Chapter 85 - Four Sects and Four Clans

It was the Young Sect Master of Azure Sky Nation’s Profound Sun Sect, Feng Wuheng!

Lin Yun had met the Sect Master once during the Four Sects Tournament, but there was no interaction between them. After all, the Profound Sun Sect had been laying low in the Aquasky Nation.

“It’s you!” Feng Wuheng finally ascertained Lin Yun’s identity after seeing his face. He was ecstatic as he communicated with a person standing beside him.

A brief moment later, that person looked at Lin Yun and nodded his head.

“Lin Yun, since we’re going the same way, let’s travel together,” Feng Wuheng said invitingly.

Lin Yun pondered briefly, looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse beside him, and nodded, “Thanks.”

The boat then lowered a ladder down for Lin Yun.

“No need for the ladder,” Lin Yun said as he jumped onto the horse’s back and patted on the Dragon Blooded Horse. Reddie instantly understood what Lin Yun meant, a hint of excitement in its eyes.

It had been wholly restrained for the past two days. Looking at the boat, the Dragon Blooded Horse exerted strength on its legs with faint crimson lightning sparkling from its hooves.

With Lin Yun on its back, the Dragon Blooded Horse jumped onto the boat.


Sensing the Xiantian Realm aura permeated from the Dragon Blooded Horse, everyone on the boat took a few steps back.

“Xiantian Realm Dragon Blooded Horse!”

“This horse is really erratic. It actually jumped to the boat…”

“It looks like this youth isn’t simple. He actually tamed a Xiantian Realm demonic beast as his mount…”

Everyone on the boat began to praise and discuss amongst themselves.

Seeing Feng Wuheng walking over, Lin Yun got down from the horse, “Brother Feng, thank you for your invitation.”

“You’re too polite. Instead of thanking me, thank my cousin. This boat belongs to his clan.” Feng Wuheng pointed at the youth beside him and introduced, “This is my elder cousin, Wan Feng. He was interested in you when he heard that you were the strongest in the Aquasky Nation.”

Lin Yun examined Wan Feng briefly and was stunned. The latter’s age was similar to him, but his cultivation was actually in the Second Orifice of the Xiantian Realm!

To reach the Second Orifice of the Xiantian Realm at such a young age, Lin Yun could tell there was serious talent hidden in the Azure Sun County.

“Cousin, this is Lin Yun. He was able to defeat an expert in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path with his cultivation in the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path,” Feng Wuheng introduced the two of them.

“Eighth Stage of the Martial Path? Haha, this Young Master Lin isn’t simple. He actually made a breakthrough into the Xiantian Realm in just three months,” Wan Feng said as he smiled.

“Xiantian Realm?” This time, it was Feng Wuheng’s time to feel shocked. Over the past three months, he had only made a small breakthrough into the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path. He had already formed his Xiantian Seed, but he was still half a step to reach the Xiantian Realm.

“I’d just made my breakthrough ten days ago, and it’s still far inferior compared to Brother Wan.” Lin Yun could tell that Wan Feng had reached the Xiantian Realm half a year ago. He wasn’t trying to be humble.

“How can the Aquasky Nation be comparable to the Azure Sun County?” Wan Feng smiled as he wasn’t too bothered.

Surpassing Lin Yun was natural in his eyes. It would be weird if he were inferior.

“Right, do you intend to sell your Dragon Blooded Horse? If you’re willing, you can state your price,” Wan Feng suddenly asked. His interest in the Dragon Blooded Horse seemed to be much higher than his interest in Lin Yun.


“What?” Wan Feng’s eyes lit up. 

“100,000 high-grade spiritual stones.”

When Wan Feng heard the price, he awkwardly smiled and said, “Young Master Lin truly knows how to joke. Cousin, you can reminisce with him for now and receive him well. I’ll go find my friends first.”

When he finished, he turned and left.

“Don’t worry about it. My cousin won’t force you to sell your horse. He’s a busy person. Who knows, he might forget about it the next second!” Feng Wuheng replied.

Lin Yun wasn’t too bothered about it as he looked at Feng Wuheng with a smile on his face, “I’m rather surprised to bump into you on my journey to the Azure Sun County.”

They were both from the Aquasky Nation. They might not be familiar with each other, but it wasn’t too awkward for them to chat.

“I found an opportunity to raise my cultivation to the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path after the Four Sects Tournament and decided to seek shelter from my cousin in the Azure Sun County. I want to see if I can join one of the three major sects in the Azure Sun County,” Feng Wuheng explained.

“Three major sects in the Azure Sun County?”

