Chapter 93 - Where did that confidence come from

“What do you mean by impossible?” Lin Yun asked. Wan Feng’s overreaction confused him.

“The first stage of the Thunderblitz Battle Physique requires one to temper his body with fire. The elders of my Wan Clan have also tried practicing it, but no one could endure the pain. Some of them even nearly killed themselves doing it!” Wan Feng’s sharp response left Feng Wuheng in shock.

The requirements of this Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique were unimaginably cruel. They were the actual torture. Just how much willpower and courage were required to last through the torture?

The pieces fell into place in Lin Yun’s mind. He smiled, “I see. So the only reason why you promised me the Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique was because you were sure that I wouldn’t be able to learn it?”

“That… I didn’t say that,” Wan Feng’s face became awkward as he knew that he accidentally spouted something he shouldn’t have.

With an embarrassed smile, Feng Wuheng mediated, “Lin Yun, I believe my cousin didn’t mean it that way. His curiosity just got the better of him. How did you even manage to cultivate a technique with such harsh requirements? Where do you even start?”

“Yeah, I’m really curious about that too. Do you have any tips?” Wan Feng’s eyes lit up. Feng Wuheng had just given him an excuse to peek into Lin Yun’s methods. If he could practice this technique, then it would make him even stronger.

Stretching out his hands, Lin Yun honestly replied, “There’s no secret. I just have prior experience. I almost burned to death not too long ago.”

“There’s no secret…” Wan Feng said, disappointed. “Let’s leave that aside for now. It’s time for us to get going. Today’s the battle for the Spiritual Lake. Heh heh. The Wan Clan is sure to win with you as our trump card!”

He was undeniably shocked that Lin Yun had actually formed the Fiery Demon Physique, but knowing that gave him confidence.

“Let me pack my stuff,” Lin Yun changed his clothes and grabbed the sword box.

Shortly after, the three of them headed towards the Wan Clan’s Ancestral Shrine. The shrine was closed, and all the upper echelon of the Wan Clan were praying for their ancestor’s blessing.


“So, you’re Lin Yun!” An apathetic voice rang out as a youth made his appearance. He was staring daggers at Lin Yun.

His cultivation was in the Second Orifice of the Xiantian Realm, and his aura was more refined than Wan Feng’s.

Wan Feng’s face changed when he saw the youth. He leaned over and whispered in Lin Yun’s ear, “This is Wan Feiye, Wan Tian’s son. He’s one of the most talented saplings in my Wan Clan. He’ll be our third in today’s battle.”

Lin Yun muttered in his heart. Wan Feiye… that means that he’s Wan Feng’s cousin.

“Did I hear correctly that you sent my father flying five days ago?” Wan Feiye continued with his questions when he saw that Lin Yun hadn’t replied.

Wan Feng noticed there was something off about Wan Feiye’s tone, he barked, “Wan Feiye, what are you trying to do? Control yourself! The battle for the Spiritual Lake is upon us.”

Wan Feiye squinted his eyes and looked at Lin Yun with a smile, “Why don’t we play a game? We’ve still got some time before this thing starts. How about a little sparring match? Warm ups… or whatever”

“Sure. Let’s make it interesting. The loser has to pay 1,000 mid-grade spiritual stones,” Lin Yun said with a confident smile. Why would he fear the son of a man he’d already beaten?

“1,000 mid-grade spiritual stones?” Wan Feiye’s face darkened. That was equivalent to three months' pay, but he couldn’t back down now, “Sure!”

“How do you want to do this?”

“Simple. One move each. No Martial Souls, martial techniques, or weapons allowed. Whoever takes a step back loses!” Wan Feiye’s eyes flashed coldly. He wanted to take revenge for his father. “Let’s up the stakes. The loser has to take a slap from the winner without complaining!”

“No Martial Techniques?” Wan Feng snorted. “Wan Qiuye, your cultivation is higher and you’ve practiced an Intermediate Xiantian Cultivation Technique. You’re not even allowing Lin Yun to use martial techniques?”

It looked like Wan Feiye had done his research. After all, Lin Yun was proficient in a powerful one-shot martial technique.

Raising an eyebrow, Wan Feiye taunted, “What’s the matter? Scared? I’ll let you forfeit. You just have to give me 1,000 mid-grade spiritual stones.”

“It’s fine,” Lin Yun casually replied. Wan Feiye clearly wanted to get slapped. It would be rude of him not to oblige.

Wan Qiuye’s eyes flickered with excitement when he saw that Lin Yun had agreed to his conditions. His cultivation was higher than Lin Yun’s. With no martial techniques allowed, it would be an easy victory.

“I’ll let you go first, lest you say that I’m taking advantage of you,” Wan Feiye took several steps back and smirked.

The cultivation technique that he was trained in was proficient in going second. With his higher cultivation, he could find Lin Yun’s flaw and defeat him.

“You sure about that?” Lin Yun smiled.

“Of course.”

