Chapter 90 - Fair and Square

The next morning, as the dawn sun peeked out from behind the clouds, Wan Feng came to Lin Yun’s courtyard.

“Brother Wan, you’re here early. Has there been a development?” Lin Yun asked.

Nodding his head, Wan Feng replied, “My father has basically agreed to it. We just need to convince the other elders by displaying your strength. After all, the Spiritual Lake is a significant matter.”

The two of them left the courtyard for the Ancestral Shrine. Lin Yun’s curiosity was piqued about the Spiritual Lake, and he couldn’t find much information on it in the bizarre records. “What’s the use of the spiritual lake that you’re talking about?”

“The Spiritual Lake is a rare natural phenomenon where spiritual essence is condensed in the lake.”

“Spiritual essence?”

“Yeah. If you absorb a sufficient amount of it, not only can you increase the quality of your spiritual energy, but it will also quicken your cultivation speed.”

Lin Yun’s heart jolted when he heard that. What he needed the most right now were treasures that could aid him in his cultivation.

“Spiritual lakes are separated into eight grades, ranked in descending order. The spiritual lake in the Violet Flame City is the lowest eighth grade. The effects of an Eighth Grade Spiritual Lake is limited to those in the Sixth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. But it’s extremely beneficial to people like us!”

Listening to Wan Feng’s explanation, Lin Yun finally knew why the three other clans would risk going into war with the Wan Clan for the Spiritual Lake. If the Wan Clan managed to monopolize the entire Spiritual Lake, the other clans would have no place in Violet Flame City.

“But an Eighth Grade Spiritual Lake can only allow ten people to absorb. After that, it will take a decade for the Spiritual Lake to recover.”

As the two of them chatted, they arrived at the Wan Clan’s Ancestral Shrine.


Lin Yun could feel the solemn atmosphere the moment he entered. He could see more than ten Elders of the Wan Clan seated in the shrine. Most of them were in the Fourth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm, but there were several cultivators in the fifth orifice as well.

Seated in the center was a middle-aged man that exuded prestige. He was an expert in the Sixth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm with only his heart orifice left uncleared!

Lin Yun was startled by the Wan Clan’s strength, not to mention that the old patriarch was in seclusion. Lin Yun could see why the three other clans only dared to demand half of the Spiritual Lake even at the expense of going into war.

“First orifice?”

“Ridiculous! How can we allow someone in the First Orifice of the Xiantian Realm to participate in something as important as the Spiritual Lake!”

“What the hell is going on? First orifice?”

“Wan Feng is getting too outrageous! He actually called all of us over for someone in the First Orifice of the Xiantian Realm?!”

Lin Yun was immediately met with criticism upon his entry.

“Silence!” Wan Qiuye snorted. Due to his prestige, the Ancestral Shine became quiet. But when he looked at Lin Yun, his gaze was full of doubt.

“Cultivation itself cannot be used as a measurement for strength. Feng’er holds you in high regard, and I believe there must be a reason for that. Why don’t you summon your Martial Soul so we may take a look at it?” Wan Qiuye asked.

Martial Souls were categorized into Amber, Profound, Earthen, and Sky. Each category was further divided into nine grades.

Lin Yun had not tested the grade of his Martial Soul, and he guessed that his Martial Soul might be mediocre. After all, the birth of powerful Martial Souls had always been accompanied by natural phenomenons. The higher the grade, the more powerful the phenomenon would be.

In the book that was given to him by Bai Qiushui, it was mentioned that the phenomenon created by birth of a Profound Martial Soul would affect an area a hundred miles in radius. The phenomenon of an Earthen Martial Soul could reach as far as a thousand miles and would last for three whole days. Lastly, the birth of a Sky Martial Soul would summon phenomena such as the sky being dyed red and stars falling from the sky.

“There’s no need for that. My Martial Soul is ordinary, and it’s just a sword gleam. There’s nothing special about it,” Lin Yun replied frankly after some thought.

But listening to his words, Wan Qiuye knitted his brows unhappily. Looking at his father, Wan Feng couldn’t help feeling anxious. What was Lin Yun trying to do by going against his father?

“But I’m confident of receiving three moves from everyone here except the Patriarch, on the prerequisite that you suppress your cultivation to the Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm.”

Lin Yun’s words were like a huge bomb going off in the Ancestral Shrine. Everyone here was an Elder of the Wan Clan, and the weakest of them was in the Fourth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

Even if they suppress their cultivation, their power wasn’t something that an ordinary Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm could contend with. Lin Yun’s words weren’t just arrogant, but he had also humiliated them. After all, it would be shameful if they couldn’t defeat Lin Yun after suppressing their cultivation to the third orifice.

“My dear nephew, you were supposed to find worthy candidates, not dredge the river for trash. Spouting arrogance without even having the guts to summon his Martial Soul. Is this how you complete the task entrusted to you, young patriarch?” A robust voice resounded throughout the Ancestral Shrine. It came from Wan Qiuye’s brother, Wan Tian.

