Chapter 82 - Undying Vajra Seal

A resounding neigh rang throughout the forest. A brief moment later, the hooves’ sounds clopping on the ground could be heard as the Dragon Blooded Horse appeared beside Lin Yun.

It had been a few days since he last saw the Dragon Blooded Horse. The Dragon Blooded Horse had grown more robust, and its scarlet fur was as smooth as a wave. When a breeze blew on its coat, he fluttered like blazing flames.

“Why is he now so much taller than me?” Lin Yun wondered as he  leapt from the tree, noticing that the Dragon Blooded Horse had grown taller. It was also giving off a stronger pressure than before. The pressure felt vaguely familiar to him.

“This is…” Lin Yun pondered for a long time before he finally figured out why it was so familiar. It was similar to the pressure of the statue of the Cradled Dragon!

The aura of a dragon!

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling shocked. The Dragon Blooded Horse might have ‘dragon’ in its name, but it had nothing to do with dragons. Its dragon bloodline was so diluted that it was barely present.


The Dragon Blooded Horse let out a winny as he bumped onto Lin Yun. The immense force from the Dragon Blooded Horse nearly tripped him. But just when Lin Yun was about to get angry, the Dragon Blooded Horse grinned and lowered its head.

“Horn?” Lin Yun was shocked to discover a horn growing on the Dragon Blooded Horse’s head. He couldn’t help feeling curious that the Dragon Blooded Horse had grown a horn. “Could he possibly be a mutated Dragon Blooded Horse?”

It was indeed a surprise that the Dragon Blooded Horse grew a horn after consuming a Drought Golden Lotus’ petal.

Lin Yun held onto his chin as he fell into deep thoughts. He was pondering if he should give the beast core of the Xiantian Demonic Flame Tiger to the Dragon Blooded Horse now that it was approaching the Xiantian Realm.

As soon as that thought popped up in his head, he went along with it.

He was already in the Xiantian Realm, and the temptation of the beast core wasn’t as strong as before. Lin Yun retrieved the beast core from his pouch and gave it to the Dragon Blooded Horse, “Here!”


In the blink of an eye, the Dragon Blooded Horse had swallowed the beast core, fearing that Lin Yun might go against his words. Lin Yun smiled when he saw how impatient the Dragon Blooded Horse was. “Good luck, buddy.”

It wasn’t easy making it to the Xiantian Realm.

A wave of killing aura surged from the Dragon Blooded Horse after devouring the beast core. Its fur fluttering along with the wind seemed like burning flames. Lin Yun moved to the side as he watched. The Dragon Blooded Horse could only depend on itself to make the breakthrough into the Xiantian Realm.

Meanwhile, he could go through the interspatial pouch that he took from the Liu Clan.


Lin Yun chose the most straightforward method and emptied everything in the pouch onto the ground.


A large number of spiritual stones appeared in Lin Yun’s sight. They were all low-grade spiritual stones, with a few mid-grade spiritual stones mixed in the pile. There were at least a thousand spiritual stones on the ground.

As a small clan located at the Great Qin Empire border, it made sense that they did not have many mid-grade spiritual stones on them. But when Lin Yun searched through the small mountain of spiritual stones, he was surprised to discover 10 high-grade spiritual stones.

Strictly speaking, high-grade spiritual stones were rarely used as currencies. Most of them were used to cultivate due to their sparsity, but some were also used in arrays, puppets, and warships.

As Lin Yun continued his search, he found many pellets among the harvest. There were a variety of pellets that replenish spiritual energy, heal injuries and cultivate. They might not be the best, but Lin Yun was satisfied with them. After all, he was broke.

When Lin Yun was almost done taking inventory, a manual caught his eye.

“It’s an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique — the Undying Vajra Seal. This technique is famed for its lethality. It has a high requirement for spiritual energy, without which it will be tough to practice…” Lin Yun’s face changed as he flipped through it. He saw up to the fifth style of the Ferocious Tiger Fist!

Xiantian Martial Techniques were separated into four different grades: lesser, intermediate, advanced, and transcendent.

It was rumored that there were martial techniques beyond the Xiantian Realm, but he could only practice them after reaching the Profound Martial Realm by clearing up the profound channel. That wasn’t something that Lin Yun should think about right now. He had just cleared an orifice; he was still far from the Profound Martial Realm.

