.They had the potential to become an overlord in Violet Flame City. Carrying Yan Tianrui, Kong Yuan watched this scene bitterly. He never imagined that Lin Yun would turn the tide of this battle.

Kong Yuan’s strategy had been to leave immediately if they lost. It seems Wan Qiuye came prepared. If they were to fight, Kong Yuan knew that his side would be eliminated.

“Wan Qiuye, this barren mountain belongs to your Wan Clan from now on. The three of our clans will not set foot here!” Kong Yuan spoke out coldly.

“Back down.” Wan Qiuye faintly instructed. In the next second, the Wan Clan’s cultivators opened up a path for the three clans.

“But we will meet again. Brat, pray you don’t fall into my hands,” Kong Yuan glared at Lin Yun before turning around. “Let’s go!”

The Wan Clan’s cultivators followed close behind to make sure Kong Yuan didn’t try something.

When they were gone, the place was more spacious. The atmosphere was no longer as tense as before. Now that everything was settled, those who remained turned looked at Lin Yun with admiration.

If it weren’t for him, their Wan Clan would have lost today. No one had expected that Kong would recruit an elite disciple from the Blood Cloud Sect.

Wan Qiuye looked at Lin Yun with mixed emotions. Upon getting a closer look at Lin Yun’s injuries, even Wan Qiuye was worried about him. Yan Tianrui was ruthless,sure, but Lin Yun had been even crueler to his body!

It was as if Lin Yun saw his life as a resource, using his body to withstand Yan Tianrui’s martial soul to create an opportunity for himself. If his movements hadn’t been perfect, he would have been hit in a vital spot.

“Brother Lin, how are… how are you fairing?” Wan Qiuye asked with his brows slightly knitted.

“I’m fine. Well... I’m not going to die just yet…” Lin Yun replied. But when he spoke, he accidentally stretched his wounds and sucked in a cold breath. He lowered his head to look at his injuries, which went to his bones. If Yan Tianrui’s last attack had gone half an inch deeper, he would be dead.

“Brother Lin, let me give you a piece of advice. Members of the Blood Cloud Sect are known to carry grudges, and I’m afraid that my Wan Clan won’t be able to protect you from Yan Tianrui.” Wan Qiuye was straightforward with his words.

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t drag the Wan Clan into,” Lin Yun replied. With the Dragon Blooded Horse and his sword box, he did not lack trump cards. Furthermore, he was all by himself, so it wouldn’t be easy for the Blood Cloud Sect to find him in the massive Azure Sun County.

“Alright. Thank you for today!” Wan Qiuye seemed relieved. In the end, the Spiritual Lake belonged to the Wan Clan.

“Big Brother, I don’t think Brother Lin is suitable to absorb the spiritual essence with his current injuries. Even if the spiritual essence can heal his injuries, most of it will be wasted. Why don’t we take his quota back and compensate him?” Wan Tian came over wearing a shit eating grin.

“How can you do that?! Lin Yun won us that lake, how can you take back his quota?!” Feng Wuheng spoke out. His youth gave him the courage to be straightforward with his words without worrying about offending Wan Tian.

Lin Yun was furious when he heard those words. He was disgusted by how sleezy Wan Tian was, trying to weasel out of their deal on a technicality.

“You’re an outsider. You have no qualifications to speak for the Wan Clan. If you keep yapping, I’ll confiscate your quota as well!” Wan Tian barked.

“You!” Feng Wuheng felt his rage blazing in his chest. He then turned to look at Wan Qiuye, “Uncle, please don’t listen to him!”

“Wan Tian, I’ll ignore what you’ve just said. You want me to break my promise? Furthermore, if you’re concerned about injuries, your son’s injuries don’t seem to be any better than Lin Yun. Why don’t I take his quota as well and compensate him for that?” Wan Qiuye replied with the voice of a true patriarch.

When Wan Tian heard that his son’s quota had to be removed as well, he changed his tune, “I’m just joking. It’s just a joke.”

“Alright, all of you can go in as we’ve previously discussed.”

Aside from Lin Yun, Wan Feng, Wan Qiuye, and Feng Wuheng, six youngsters stepped from the crowd excitedly.

“Come with me.” Wan Qiuye led the way, passing through the dense forest. Half an incense stick of time later,a steaming lake came into view.

In person, it was more akin to a pool than a lake. Noticing the spiritual energy blowing on his face, Lin Yun took a deep breath and felt his mind revitalized. Even his injuries had gotten much better.

“There is a Flame Vein beneath this Spiritual Lake. Remember to not go too deep, or you’ll be hurt by it.”

“Got it.”

After receiving Wan Qiuye’s reminder, everyone jumped into the Spiritual Lake.

“It feels amazing!” Wan Feiye yelled out emotionally. As he began absorbing the spiritual essences, four vortexes formed around him.

The others had several vortexes around them as well, but Wan Feng and Wan Feiye had the most. The two had four vortexes each while the rest only had one or two.

“Lin Yun, why don’t you get in as well? If you don’t get going soon, they’ll absorb all the spiritual essence,” Wan Qiuye smiled. He admired Lin Yun’s personality and talent. Lin Yun could be considered a young hero of his age.

“Alright, I’ll get going then,” Lin Yun smiled after a moment of hesitation. Without warning, he cannonballed into the lake.


The second Lin Yun touched the water nine vortexes formed around him, more than Wan Feng and Wan Feiye combined.

When Wan Qiuye saw this scene, his smile froze. He could see now why Lin Yun had hesitated to get in. He had been trying to avoid inadvertently bullying others. Based on the vortexes he had around him, his Xiantian Cultivation Technique dwarfed the others.

“What the…”

Lin Yun had created a huge commotion, drawing all eyes on him. When they saw the nine vortexes around Lin Yun, their faces sank.

“Damn it! What cultivation technique did you practice? Why is it so ferocious!” Wan Feiye grew anxious. He closed his eyes and began circulating the spiritual energy in his body with all his might.

As everyone else did not want to fall behind, they began to absorb more spiritual essence. They were afraid that Lin Yun would absorb it all. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t catch up to him.

Lin Yun’s Xiantian Pure Yang Art wasn’t something that they could match with will alone. As Lin Yun circulated his spiritual energy, it coursed through his body incessantly.


The fine grains of spiritual essence were absorbed into Lin Yun’s body via the vortex. As the spiritual essence and his spiritual energy combined, Lin Yun could sense that his cultivation was skyrocketing.

Lin Yun had never been as happy as he was now watching his spiritual energy grow stronger. He understood why the three clans would risk falling out with the Wan Clan for it. The spiritual essence was simply too beneficial for their descendants!

Not only was the spiritual essence strengthening, refining, and purifying his spiritual energy, Lin Yun could also sense his cultivation increasing. Spending one day in the Spiritual Lake was equivalent to half a year of cultivation.

“Maybe I can take advantage of this and make a breakthrough!”

It was a rare opportunity to come by, and Lin Yun did not want to give up on it.


Giving it his all, two more vortexes appeared around Lin Yun, reaching an astonishing total of eleven!

The spiritual essence absorbed by him alone was equivalent to the spiritual essence absorbed by the nine others.

When Wan Qiuye saw this scene, he smiled bitterly, “This brat holds grudges. If Wan Tian were here, he would probably cough up blood.”

Wan Qiuye noticed that the two vortexes had been taken from Wan Feiye alone.

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