Chapter 84 - Acquaintance

The split in the river was over five hundred meters long. Lin Yun was shocked as he looked at it. If it weren’t for the sword gleam from his Martial Soul, it would be impossible for him to split the river apart.


As the river splashed and joined together, it created a water screen nearly a thousand meters height.


The calm surface was replaced with surging waves as the wooden raft began to sway. Lin Yun had joy written on his face as his laughter was drowned out by the crashing water. 

“Terrific! Terrific! I’ll see who dares to call my Martial Soul useless! I’ll show them the true might of my Martial Soul!” Lin Yun gnashed his teeth on the wooden raft.

He needed a channel to vent his emotions. After all, the three from the Liu Clan had mocked his Martial Soul for being useless. All of those emotions were pent up in his heart. He couldn’t summon out his Martial Soul… and the reason that he was able to defeat those three was thanks to Sky Incineration.

So despite how calm he was, he felt troubled in his heart. As long as he couldn’t summon his Martial Soul, he would not be able to get rid of the worry in his heart.

But at this moment, he only felt joy. When he executed the sword gleam, he noticed that the gleam shrouding his Martial Soul had dimmed. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t summon it again.

After Lin Yun calmed down, he fell into deep thoughts, “It looks like I will have to wait for a period of time before I can summon it again. A single burst might be powerful, but it’s impossible for me to have a prolonged battle with it. If I can empower my sword with the sword gleam, it might have the same effect as other cultivators using their Martial Soul. In a certain sense, it might be stronger!”

Aside from that, Lin Yun was rejoicing that he made a breakthrough in his sword dao. Lin Yun retrieved the bizarre record as he began to look through it.

“The comprehension of sword dao starts from sword momentum. Cultivators must have their own aura, while a sword user requires such aura to convert into momentum. When the momentum is formed, you will be able to control it as you wish. And as you continue to make a breakthrough, you will eventually reach the sword intent! The sword intent is more refined, and it can be used to kill directly. A powerful swordsman can behead someone with their sword intent alone. The sword intent of a legendary swordsman can even exist for eternity and exist independently in the world…

“But it’s hard for people to achieve something in their sword intent. Sword intent cannot be transferred, and it has to be comprehended. It has nothing to do with one’s cultivation. When the sword momentum reaches its pinnacle, the user will become one with the sword. At that time, the user will be halfway to comprehending sword intent. Then again, that isn’t the limit.” Lin Yun’s thoughts lingered in those words as he sighed inwardly.

After all, even a summarizing book had included the description for sword dao. But it had answered Lin Yun’s doubts. He had previously reached the state of being at one with the sword. However, he was only halfway into the threshold. It wasn’t complete.

Lin Yun’s eyes flashed as he yearned for the sword dao. “Beheading someone with a single thought… I wonder what kind of level that is?”

Then again, he had to thank that lady in red. Perhaps, to her, she was only helping him out of convenience, but it had opened up a new path for him.


When Lin Yun sheathed his sword, he suddenly realized that the wooden raft was trembling unnaturally. When he turned around, he found the Dragon Blooded Horse trembling in fear. The Dragon Blooded Horse became terrified whenever the raft swayed by the bellows.

Looking at this scene, Lin Yun couldn’t help laughing. And here  he had thought the Dragon Blooded Horse was fearless. He never imagined that he would get to see the Dragon Blooded Horse shaking in fear.

Even if Lin Yun wanted to help the Dragon Blooded Horse, there was nothing he could do. It would be nice if there was a boat passing by right now. Closing his eyes, Lin Yun sat on the raft calmly.

When dawn rose up in the sky, shining its warm rays down on the river, the river flickered with a faint glow.

Opening his eyes, Lin Yun looked at the sun with his energy recharged. The sword gleam shrouding his Martial Soul had also recovered. In that moment, Lin Yun was filled with excitement.

“Let’s see if the sword gleam can envelop my sword to attack,” Lin Yun said, giving it a try.

