Chapter 89 - Entering the Wan Clan

Wan Feng never imagined that Lin Yun would demand an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique.

In the entire Azure Sun County, not even the three overlords had many Advanced Xiantian Martial Techniques. Even if they had any, it was rare for them to have a complete technique.

With an embarrassed smile, Wan Feng replied, “Brother Lin, are you joking? I’m talking about Lesser Xiantian Martial Techniques. You can freely pick a few of them.”

Shaking his head, Lin Yun replied, “I’m not joking. With the immense profit from the Spiritual Lake on the line, I assume this will involve deathmatches. Are you asking me to risk my life for a Lesser Xiantian Martial Technique? Aren’t you looking down on me?

“But you don’t have to be worried about it. I won’t be staying in the Violet Flame City for long, so I will definitely not become your enemy. Farewell,” Lin Yun turned around and left without giving a glance at Wan Feng.

Wan Feng had no sincerity at all. Lin Yun might lack Xiantian Martial Techniques, but that didn’t mean that he would risk his life for a Lesser Xiantian Martial Technique. After all, he had a mid-grade profound artifact — the Clouded Ice Spear. An Intermediate Xiantian Martial Technique might even be asking too much for what they wanted him to do, but the job was definitely worth more than a Lesser Xiantian Martial Technique.

“Wait up!” Wan Feng gnashed his teeth and chased up to Lin Yun. “Brother Lin, one second. Just one second.”

“Go ahead.”

“The Wan Clan has a total of two Advanced Xiantian Martial Techniques. One of them is meant for core disciples of the clan, while the other one is meant for guest elders. The thing is, I don’t have the authority to give you any promises,” Wan Feng said earnestly. He wore a helpless expression as he continued, “How about this. Since you will be in the Violet Flame City for a few days, why don’t you stay at my home? I’ll talk to the elders in my clan about it. If they agree to it, getting an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique might not be impossible!”

“Lin Yun, why don’t you stay for a few days? If it doesn’t work out, you can leave any time,” Feng Wuheng joined in to persuade Lin Yun.

After brief consideration, Lin Yun agreed since Wan Feng was sincere this time, “Alright, I’ll stay for a few days then. I’ll have to trouble Brother Wan in this period.”

“You’re too courteous. Please, come with me!” Wan Feng’s face was plastered with smiles this time.

The Wan Clan’s residence was located in the Violet Flame City’s prime location. With just a glance, anyone could tell that it was a regional clan in this city.

“Young Patriarch, you’re back!” The guards greeted Wan Feng as he approached.

“What a stunning horse!” The servants who were leading the Dragon Blooded Horse spoke out with lingering fear in their hearts.

“Feed the horse well. It has to be fed with the flesh of demonic beasts. If anything goes wrong, I’ll hold all of you responsible!” Wan Feng instructed with a solemn expression.

“We will definitely do our job well.”

Wan Feng was satisfied with the reply of his servants. He looked at Feng Wuheng and Lin Yun, “Cousin, do me a favor and receive Lin Yun on my behalf. I have to report to my father.”

“Go ahead,” Feng Wuheng smiled. “Come with me, Lin Yun. I’ll bring you to your residence.”

The garden was decorated with flowers and artificial hills. As Feng Wuheng led Lin Yun to a small courtyard, he spoke out, “Lin Yun, you can stay here for tonight. The scenery around here is great, and you can instruct the servants if you have any requests.”

“Yeah, the scenery around here looks good.”

“I’m glad that you like it. We’ve been on the boat for days, so I’ll take my rest as well.”

The serene night made the courtyard seem peaceful. Lin Yun rested briefly before he removed his ancient sword box and opened it up. The sword box’s interior was filled with flower petals, with the Flower Burial Sword lying within.

Lin Yun grabbed onto the sword hilt and slowly retrieved it out of the sword box. The surface of the sword was covered in flowing patterns that emitted a faint glow in the night. Rather than a sword, it looked like a gentle woman instead. When Lin Yun slowly poured his spiritual energy into the sword, the sword’s body burst with a blazing sword gleam.


When Lin Yun started performing a sword dance, his figure flickered all over the place, leaving afterimages behind.