“Yeah. The territory of the Azure Sun County is a lot bigger than the Aquasky Nation. There are many forces in the county, but there are only three overlord forces. They’re the Radiant Pavilion, Golden Flame Sect, and Blood Cloud Sect,” Feng Wuheng’s eyes flashed as he explained.

Hearing this, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts. The Azure Sun County was located near the border, and it often fell into chaos. To be able to stand strong in the Azure Sun County speaks for the three sects’ strength.

“Let me guess. You’re not going there for the three major sects?” Feng Wuheng smiled as he looked at Lin Yun.

“Oh?” Lin Yun was curious as he wanted to listen to Feng Wuheng’s explanation.

“You’ve even rejected the Bai Clan’s invitation. How can you possibly take a fancy to the overlord forces of the Azure Sun County? That means that you must have other motives for going to the Azure Sun County,” Feng Wuheng spoke confidently.

Lin Yun smiled bitterly in his heart as he had no idea how to explain. He wanted to tell Feng Wuheng that he was actually rejected by the Bai Clan, and not the other way round.

“Let’s not talk about that, Brother Feng. Since you stepped into the Great Qin Empire earlier than me, do you know which are the strongest forces?”

Feng Wuheng might not be entirely right about everything, but he was right about one thing. Lin Yun’s scope was beyond the regional overlords in Azure Sun County.

How could he join a regional overlord if he wanted to chase up to Su Ziyao’s footsteps?

“If we’re talking about transcendent forces, it would be the four sects and four clans. The four sects are namely the Sword Firmament Pavilion, Primal Origin Sect, Heavenly Profound Sect, and the Demonic Moon Villa. The four sects not only have a transcendent position in the Great Qin Empire, but they can even be ranked among the Southern Ancient Domain. The four clans are Zhou, Wang, Lin, and Li Clans. They were Marquis clans that had passed down through millennials with their own territories,” Feng Wuheng explained. “It’s impossible for outsiders to join the core of the four clans. As for the four sects, they have insanely high requirements if you want to join them. Just the threshold alone requires your cultivation to be at least in the Fourth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. Furthermore, you have to be under 17 years of age.”

“Fourth Orifice of the Xiantian Realm!” Lin Yun sucked in a cold breath. It was a high requirement, not to mention that he had to be younger than 17!

“Only peerless talents are qualified to join the four sects. Anyone lesser than that won’t be able to make it in, not even those who are geniuses in our eyes. Even an outer disciple is a mighty presence in the Azure Sun County,” Feng Wuheng’s tone was filled with respect. His respect for the four sects and four clans was deeply rooted in his heart. 

“The four sects and four clans are beyond my reach. I only hope to join the three overlord sects in the Azure Sun County. As long as I can join any one of them, I can walk in the Azure Sun County with my head held high. If I take it one step further, I will be able to forge a name for myself in the Great Qin Empire!” Feng Wuheng’s speech was brimming with ambition for the future.

His tone was filled with revere for the four sects and four clans. Towards the three overlord forces in the Azure Sun County, Feng Wuheng was filled with expectation.

As they further conversed, Lin Yun learned that Feng Wuheng’s cousin had a clan backing him up. He was part of the Violet Flame City’s Wan Clan, and the Violet Flame City wasn’t something that the Clear Serene City could be compared to.

The territory of the Azure Sun Clan consisted of cities numbered over hundreds.

The Violet Flame City was only ranked beneath the few massive cities. And since the Violet Flame City could be ranked so high, they must have the capability to back it up.

From Feng Wuheng, Lin Yun learned that the old Patriarch of the Wan Clan had already reached the Seventh Orifice of the Xiantian Realm. He had been in seclusion for the past few years, trying to make a breakthrough. If he could clear his profound channel, the Wan Clan would rise into top-tiered forces’ ranks.

With such a background, it wasn’t surprising that Wan Feng could reach the Second Orifice of the Xiantian Realm.

“My Young Master, Young Master Feng, would like to invite you and this sir into the cabin,” a servant requested respectfully.

“Let’s go take a look. My cousin made many friends on his travels. You can take this opportunity to get to know them as well,” Feng Wuheng smiled.

The cabin of the boat was luxuriously decorated. When Lin Yun stepped in, he saw many youngsters sitting around just as Feng Wuheng had mentioned. They were all about his age, brimming with pride and confidence.

“Let me introduce this person to everyone! This is Lin Yun, the strongest among his generation in the Aquasky Nation!” Wan Feng stood up from his seat with a smile.

Several curious gazes were directed at Lin Yun after hearing Wan Feng’s introduction. Feeling all the eyes on him, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts on how he should reply before he was disrupted by a burst of laughter, “Haha! Do you really think that you’re a swordsman carrying a sword box? How can there be experts in such a remote place like the Aquasky Nation? If you can be considered an expert, what are we?”

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