In the next second, Lin Yun’s sword was empowered by an explosive force as he swung. He was prepared and controlled the sword with his thoughts.


The Flower Burial Sword began to vibrate as the reflection of the sword was glowing on the surface of the river. It was tough for him to control the vibration of his sword.

One with the sword!

In a crucial moment, Lin Yun recalled the sword intent that he had comprehended last night and executed it


The sword momentum suddenly changed as he became one with the sword, forcefully controlling its vibration.

Flowing Wind Sword!

Lin Yun laughed as he executed the Flowing Wind Sword on the surface of the river.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every swing of his sword was accompanied by an explosion on the surface of the water, raising waves on the river.

Looking at the changes to his Flowing Wind Sword, Lin Yun had joy on his face as he laughed, “Again!”

Wind Assembling!

The Flower Burial Sword started to spin. Lin Yun soared into the sky as his sword caused a water geyser to rise.

Reflective Shadow!

The water geyser suddenly exploded as the water drizzled down. When the rain drizzled down, strands of sword rays rotated around Lin Yun, leaving behind afterimages. Under the empowerment of his incomplete sword intent, the droplets had frozen in midair.

Traceless Wind!

Lin Yun suddenly turned around and lunged his sword forward. His figure was like wind as he flew across the river.

Convergent Streams, Flowing Wind!

The droplets that had frozen in the sky started to evaporate as Lin Yun thrust his sword down. After Lin Yun executed the Traceless Wind, the droplets exploded.

At the same time, the glowing rays wrapped around his sword had also started to disappear. He had completely exhausted the sword gleam that empowered it.

“Great! It can actually allow me to execute the entire technique!” Lin Yun sheathed his sword, satisfied.

At the same time, speculations started rising in his heart. When half an inch of his Martial Soul was released from the darkness, it had given birth to a sliver of sword gleam. Wouldn’t that mean that he would be able to control more sword gleams with more of his Martial Soul released from the darkness?

“Although the Xiantian Seed can give birth to all kinds of Martial Souls, isn’t mine a little too bizarre?” Lin Yun was baffled as he kept the Flower Burial Sword and carried the ancient sword box on his back.

He couldn’t summon his Martial Soul, and his Martial Soul came with the sword gleam as well. Just a sliver of sword gleam was already so powerful. How mighty would it be if he managed to summon his Martial Soul?

Two hours later, Lin Yun’s cultivation was disrupted when the Dragon Blooded Horse neighed.

Raising his head, Lin Yun saw a massive boat.

 “I wonder if that’s a cargo boat or passenger boat… If it’s a cargo boat, then I might be able to hitch a ride.” 

A passenger boat would already have passengers on it, so the chances of them letting him onboard were slim. But if it was a cargo boat, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to get onboard as long as he paid enough spiritual stones.

After all, it wasn’t a solution for him to ride the wooden raft.

The huge boat was so much faster than the wooden raft. It wouldn’t take long to travel a few thousand meters.

Looking at the boat, Lin Yun was shocked at its weight. Lin Yun judged that it should be a passenger boat.

After a brief pondering, Lin Yun withdrew his gaze. Since there was a boat traveling in the river, encountering a cargo boat was only a matter of time.

A brief moment later, the boat was moving side by side with Lin Yun. Compared to the massive boat before him, Lin Yun’s wooden raft was pitiful.

Many people on the boat mocked Lin Yun as they saw his wooden raft with the Dragon Blooded Horse on it.

It was just as he had guessed. No one gave a damn about him nor did anyone invite him onto the boat.

But just when the boat was about to pass by, an unfamiliar voice called to him, “Are you Lin Yun of the Azure Sky Sect?”

Lin Yun raised his head puzzled. When he saw the person who spoke, he was stunned.

It’s him! What is he doing here?! Could he be on his way to the Great Qin Empire’s Azure Sun County, too?!

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