Chapter 91 - Thunderblitz Battle Physique

Everyone in the Ancestral Shrine cried out in disbelief. Lin Yun actually took an Intermediate Xiantian Martial Technique from Wan Tian?!

Wan Tian’s cultivation was in the Fifth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. Even if he suppressed his cultivation to the Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm, he could still crush anyone in the third office easily. Furthermore, he had used an Intermediate Xiantian Martial Technique!

There was a drastic difference between a casual attack and one empowered by a martial technique. Most importantly, he was even blown away by Lin Yun!

Out of everyone in the Ancestral Shine, only the Wan Qiuye’s eyes lit up. The Wan Clan’s patriarch had recognized immediately that Lin Yun’s Undying Vajra Seal was an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique, and, judging from the might Lin Yun had shown, he was already approaching complete mastery. 

“What’s with his comprehension? Advanced Xiantian Martial Techniques are known to be tough to learn, but he’s actually approaching complete mastery?!”

His mind was made up. Lin Yun would fight for the Wan Clan. With him around, the Wan Clan was sure to seize the Spiritual Lake.

As the patriarch, Wan Qiuye stood up from his seat and began clapping. He smiled, “A young hero indeed. Now, as Patriarch, I would like to formally invite you to fight for the Wan Clan.”

“Big Brother, please give me another chance. I was too careless earlier. I will definitely test out his real skills this time!” Wang Tian cried desperately.

“What blasphemy! Are you not embarrassed enough?” Wan Qiuye roared with a sunken face.

The Elders laughed to themselves as they watched the scene play out. Wan Tian had truly made a fool out of himself this time.

Seeing everyone looking at him as a fool, Wan Tian’s face turned a deep shade of red. He swung his sleeves and left the shrine, “I… Damn it!”

When Lin Yun looked at Wan Tian’s silhouette, he sighed inwardly. He hadn’t been able to injure Wan Tian even after the latter suppressed his cultivation to the Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. Wan Tian might have lost, but Lin Yun would be helpless in a real fight. Perhaps things would be different if he used the Flower Burial Sword.

If everyone present knew what he was thinking, they would be shocked. They would think that he must’ve gone insane to be disappointed he couldn't hurt Wan Tian.

“Does anyone disagree with my decision?” Wan Qiuye asked, looking at the other Elders.


“No complaints here.”

No one refuted Wan Qiuye’s decision after witnessing Lin Yun’s strength. When Wan Qiuye saw that everyone had agreed to his decision, he turned to Lin Yun with a smile, “Terrific! Lad, it’s your turn now.”

“I’m fine with it as long as I receive an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique for my labor.”

“You’ve got a deal. Alright, everyone’s dismissed.”

The Elders paired off in groups as they filed out of the Ancient Shrine, discussing excitedly what had just occurred. As each passed, they looked Lin Yun over again before praising Wan Feng.

“Feng’er, you’ve done well this time in finding Lin Yun.”

“That’s right. As long as there’s no cultivator in the Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm involved, it will be our victory!”

Wan Feng’s face was all smiles. This was the first time he had received so much praise from the Elders.

 After everyone left, Wan Qiuye walked over and said, “Come with me, the two of you.”

The two behaved cautiously under Wan Qiuye’s aura and remained silent as they followed. It was not long before they arrived at Wan Qiuye’s study room.

Out of nowhere, Wan Qiuye flashed and disappeared, only to reappear a second later with a book in his hand.

“Thunderblitz Battle Physique?” Lin Yun knitted his brows when he saw the name. He never imagined that it would be a technique that tempers the physique. There was a flash of disappointment in his eyes. After all, he needed a sword, movement, or even a fist technique.

When Wan Qiuye noticed the disappointment in Lin Yun’s eyes, he spoke out, “The Wan Clan only has two Advanced Xiantian Martial Techniques. One is forbidden for outsiders to learn, and this is the other one. There’s no option for choice. But if you’re fine with Intermediate Xiantian Martial Techniques, we have plenty of choices for you.”

