Chapter 86 - Liu Zifei

The owner of the voice came from the person in the first seat to Wan Feng’s left. He must naturally have the strength to back it up if he was allowed to sit there.

His speech had created a commotion. Even Feng Wuheng’s facial expression was unsightly. He was the one who brought Lin Yun here. So mocking Lin Yun was the same as embarrassing him.

Wan Feng roamed his eyes around but chose to keep his silence. He was somewhat unhappy when he thought of how Lin Yun rejected his offer to buy the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“He’s Liu Zifei, someone my cousin invited from Flowing Cloud City. His Clan is rumored to be a regional overlord. Just bear with it for now,” Feng Wuheng warned, afraid Lin Yun might start a fight.

“What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong? Does your sword box even have a name?” Liu Zifei asked, but soon lost interest when Lin Yun kept silent. He spoke out again with a faint smirk, “I hate people like you pretending to be a bigshot. Why don’t you enlighten me on the name of your sword box?”


Liu Zifei pounced and arrived before Lin Yun. His hand outstretched at Lin Yun’s ancient sword box.

“It’s best for you to stop thinking about my sword box,” Lin Yun said with a smile as he grabbed onto Liu Zifei’s wrist.

“You!” Liu Zifei couldn’t break free from Lin Yun’s grasp, no matter how he tried. He was briefly dazed before he burst into laughter, “So you’ve unlocked your hands’ orifice as your first. Then again, I’m not surprised since you came from nowhere.”

Lin Yun’s powerful grip made him misunderstand that Lin Yun had cleared his hands’ orifice when he broke through the Xiantian Realm. 

He was about to circulate his spiritual energy to retaliate when Wan Feng suddenly called out, “Stop!” 

He knew the two were about to fight. He was wearing a grave expression as he stood up on his feet, “Brother Liu, your actions reflect on me, do they not? Young Master Lin is a guest of mine, so let’s not fight.”

Out of respect for Wan Feng, Liu Zifei retracted his spiritual energy. When Lin Yun saw that Liu Zifei had stopped, he also released his grip.

“I’ll let this matter rest for Brother Wan. A piece of garbage from the Aquasky Nation dares to pretend to be a bigshot before me? You should be grateful that we’re not in Flowing Cloud City. Otherwise, I would beat you to death!” Liu Zifei laughed as he returned to his seat.

When everyone heard that, all of them looked at Lin Yun with disdain. Most of them shared the same thoughts as Liu Zifei. However, they did not make their move directly.

Although Lin Yun was furious, he restrained his anger from flaring up. 

The ancient sword box could manipulate the Violet Sacred Frostfire, saving his life at a crucial moment if need be. The Wild Goose Art was already useless to him after attaining the Xiantian Realm. Carrying the sword box on his back was equivalent to tempering his body even when he was walking, eating, or cultivating. When he removed the sword box in battle, his movement technique would be brought to a whole new level. Most importantly, his Flower Burial Sword was kept in the ancient sword box.

After the two of them sat down, someone in the cabin spoke out, “Brother Wan, now that everyone has arrived, can you tell us why have you gathered us?”

Looking around the cabin, Wan Feng replied, “Everyone knows there are elite disciples from the three overlord sects in Azure Sun County, but all of you are also elites among our generation.”

Aside from Lin Yun and Feng Wuheng, everyone present was an elite in the Second Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. There wasn’t any falsehood in Wan Feng’s words,and everyone gladly received his praises.

“The Azure Sun County is neither large nor small. It’s rare for us to have an opportunity to gather together. Simply grinding through cultivation blindly behind closed doors isn’t acceptable. This gathering today is for us to share our insights on cultivation and benefit everyone.” 

Wan Feng’s eyes flickered as he seemed to have withheld something.

“You’re right, Brother Wan. Simply grinding through our cultivation isn’t a wise path. Who cares if you’re invincible in your family? That doesn’t mean that you’re invincible in the world.”

“I think it has been a year since we last met, Brother Wan.”

