Chapter 92 - Dumbfounded

Lin Yun started learning the Thunderblitz Physique as soon as he returned. As an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique, it was sure to be powerful, but there would be a harsh requirement to learn it.

The Thunderblitz Battle Physique required refining two different elements, thunder and fire. Both thunder and fire. These were the most violent elements in the world. It was dangerous enough to refine just one of them.

Lin Yun understood now why the Wan Clan had been willing to part with this one.

The Thunderblitz Physique was separated into five stages. The first stage was to focus on tempering his physique with fire elemental spiritual energy. He had to refine his flesh and bones with fire, changing it from the inside. 

If he could complete the first stage, he would possess a Fiery Demon Physique equivalent to Lesser Fiery Demons. At that stage, he would be impervious to ordinary weapons.

“Fiery Demon Physique?” Lin Yun pondered. Fiery Demons were creatures that lived in lava deep underground. They were known for their resilience.

Lin Yun suddenly recalled that he had already gone through the process of tempering his body with fire, first when he absorbed the fire elemental spiritual energy from the Demonic Flame Tiger’s habitat and again when he refined the Drought Golden Lotus. Compared to the method mentioned in the book, being refined by the Drought Golden Lotus was much stronger .

The second stage of the Fiery Demon Physique would grant him a body comparable to Intermediate Fiery Demons. He would be impervious to ordinary low-grade spiritual artifacts while having high resistance to mid-grade and high-grade spiritual artifacts. It also came with the strength of 10,000 catty.

“This is powerful!” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up. He was shocked to learn that reaching the second stage alone would make him impervious to low-grade spiritual artifacts.

Lin Yun read on. Upon reaching the third stage, he would be able to use his physique in battle. His body’s strength would be comparable to Greater Fiery Demons, transforming into the Fiery Demon Physique. However, he had to absorb a Lava Core to reach the third stage.

If he used a high purity Lava Core, he would have a chance to form the perfect Fiery Demon Battle Physique. It was a gamble, though, as even the slightest failure would have destructive consequences. If he wasn’t confident, it would be wise for him not to take the risk.

The Fiery Demon Battle Physique would make him impervious to mid-grade spiritual artifacts, and even high-grade spiritual artifacts would have trouble damaging him.

However, reaching the Fiery Demon Battle Physique was only Thunderblitz Battle Physique’s foundation. He would have to hunt a demonic beast from a powerful thunder elemental bloodline that was in at least the Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. He would then have to refine a thunder core from its beast core before combining it with his Fiery Demon Battle Physique in order to forge the Thunderblitz Battle Physique.

Once the Thunderblitz Battle Physique was formed, the fourth stage was complete. He would be impervious to high-grade spiritual artifacts. It also meant that he could face cultivators in the Profound Martial Realm.

As for the fifth was incomplete.

A sense of awe came over Lin Yun after reading through the Thunderblitz Battle Physique manual. Just how powerful was it that he wouldn’t have to fear Profound Martial Realm cultivators?

However, it wouldn’t be easy. As mentioned in the manual, he needed to hunt a demonic beast, one in the Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. Not to mention that it must be one with a beast core. If he could hunt a Seventh Orifice demonic beast, wouldn’t he already be comparable to Profound Martial Realm cultivators?

“Well, it looks like the Thunderblitz Battle Physique is impossible for now. The requirements are too harsh for me alone,” Lin Yun sighed. It was a daunting task.

However, the Fiery Demon Battle Physique should be within his reach. At the very least, reaching the second stage wouldn’t be a problem for him. His physique had already been tempered by flame. He nearly died when he refined the Drought Golden Lotus. Then again, Lin Yun had no idea if that was sufficient.

Let’s test it out and see if I meet the requirement. 

Lin Yun began to circulate the energy within his body according to the manual. He could feel his spiritual energy began to boil within his body as he directed it to clear out new meridian channels. 

It did not take long before he was finished. His newly regenerated meridians seemed tougher than before, and his spiritual energy could easily course through his body.

Haha! It’s really possible! It looks like my physique has already reached the requirement for it! 

Lin Yun rejoiced in his heart as his spiritual energy surged through his veins. He had long since met the requirement to cultivate this technique.

