Chapter 87 - Are you tickling me

Everyone only realized how heavy the sword box was when Lin Yun placed it down. Lin Yun was placing it down gently, but it had created such a strong impact it caused the entire boat to sway.

When they thought of how Lin Yun could move as usual despite carrying such a heavy load, all of them wondered how terrifying his physique was. They all watched Lin Yun in shock.

On the other hand, Liu Zifei, who had started this fight, had changed his face. He did not expect that Lin Yun would accept his challenge. However, not only did Lin Yun agree to fight, but he had hidden his powerful physique.

“Even if your physique is powerful, you’ll just be a slightly better sandbag without the strength to back it up!” Liu Zifei sneered.

“Is that so? Why don’t you give it a try then?” Lin Yun smiled.

Liu Zifei sneered as he took a step in and threw a jab. He practiced the Fiery Cloud Fist, a genuine Lesser Xiantian Martial Technique. It was a domineering fist technique, and, when he used it in the past, no one could last through three moves.

As Liu Zifei’s fist flew, his punch was like a concentrated fire cloud explosion. However, Lin Yun did not panic as he retaliated with his Ferocious Tiger Fist.


When the two punches connected, Lin Yun only took half a step back despite facing a Second Orifice of the Xiantian Realm cultivator.

“Again!” Liu Zifei locked his brows together, unable to accept the outcome of their collision.

At the same time, he executed his movement technique. He was like a wisp of cloud as he shuttled left and right, making it tough for others to follow him with their naked eyes. But this was nothing to Lin Yun, who had cleared his eye orifice.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the blink of an eye, he had already executed three moves. As Liu Zifei’s attacks grew more powerful, the temperature in the room also began to rise. It was the sign that Liu Zifei was slowly bringing out the might of his Xiantian Martial Technique.

Facing Liu Zifei’s ferocious attacks, Lin Yun fended them off calmly.

“You can’t judge the book by its cover. Lin Yun actually managed to take three of his attacks!”

“When I fought with Liu Zifei earlier, I could sense that my spiritual energy’s quality was inferior to his. He only took a single blow to shatter my spiritual energy. After three moves, I couldn’t even fight back.”

“Lin Yun’s cultivation technique must not be as simple as we thought.”

“Have you guys noticed? Lin Yun doesn’t seem to know any Xiantian Martial Technique. Since the beginning, he has only been using a Houtian Martial Technique.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s right!”

As Lin Yun and Liu Zifei continued their fight, everyone was shocked that Lin Yun had only been using a Houtian Martial Technique.

Then again, it wasn’t so shocking once they thought about it. Lin Yun came from the Aquasky Nation, so how could he possess any Xiantian Martial Technique?

If the battle continued like this, Lin Yun would definitely lose. It was just a matter of how badly he would lose.

On the other hand, Feng Wuheng was fidgeting on his seat nervously. He could naturally tell that Lin Yun was in a disadvantageous position. Facing Liu Zifei, Lin Yun could only stay on the defensive. Meanwhile, Liu Zifei’s attacks were getting stronger.

“He’s about to lose…”

“That’s for certain. He doesn’t know any Xiantian Martial Technique.”

“Once the momentum of the Fiery Cloud Fist reaches its pinnacle, Liu Zifei can even fight cultivators in the Third Orifice of the Xiantian Realm!”

“Lin Yun played himself. Won’t his loss be worse after forcing Liu Zifei to fight at full strength?”

The spectators all sighed. All of them felt that Lin Yun would lose.

“Igniting Clouds!” Liu Zifei roared all of a sudden. His roar reverberated like thunder in everyone’s ears.

Liu Zifei clenched his fists so tight that they started cracking. At the same time, the momentum of his punch ignited.


The impact from his punch made Lin Yun take ten-odd steps back before he could stabilize himself. As shockwaves spread out, the two launched attacks and shattered the lingering shockwaves that came towards them.

“What incredible power!” Everyone exclaimed. So this was Liu Zifei’s genuine strength. No wonder he received a seat of importance from Wan Feng.

After sending Lin Yun back, Liu Zifei wore a sinister smile and mocked, “Weren’t you pretty arrogant earlier? Didn’t you say that you would dismantle the boat? But why do your punches feel ticklish? Is that all the Aquasky Nation’s got? Boasting?”

“You don’t think I’ve already exerted half of my strength, right?” Lin Yun smiled. “If this is all you’ve got, then I might not even need to bring out half of my strength.”

“How arrogant!” Liu Zifei’s lips twitched. His chest overflowed with his pent up rage. Since Lin Yun was so tough, he would make him get on his knees and beg today!

“Alright. Let the real show begin…” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered, his pupils blazing with flames.

The golden spiritual energy in Lin Yun’s body surged and condensed into an ancient bead, containing nearly 70% of his spiritual energy. Shortly after, the bead separated into ten spiritual energy streams that shrouded Lin Yun’s fingers.

The Undying Vajra Seal!

Lin Yun pushed his palms forward as the power of the seal burst forth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The floor, pillars, walls, and furniture were instantly reduced to ashes in the next second. The spectators were all caught by surprise as they were sent flying.

Liu Zifei had taken Lin Yun’s attack point blank. Blood sprayed from his mouth as he was blown backwards. With the surrounding walls gone, a breeze started blowing into the cabin from outside.

Standing amidst the chaos, Lin Yun’s hair fluttered in the wind. He seemed like a completely different person at this moment. His sharp features were brimming with confidence.

Compared to Lin Yun, Liu Zifei’s arrogance was nothing worth mentioning. The latter merely seemed like a clown.

In Lin Yun’s palm, the Undying Vajra Seal still did not dissipate. He clenched his fist together as the explosive force summoned a wild gale.

Showing a smirk, Lin Yun smiled, “So, do you still feel ticklish from my punches?”

As he asked the question, Lin Yun stepped in and launched another punch. He was still using the Ferocious Tiger Fist, but it was completely different now with the Undying Vajra Seal empowering it.

Liu Zifei had just managed to stabilize himself before he had to defend himself against Lin Yun’s fist.


Lin Yun’s fist vibrated with immense power as it connected. A crimson mist spewed from Liu Zifei’s mouth as he stumbled back three paces.

But Lin Yun did not stop there. He did not want to give Liu Zifei time to recover and threw out two more punches, each heavier than the one before it.

After three punches, Liu Zifei could barely stand as the torrent of blood coming from his mouth began to pool at his feet.

Tiger Roaring in the Forest!

However, Lin Yun had no intention of letting Liu Zifei off so easily. He made full use of the Undying Vajra Seal and threw out a finisher.


Lin Yun pounced forth like a ferocious tiger as a tiger's roar rang out in the distance. His explosive punch was like the king of the forest opening its jaw wide towards Liu Zifei.

Facing Lin Yun’s attack, Liu Zifei was terrified out of his wits. Both his legs trembled in fear. Watching as Lin Yun pounced over, Liu Zifei knew that it was futile for him to retaliate.

The aura of the tiger grew stronger as the fist approached. Liu Zifei, broken by unparalleled terror, closed his eyes in despair.

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