Everyone was acquainted with each other, and all of them had a similar background. They were all elites of their respective clans. They soon got absorbed in their conversation without any barrier between them.

They all began sharing their insights from their cultivation. Eventually, some of them even ended up sparring.

This time, Wan Feng did not protest as he even opened up a space for the spar, “Do keep in mind that we’re not fighting to the death. Please restrain yourselves.”

“Brother Wan, you don’t have to worry about it.” 

Two men were standing in the center eyeing each other. Neither of them was willing to give way to the other.


The two of them swiftly clashed together with their palms and fists, both in the Second Orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

“Xiantian Martial Technique!” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up. He noticed that the two of them were executing Xiantian Martial Techniques. Judging at the might of their technique, they should be using Lesser Xiantian Martial Techniques.

However, an entire fist and palm technique was still beneficial to Lin Yun. His Undying Vajra Seal might be an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique, but this technique only had one move.

The Flowing Wind Sword wasn’t a Xiantian Martial Technique, and it wasn’t appropriate for his current cultivation.

Fortunately, his fist technique had the Undying Vajra Seal and his sword technique had the incomplete sword intent, so he did not face any issues for the time being, but it wasn’t a permanent solution.

Now that he had an opportunity to witness complete Xiantian Martial Techniques, he had to pay close attention.

A moment later, Lin Yun noticed that something was amiss. The two of them were executing their Xiantian Martial Techniques, but the essence of their techniques seemed to be lacking.

In truth, it was because they were still in the process of comprehending their techniques.

Their techniques might seem powerful, but something was lacking. They weren’t any stronger compared to the three Xiantian Realms of the Liu Clan. There was nothing remarkable about the battle, or the several that would follow.

Sitting on his seat, Wan Feng slightly frowned with a gleam of disappointment in his eyes. But it all changed when Liu Zifei stood up. Seeing Liu Zifei going up, Wan Feng’s face was replaced with joy.

Liu Zifeng easily defeated his opponent in three moves. His opponent was knocked back, nearly crashing into the chairs.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t imagine that 50% of my power would be so strong,” Liu Zifei scoffed. There was no sincerity in his apology.

“Brother Liu, you’re too courteous. Your spiritual energy and fist technique far exceeded mine,” his opponent said with an embarrassed smile, holding onto his chest in pain.

Within the Azure Sun County, only those with strength were respected. Liu Zifei was arrogant, but he could be with his strength.

“Hey! That brat from the Azure Sky Nation. Do you want to play with me?” Liu Zifei asked as he looked around the room for Lin Yun. His words caused silence to descend in the cabin.

However, Lin Yun did not reply and looked around. 

“Yeah, why don’t you go up and spar since you’re here?”

“That’s right. Wouldn’t it be too rude to refuse?”

“Brother Wan, why don’t you say something? We’re all up for it. Isn’t it a little too rude for your friend to refuse?”

“He’s just a coward!”

Everyone began taunting when they saw that Lin Yun wasn’t replying. They didn’t intend to let him off so easily.

Lin Yun looked around and sneered, “Why bother prodding me into fighting? Did I say that I’m not willing? I’m only worried that 50% of my power might destroy this cabin.”

The cabin might be huge, but the power of the Undying Vajra Seal was on a whole new level. After examining the surroundings, he was hesitant to fight.


Everyone looked around confused, unsure if they had heard Lin Yun correctly.

Even Wan Feng was briefly stunned before he smiled, “The floor and pillars are made of metallic wood. Not even a Fifth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm can easily destroy them.”

“This brat seemed reserved. But he’s arrogant the moment he speaks!”

“He must have forgotten his medicine today to boast in front of Liu Zifei.”

“Haha. He’s going to regret this later…”

Everyone’s shock had been replaced by fury at the sound of Lin Yun’s arrogant words.

Boom! Rumble!

The sound that came when Lin Yun placed his sword box down on the ground was deafening. Its colossal weight caused the entire boat to sway from the impact.

“It’s that sword box!” Everyone was shocked as they looked at the ancient sword box. Just how heavy was the sword box for it to cause the entire boat to sway?

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