Lin Yun knew that he had benefited greatly. The Wan Clan’s disciples were probably terrified when they heard that they had to temper their bodies with fire. Simply imagining the pain of being burned alive was enough to make some weak, willingly putting yourself through it was unthinkable.

However, Lin Yun had already experienced that. It almost killed him, too. Refining the Drought Golden Lotus was one of the hardest things he had to endure, but he benefited from it now. With his comprehension of the technique and the first requirement met, his cultivation soared.

As he circulated the technique, Lin Yun could sense his body transforming on a cellular level.

One day later, his transformation reached its zenith. An explosion rang out from his body and his skin turned red as he suddenly grew a head taller. When Lin Yun opened his eyes, there were flames etched in his pupils and a violent aura emanated from him like waves of heat.

Fwoosh! Swoosh!

Li Yun was shocked when he saw his reflection in the well. His lustrous black hair had turned crimson and was flowing as if it were the very embodiment of fire. He could sense the explosive power contained in his body. Furthermore, he had a feeling that he could even face second orifice cultivators with his physique alone.

This was the Fiery Demon Physique.


Lin Yun sent out a jab. Using only his newfound strength, he shattered the entire stone table into dust. 


Lin Yun willed the violent energy to retract deep within him. The fierce energy gathered at his Dantian and formed a Fiery Demon Seal, returning his body to normal.

Lin Yun was satisfied with the technique. Even without transforming himself, he could sense that his physique was much stronger than before.

“Now's not the time to be smug. Let’s get back to the grind!” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered. He sat back down and continued his cultivation.

Although he had easily formed the Fiery Demon Physique, he felt that there was more potential waiting to be excavated.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye. 

While walking towards Lin Yun’s courtyard with Wan Feng, Feng Wuheng casually asked, “Cousin, what do you think Lin Yun has been doing for the past five days?”

“Knowing him? He’s probably been studying the Thunderblitz Battle Physique,” Wan Feng smiled.

“Do you think he’ll be able to learn it?”

“Hahaha! You can’t seriously be asking that,” Wan Feng laughed. He did not reply to Feng Wuheng directly, but his tone was answer enough.

“Did I say something wrong?” Feng Wuheng scratched his head awkwardly.

“Do you think that the clan is stupid?” Wan Feng smiled. “Do you think that the clan will give away an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique? The clan has completely researched the Thunderblitz Battle Physique. No one beneath the fifth orifice is capable of cultivating it. Even in the Fifth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm, he might not have the guts.”

“Why?” Feng Wuheng asked, his curiosity piqued.

Wan Feng only gave a mysterious smile.

Suddenly, the two of them were hit by an intense wave of heat coming from the courtyard.


The closer they got, the more intense the heat became. Sweat started to form on their brows.

“What’s wrong?” Wan Feng was puzzled as the two of them stepped into the courtyard.


They saw a giant when they entered the courtyard. Lin Yun was nearly two meters, his skin red like heated metal, his hair replaced by a roaring fire. Just barely, one could even see molten runes flickering on his skin.

Lin Yun’s temperament had undergone a drastic change. He was devilish charming, like a Hellfire Lord that came from the netherworld. When he drove his fist into the ground, the horrifying force behind his punch shattered the stone and sent fissures branching throughout the courtyard.

“Strength of 10,000 catty!” Lin Yun’s devilish face was brimming with excitement.

When he raised his head, his eyes met Feng Wuheng and Wan Feng. The two were awestruck. They could sense a terrifying force shrouding their bodies. It made their skin crawl and their muscles beg to retreat as it enveloped them in a cocoon of despair.


Lin Yun willed his violent aura vanished in the next second. When he returned to normal, the terrifying pressure enveloping Feng Wuheng and Wan Feng vanished.

Smiling, Lin Yun walked over to greet them, “You guys are here! Does that mean it’s time to go?”

Wan Feng did not reply to Lin Yun’s question. He looked at Lin Yun in horror, “Lin Yun, you learned the Thunderblitz Battle Physique?”

“Not exactly. Strictly speaking, I’m only in the second stage.”

“Impossible!” Wan Feng was so shocked that he nearly jumped.

Standing off to the side, Feng Wuheng sighed inwardly. He recalled what his cousin had said earlier. 

“Do you think that the clan is stupid?”

 Oh, dear cousin… this time, the clan is beyond stupid.

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