Chapter 88 - Wan Feng’s Confidence

“Help Sir Liu on his feet,” Wan Feng ordered as he gave Lin Yun a deep and conflicted glance.

At his command, several servants pinched their noses as they helped Liu Zifei up on his feet.

Looking at his surroundings, Lin Yun asked, “Brother Wan, you won’t ask me to compensate for the damages, right?”

He had expected this would happen. The Undying Vajra Seal was a genuine Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique even though it was just limited to one move!

The damage proved that he wasn’t spouting nonsense earlier.

“You must be joking, Sir Lin. Everyone, let’s change our venue,” Wan Feng said as he walked towards Lin Yun. “Sir Lin, please!”

His tone was filled with respect at this moment. That was the harsh reality of Azure Sun County. You would only be respected if you had the strength to back it up, and Lin Yun had proven himself by defeating Liu Zifei.

The group then changed their location to the bow of the ship. They drank while facing the river and no one dared to look at Lin Yun with contempt anymore. Even Wan Feng’s attitude had changed so drastically that Lin Yun was having a tough time dealing with his passion. But to Lin Yun, he only felt that Wan Feng was interesting.

After the gathering came to an end, Feng Wuheng chased up to Lin Yun and smiled, “Lin Yun, you really showed off earlier. I’ve never seen my cousin be so respectful to anyone!”

“Oh?” Lin Yun was surprised by those words and fell into deep thoughts.

“Yeah. He wasn’t even so respectful to Liu Zifei. But for some reason, I feel that my cousin was a little too courteous,” Feng Wuheng said, smiling casually.

Lin Yun responded with a smile and did not take on that topic.

“I can now affirm that you have a motive in the Azure Sun County!” Feng Wuheng flashed a mysterious smile as he looked at Lin Yun.

“I was a little curious when you mentioned that previously. What do you think my motive is?” Lin Yun asked lightheartedly.

“The Azure Sun County has a secret realm that will only appear once a decade. It’s a full decade now, and the seal will weaken. I had my suspicions previously, but I felt that you were still too weak, so I wasn’t sure. Now, I’m sure that you’re going over to try your luck.”

“Secret realm?” asked Lin Yun, surprised. Secret realms are independent spaces that exist in the world. The scale wasn’t fixed, and they could either be naturally formed or created by someone.

However, Lin Yun was genuinely unaware that the Azure Sun County had a secret realm. He initially wanted to ask around for the strongest force in the Great Qin Empire.

“You’re really unaware of it?” Feng Wuheng looked at Lin Yun with shock.

“Why don’t you give me an introduction?” pressed Lin Yun, desperate to know more.

“Speaking of the secret realm, it’s not only famous in the Great Qin Empire, but it’s also throughout the Southern Ancient Domain. It was a ruin of an ancient sect. You can find all sorts of treasures in it, including Profound Martial Techniques and powerful inheritances.”

After seeing that Lin Yun truly had no idea about the secret realm, he continued, “Over the past few years, ever since the secret realm was discovered, valuable treasures have been leaking out of the realm. There is also something unusual about the seal. For some reason, powerful cultivators are restricted from entering.

“Only Xiantian Realm cultivators can enter the secret realm. As a result, each time the realm opens countless Xiantian Realms will flock over. Since the secret realm is situated in Azure Sun County, it’s called Azure Sun Realm.”

Lin Yun’s eyes lit up when he heard the introduction of the secret realm. Profound Martial Techniques were too unrealistic, and he would be satisfied with one or two treasures.

The threshold for the four transcendent sects in the Great Qin Empire was to reach the Fourth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm before reaching 17 years of age. He was already approaching 16 this year, and it was doubtful if he could reach it in just one year.

This was especially true due to his low aptitude. If he did not have a fortuitous encounter, it would be impossible for him to reach the Fourth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

“When will the seal open?” Lin Yun asked.

“About three or four months from now,” Feng Wuheng replied honestly.

That means that Lin Yun had three to four months to prepare for the secret realm. 

“Thank you for sharing this information with me,” Lin Yun said graciously.

“There’s no need to thank me. It’s common knowledge in the Azure Sun County.”

Three days later, the boat arrived at the Violet Flame City’s pier. A fleet of ships could be seen at the dock, illuminating how flourishing the Violet Flame City was.

Riding his Dragon Blooded Horse, Lin Yun separated from the group upon arriving at the pier. But Feng Wuheng suddenly caught up and muttered, “Lin Yun, why are you leaving in such a hurry?”

Shrugging with his palms to the sky, Lin Yun smiled, “Your cousin is a little too passionate.”

Over the past three days, Wan Feng had visited him frequently. Wan Feng would talk to him about anything, and even an idiot could tell that Wan Feng desperately wanted something from Lin Yun.