“It’s fine. I’ll just go with this one, ”Lin Yun said as he reached over. Just as he was about to take the book, a hand obstructed him.

Wan Qiuye took out a black gemstone and explained, “This is an Oath Stone. You can only look at it after swearing that you will never reveal this book’s content to another person.”

The Oath Stone was a type of bizarre gemstone. If one violated the oath after taking with the stone, the outcome wouldn’t be pleasant. But in this world of cultivators, Oath Stones weren’t rare treasures.

“I, Lin Yun, hereby swear that I will not share the Thunderblitz Battle Physique with anyone else. If I do, I’m willing to suffer the wrath of Heaven.”

Wan Qiuye smiled when he heard Lin Yun take the oath. He waited for Lin Yun to be finished with the oath before handing the book over.

Lin Yun flipped through it silently. But when he reached the last few pages, his face changed drastically. There were several important pieces missing.

“This doesn’t have the fifth stage… this is incomplete!”

Wan Qiuye’s eyes flashed with shock as he turned to look at Wan Feng, “Did Feng’er not tell you that this Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique is incomplete?”

When Wan Feng heard those words, he began to feel nervous. He had not told Lin Yun about it because he didn’t think that it was good enough. Furthermore, Xiantian Martial Techniques were more valuable than ordinary martial techniques.

Looking at Wan Feng’s expression, Wan Qiuye figured out what was going on and continued, “How about this. You can make a request as your compensation for the incomplete Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique.”

“I want a quota to absorb spiritual essence in the Spiritual Lake.”

“Impossible. The quota we have is limited. It takes ten years to nurture the spiritual essence, and it can only be absorbed once. Make another request. I can give you 10,000 mid-grade spiritual stones,” Wan Qiuye denied Lin Yun’s request decisively.

“Then there’s nothing else I require. I can make another oath that I will not practice this Thunderblitz Battle Physique,” Lin Yun replied and placed the book down.

“Are you sure?” Wan Qiuye knitted his brows together. He never expected Lin Yun to be so firm on his request that he would give up on an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique.

“I’m sure. When Young Master Wan made the agreement with me, he said nothing about an incomplete Xiantian Martial Technique. I cannot be blamed for the misunderstanding, and my conscience is clear,” Lin Yun replied firmly.

“Alright, then. If you can help us obtain the Spiritual Lake, I’ll give you one quota,” Wan Qiuye was also decisive, hesitating only momentarily before making a decision.

“Thank you.” Lin Yun kept the book and asked, “When will the battle start?”

“Five days from now.”

“Alright, I’ll be taking my leave. I’ll see you five days from now,” Lin Yun said as he clasped his hands together to bid them farewell.

“Dad, I was wrong. I never imagined that Lin Yun would be so greedy...” Wan Feng was feeling uneasy. It was his fault for not making things clear, causing the Wan Clan to lose a quota.

“Greedy?” Wan Qiuye sat down and smiled, “He’s not greedy. He’s just making a request frankly. You’ll have to learn from him.”

“Why?” Wan Feng was puzzled.

“Because he has an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique. I know you’ve been struggling with the Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique handed down in our family. You understand how difficult they are. If you have the ability to back it up, then you’re not greedy.”

This… Wan Feng was stunned. He was stunned when he heard that Lin Yun already possessed an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique.

Higher ranked Xiantian Martial Techniques required high comprehension. Wan Feng tried learning himself, so he knew how difficult it was to grasp an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique.

It took him over half a year before he achieved lesser mastery of it. Lin Yun being able to comprehend an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique in the First Orifice of the Xiantian Realm was unreal.

“Why are you dazing off? Do you think you’ve seen all the geniuses in the world? Go back and make your preparations. You will also participate in the battle five days from now!” Wan Qiuye continued.

He was unfazed by Lin Yun’s talents. At his age, he had seen geniuses more monstrous than even Lin Yun.

Wan Feng was down when he left the room. He recalled how he looked down on Lin Yun initially, how he told Lin Yun that it was natural that the two of them couldn’t be compared.

Knowing what he did now, he realized he had been mocking himself.

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