Lin Yun waved his hand and placed the sword box on the ground.

Boom! Boom!

In the next second, two explosions rang out. The first was Lin Yun’s fist, and the second was the sword box dropping on the ground.

Before Wan Feiye could even gather his spiritual energy, he had already taken a hit from Lin Yun. He fell onto the ground with shock in his eyes. His body spasmed uncontrollably from the pain.

How is that possible…? Lin Yun didn’t have to gather his spiritual energy first?

Traces of blood leaked from Wan Feiye’s lips. Fighting the spasms, he raised his head and looked at Lin Yun in horror. 

Feng Wuheng and Wan Feng looked at each other; they could see the shock in each other’s eyes. Although they knew that Lin Yun possesses the Fiery Demon Physique, they never expected that he would be so powerful. Wan Feiye had asked death itself to throw the first punch without even realizing it.

“I’ll pass on the slap. I’m not really into that sort of thing. But I will take the 1,000 mid-grade spiritual stones now,” Lin Yun said as he picked up the sword box.

“I-I don’t have it,” Wan Feiye replied. He received resources from the clan for his cultivation, but he had never saved them up.

Creak! Creak!

The Ancestral Shine’s doors opened up. The elders stopped, stunned, when they saw Wan Feiye groaning in pain on the ground.

“My boy! Did you hurt my boy!?” Wan Tian roared at this sight. He was barely containing his rage.

“Stop! We have to make things clear first. Feng’er, what’s going on here?” Wan Qiuye said patiently, but traces of anger could be seen on his face. The battle about to start, and they were injuring each other?

“Dad, Wan Feiye wanted to take revenge for his father and made a bet with Lin Yun…” Wan Feng explained the entire incident excitedly.

Wan Feiye was his greatest competitor, and Wan Feng was more than happy to see lose.

“Is that true?” Wan Tian looked at his son.

“Yes, father. But he pulled a fast one on me! Let’s go again; I won’t lose this time!”

“Enough!” Wan Tian roared after seeing his son acknowledging the matter. Simultaneously, there was a sliver of guilt on his face that both he and his son lost to Lin Yun.

“You will pay the spiritual stones you lost; the clan will not help you with this one. The battle for the Spiritual Lake is starting soon, and your son is messing around? He’s out of control! I’m docking him one month’s pay as punishment,” Wan Qiuye snorted at Wan Tian.

Facing Wan Qiuye’s reprimand, Wan Tian could only take it in silence.

“Let’s go.”

 The group left Wan Clan grounds on horseback.

Lin Yun rode his Dragon Blooded Horse, but had to limit its speed to follow behind the group.

The Eighth Grade Spiritual Lake was located on a barren mountain outside the city. No one had cared about the barren mountain until it gave birth to a Spiritual Lake. Now everyone was fighting over it.

Two hours later, their pace slowed. As they approached, a forested mountain range came into view.

“This mountain used to be a barren land in Violet Flame City, with nothing aside from wild beasts. Not even cultivators would come to train in this place. The Spiritual Lake was discovered accidentally by an old hunter subordinated to the Wan Clan,” Wan Feng explained as they approached.

“It looks like the Wan Clan is blessed by the heavens,” Lin Yun casually replied.

“Don’t say that until we win. With you around, the Spiritual Lake is practically in the bag. But remember, this is a deathmatch. It will be a life-and-death fight with Martial Souls. Nothing can be said for certain.”

As the group approached, the atmosphere grew solemn. Even Wan Feng seemed concerned.

There was a deathmatch ahead of them. The winner would keep fighting until they died or admitted defeat.

When they made it halfway up the mountain, they were met by two other parties. The atmosphere was tense. Everyone present was exuding a killing aura and had their hands on their weapons.

As Lin Yun looked around, he could tell that the Wan Clan had fewer people. Granted, the other party had three clans. Lin Yun could see an entrance, which he assumed led to the Spiritual Lake.

“Get down,” Wan Qiuye ordered.

“Wan Qiuye, you’re finally here!” A faint voice rang out. A path was cleared on the other side as three middle-aged men walked over.

The one standing in the middle was brimming with killing aura. He looked more like a bandit than the patriarch of a family. Although he wasn’t giving off any violent spiritual energy, just looking at him was enough to insight fear.

“He’s the boss of the three clans, Kong Yuan. When he roamed around back in the day, he was known for killing without batting an eye. He only returned to the clan because he grew tired of that lifestyle. He’s probably the only cultivator in the Violet Flame City that is comparable to my father,” Wan Feng whispered into Lin Yun’s ears.

Wan Qiuye, who was standing at the front, faced Kong Yuan and replied, “Arriving early doesn’t mean that the Spiritual Lake will be yours.”

“Don’t be so certain about that. Your Wan Clan has dominated the Violet Flame City for too many years. It’s time you lost something,” Kong Yuan grinned.

Looking at Kong Yuan, Wan Qiuye was baffled. Why was he so confident?

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