However, Lin Yun had no favorable opinion for someone who wanted his Dragon Blooded Horse. Lin Yun could tell that Wan Feng had a motive for introducing him as the strongest expert in the Aquasky Nation.

He knew that it was Wan Feng taking revenge for not selling him the Dragon Blooded Horse. If he had not been strong enough, it wouldn’t have been Liu Zifei who was humiliated…

So Lin Yun had no intention of befriending Wan Feng. This was also the reason why he left immediately when the boat arrived at the pier.

Scratching his head, Feng Wuheng smiled bitterly, “I’m actually under orders from my cousin to invite you to the Wan Clan. The Wan Clan controls the entire Violet Flame City and will definitely prove useful to you.”

It was true that Wan Feng wanted his help, but that would have to depend on the price. However, Lin Yun did not want to interact with Wan Feng.

 “I’m sorry, but I would like to look around myself. Please tell your cousin that I appreciate his goodwill.”

“Sir Lin, can it be that the Wan Clan is beneath your eyes?” Wan Feng asked, suddenly appearing from behind his cousin. He must’ve guessed that Feng Wuheng wouldn’t be able to hold onto Lin Yun and ran over.

“I’m sure you know that’s not it,” Lin Yun smiled with another meaning in his words.

Wan Feng immediately felt awkward as he took a deep breath and replied, “Alright. I’ll not beat around the bush. I need your help, or rather, the Wan Clan needs your help!”

“And what if I refuse?”

“Then I can’t help it. It’ll be fine as long as you do not stand against the Wan Clan. Otherwise, I can only apologize to you.”

Seeing how serious his cousin was, Feng Wuheng smiled, “Cousin, don’t make it sound so terrifying. Trust me on this one. Lin Yun won’t go against the Wan Clan, and you can be open about it.”

Feng Wuheng said exactly what Lin Yun was thinking.

“Do you guys really think that I’m gathering so many people purely for a get together? All of them are arrogant, and it took me a great deal of effort to wrangle them. Especially Liu Zifei, who I initially had high expectations for. But you…”

Liu Zifei suddenly raised his tone, “Because of you, he is nearly crippled. He’s useless to me now, at least for half a month.”

“Well, I’m sorry about that,” Lin Yun said, rubbing his nose. This matter was truly his fault.

“A spiritual lake has appeared near the Violet Flame City!” Wan Feng blurted out.

He could see what Lin Yun was thinking and decided to reveal his hand, “My Wan Clan naturally wants to monopolize it, but the three other clans in the Violet Flame City have also caught wind of it. They want a share and are threatening war if we refuse.

“Although the three clans won’t be able to contest with my Wan Clan, the Wan Clan will undoubtedly suffer a great loss if we go into war.”

“And so?” Lin Yun nodded his head.

“So everyone came to an agreement. We will send three people below the age of 18 to fight on stage. If my Wan Clan loses, we will have to give them a share. If we win, they will withdraw from the spiritual lake.”

Listening to Wan Feng’s explanation, Lin Yun immediately knew why Wan Feng gathered so many elites in Azure Sun County. He clearly wanted to find someone suitable to fight on behalf of the Wan Clan.

Wan Feng initially had wanted Liu Zifei to join the fight, but that fellow was already scared out of his wits by Lin Yun. He no longer had any will to fight, so how could he possibly fight for the Wan Clan?

“Outside of disciples from the three overlord forces, I have gathered practically all the elites in Azure Sun County. Most of them were disappointing, except for Liu Zifei… but you know what’s going on with him,” Wan Feng looked at Lin Yun.

Gathered all the Xiantian Realm elites in the Azure Sun County?

Lin Yun shook his head as he was in disagreement with that statement. With Wan Feng’s attitude, it was impossible for him to get acquainted with all the elites. After all, genuine geniuses are introverts. Even the most arrogant among them would keep a low profile. Who knows how many people Wan Feng missed by judging the book by its cover.

“I think I get what you mean. You want me to compete on behalf of Liu Zifei for the Wan Clan?”

“That’s right. I will also give you twice what I promised Liu Zifei,” Wan Feng’s eyes flashed with confidence, his chest puffed out as he smiled. He continued, “I can tell that you’re lacking in complete Xiantian Martial Techniques. You didn’t use your full strength during your fight with Liu Zifei. My guess is that you must have been trying to get him to execute his Fiery Cloud Fist so you could comprehend it.”

This fellow is sharp!

It seems that Wan Feng had been observing everything from the sidelines.

“My Wan Clan might only be a regional overlord, but we still have some complete Xiantian Martial Techniques. You can make any request for your services,” Wan Feng said confidently when he saw the changes on Lin Yun’s face.

“I need Advanced Martial Techniques,” Lin Yun demanded bluntly.

Hearing Lin Yun’s demand, the confidence on Wan Feng’s face disappeared.

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