“Terrific! The Flower Burial Sword is close to a mid-grade profound artifact now. It can enhance my spiritual energy by at least three-fold!”

There was a huge difference between profound artifacts and ordinary weapons. Profound artifacts could strengthen the spiritual energy of its user. Low-grade profound artifacts could strengthen the spiritual energy by two-fold, while mid-grade profound artifacts could go as high as four-fold. As for high-grade spiritual artifacts, it would be six-fold.

Holding onto the Flower Burial Sword, Lin Yun could sense his spiritual energy strengthened by three-fold. It meant that the Flower Burial Sword was approaching ranks of mid-grade profound artifacts.

His Flower Burial Sword was forged with metallic wood, which made it unique compared to other profound artifacts. The sword was spiritual by nature and, as a result, Lin Yun could control it as part of his body. 

“Seems like the petals need changing,” Lin Yun said as he removed the petals in the sword box and retrieved the flower pot with the Pale Remnant Flower. Under the nourishment of his Spiritual Convergence Art, the enchanting Pale Remnant Flower bloomed and spread its floral fragrance throughout the courtyard. He replaced the petals in the sword box before putting his sword back in.

At the current pace, it wouldn’t take long for the Flower Burial Sword to reach the ranks of mid-grade profound artifacts.

But just when he was about to shut the sword box, he remembered something. He still had a seed with him, the Drought Golden Lotus’ seed!

The Drought Golden Lotus had left behind a seed, which Lin Yun had kept in his interspatial pouch after he refined all the petals. 

“Should I try using the Spiritual Convergence Art to see if it can be raised?”

Even if he failed, he would only waste some time. At the very least, it was better than seeing the seed wither. Making up his mind, Lin Yun took out another empty flower pot, planted the seed in it, and started nourishing the seed with the Spiritual Convergence Art.

Wan Feng rushed to meet his father in the study room. His father, Wan Qiuye, was the current patriarch of the Wan Family with a cultivation at the Sixth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. There weren’t many in the Violet Flame City that could rival him.

However, the true expert in the Wan Clan wasn’t Wan Feng’s father, but his grandfather. The old Patriarch who was said to be clearing his profound channel.

“Feng’er, what’s the matter? Why did you come in such a hurry?” Wan Qiuye wore an amicable smile and placed the book in his hand down. As shown in his action, he seemed pretty satisfied with this son.

“Dad, I found an excellent candidate for our Wan Family this time!” Wan Feng urgently reported.

“Oh? Tell me about it,” Wan Qiuye was calm. He had seen much in his life, so Wan Feng’s words couldn’t bring him any drastic change in his emotions.

Wan Feng took a sip of water to calm himself before sharing everything that happened on the boat.

 “Dad, what do you think of him? In my opinion, he can easily defeat ordinary cultivators in the Second Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. You weren’t there to witness it yourself, but his aura didn’t seem to be that of someone who had just reached Xiantian Realm. He must have had a fortuitous encounter! Most importantly, I’m guessing that he barely used half of his strength. After all, he didn’t even open the sword box that he was carrying!”

Wan Feng looked at his father uneasily. He would bring an outstanding contribution to the clan if his candidate could help to win the Spiritual Lake. At the same time, it would be a significant boost to his prestige in the clan.

“If what you say is true, then we are housing a monster. Only someone in the Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm can defeat him,” Wan Qiuye replied calmly.

“But there is no one in the Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm under the age of 18 in our Azure Sun County, aside from disciples of the three overlord forces!” Wan Feng continued as he had high hopes for Lin Yun.

“But giving him an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique is too much. Even I can’t make that decision by myself.”

“Don’t we have an incomplete Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique?”

“Even if it’s incomplete, an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique is priceless. We can only give it to those who have made great contributions for my Wan Clan.”

Listening to his father’s words, Wan Feng couldn’t help feeling anxious. He had spent a great deal of effort on Lin Yun already and did want to see it go to waste.

“You don’t have to be too anxious about it. Call him to the Ancestral Shrine tomorrow for everyone to assess him. If what you say is true, then giving him an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique might not be much. After all, the Spiritual Lake is extremely important to my Wan Clan,” Wan Qiuye smiled.

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