When Wan Tian spoke out, everyone in the Ancestral Shine shook their heads at Wan Feng. A young patriarch should have a better eye for people.

Looking at their reaction, Wan Feng’s heart throbbed. Wan Tian’s son was also a strong competitor for the position. If he found something on Wan Feng, he would definitely not let it go easily.

“Why are you still here? Get him out immediately! This kind of trash wants the Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique of our clan?”

“You seem to have some opinion about me?” Lin Yun raised his brow.

“What’s the matter? Can I not?” Wan Tian looked at Lin Yun and sneered, “In my eyes, you’re not even comparable to a pile of dogshit! Dogshit might be rotten and smelly, but at least it knows its place!”

“I once heard a wise phrase: ‘Everything is garbage in the eyes of garbage.’ It’s like how a dog sees those around him. He has no reason to doubt everyone else grew up eating faeces like he did,” Lin Yun replied.

Wan Tian scratched his head as he pondered over Lin Yun’s words. But a short moment later, he realized that Lin Yun was indirectly calling him a dog who grew up eating faeces.


Wan Tian slammed on the desk furiously with killing intent illuminated on his face, “Are you insulting me?!”

“I’m sorry, but I only mentioned dogs who grew up eating faeces. Then again, I don’t mind if you want to admit to it. After all, who would be concerned about how a dog looks at him? At the very least, I don’t,” Lin Yun smiled.

“Do you think I won’t beat you, boy?!” Wan Tian bounced up from his seat furiously.

“Enough!” Wan Qiuye glanced at his brother. “Not only are you lowering yourself to quarrel with someone younger than you, but you’re even going as far as making a move? Have you no shame?”

“I…” Wan Tian felt wronged for being reprimanded by Wan Qiuye.

“Brother, I would like to test him based on his arrogant words from before. I don’t need him taking three moves of mine. As long as he can receive one move from me, I’ll consider it as a pass,” Wan Tian replied begrudgingly. He clearly couldn’t take the insult from Lin Yun.

However, Wan Qiuye did not reply. After all, Wan Tian was a cultivator in the Fifth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. He looked at Lin Yun and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

“An Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique is precious. As a person, I never like forcing others. If I can’t convince everyone here with my strength, then I’ll be too embarrassed to ask for an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique,” Lin Yun calmly replied.

Upon hearing his response, everyone realized that Lin Yun actually had his own pride. Lin Yun was confident that he could take a single move from a Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm with his Undying Vajra Seal. Combining it with his Ferocious Tiger Fist, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to receive three moves!

“Everyone knows how to boast. You can talk after you actually manage to receive my move!” Wan Tian soared into the sky as he pushed his palm forth.

According to the agreement, he had to suppress his cultivation in the Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. However, his attack had caused an exclamation from everyone in the surrounding.

His palms eluded with towering momentum that felt like a vast mountain range coming down on everyone’s heart.

“Ranging Mountain Palm!” Wan Feng exclaimed. He was shocked his uncle was actually using an Intermediate Xiantian Martial Technique!

Wan Tian was only using one move as he had previously claimed, but it was a Xiantian Martial Technique. And judging by his momentum, he intended to kill Lin Yun!

Wan Tian had gone too far by taking advantage of the loophole in Lin Yun’s words. After all, Lin Yun did not say that martial techniques weren’t allowed. But at this moment, Wan Tian had already formed his momentum, and it was too late for anyone to stop the fight.

“Terrific!” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered as he circulated his spiritual energy. His spiritual energy that had been refined by eleven petals of the Drought Golden Lotus condensed into a mysterious bead without any hesitation.


Followed by an explosion, Lin Yun pushed the Undying Vajra Seal to the limit. The bead shattered into ten spiritual energy streams that shrouded his fingers. His hands started to tremble as they radiated a dazzling glow.

The Undying Vajra Seal!

Lin Yun made a seal with his fingers before pushing both his hands out at Wan Tian’s attack.


An explosion of dazzling golden radiance spread across the Ancient Shrine. In its path, the Ranging Mountain Palm’s momentum slowed. By the time Wan Tian’s attack landed, it had been greatly weakened.

Hundred Beast Wave!

Lin Yun was quick to follow up. He clenched his fist and threw out the strongest attack of the Ferocious Tiger Fist empowered by the Undying Vajra Seal.


The massive shockwave created forced Wan Tian to take three steps back before he could regain his stability. He had no injuries on him, but his internals were jolted from the impact. His complexion became a mix of pale and green as nausea set in.

It was shameful enough that he used an Intermediate Xiantian Martial Technique against Lin Yun. But to have lost after exploiting such a loophole? Wan Tien could do nothing but stare at the ground.

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