However, he was shocked when he saw the Ferocious Tiger Fist styles. The Undying Vajra Fist was an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique, which uses the Ferocious Tiger Fist styles. How powerful would the complete Ferocious Tiger Fist be?

In a split second, Lin Yun was distracted. He couldn’t restrain his urge and continued looking through the Undying Vajra Seal.

When he was done, he had a trace of shock on his face, “No wonder Liu Teng did not use the Undying Vajra Seal in our fight. With his ice spiritual energy, he can’t cultivate the Undying Vajra Seal. Where did he get this from?”

With the Liu Clan’s foundation, it was impossible for them to possess the Ferocious Tiger Fist styles, let alone an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique.

It looked like the Liu Clan had an expert in their ancestry.

“Let’s give it a try.” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered with excitement. It was his first time looking through a Xiantian Martial Technique.

As he closed his eyes, he recited the Undying Vajra Seal in his heart. He wanted to get familiar with it before practicing it. 


His spiritual energy gathered according to the manual. Suddenly, a berserk aura exploded out from his body. The aura that bellowed from his body caused the surrounding trees to bend to the verge of collapse. Within his body, his spiritual energy was akin to a dazzling golden sun.


The spiritual energy gathered within his body suddenly fluctuated  and dissipated. The impact of the spiritual energy gushing through his veins brought about a stinging pain. It took a long time before he could calm it down.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, his face was pale, “I underestimated it… it might only be the styles, but it’s still an Advanced Xiantian Martial Technique.”

However, Lin Yun did not give up after failing once. He took some time to compose himself before he gave it another try.

Fail, fail again, yet again…

Lin Yun experienced numerous failures but kept going until a  mouthful of blood gushed out from his throat. However, he wasn’t too hard on himself. He consumed a pellet meant for healing his injuries and waited while it worked.

He had to recover from all his injuries before he could continue trying.

As time ticked, Lin Yun attempted the Undying Vajra Seal again and again without knowing exhaustion. He was gradually getting familiar with it, and the spiritual energy coursed through his body faster.


When his spiritual energy gathered this time, it transformed into a bead that permeated overbearing aura just as the manual had stated.

Lin Yun’s slender fingers crossed together  like butterflies flying through flowers. In the blink of an eye, he formed a bizarre seal. His spiritual energy condensed together into a bead that exploded, turning into ten light streams that gathered towards his ten fingers.

In that instance, his hands glowed with a golden luster. He had successfully condensed the Undying Vajra Seal!

But all of a sudden, Lin Yun’s hands began to tremble. His entire body had tensed up. He was gradually losing control of the spiritual energy gathered in his fingers. However, Lin Yun did not panic as he knew that this was the last step.

As recorded in the book, many people failed at this moment, their hands bursting from the overflow of spiritual energy. However, Lin Yun was experienced in using the Rose Sword Art. So the ‘Embody the tiger, smell the rose’ had given him a tranquil heart.

He was resisting the pressure. He resisted briefly before he pushed his hands forth.


Golden radiance exploded into shockwaves that rippled out, turning the surrounding trees to ash.

“What power!” Lin Yun was stunned by the destruction. He could shatter rocks with this move.

When he lowered his head, he could see an Undying Vajra Seal flickering in his palms. Clenching his fists together, he could sense an immeasurable power coming from his palms.

As Lin Yun fell deep into thoughts, he threw a punch. Empowered by the Undying Vajra Seal, his punches contained the power of a Xiantian Martial Technique. When he finished executing the first set of fist techniques, the seal in his palms gradually dissipated.

“So this is the true meaning of the fist style… The Undying Vajra Seal was meant to empower the Ferocious Tiger Fist,” Lin Yun murmured.


As he sighed, there was a crimson bolt of lightning that suddenly descended from the sky. The roar of thunder echoed in his ears as the lightning exuded terrifying power.

Lin Yun was caught by surprise and was blown a few hundred meters back, felling all the trees in his path. Fortunately he wasn’t injured. When he got up on his feet, Lin Yun knitted his brows, “Isn’t that where the Dragon Blooded Horse is trying to make a breakthrough?”

Lin Yun rushed over. When he approached, he was greeted by a mix of  killing aura and the aura of Xiantian Realm.The horrifying aura blowing in his direction made moving forward difficult.

When he finally approached, he was shocked to discover the Dragon Blooded Horse basking in crimson lightning. The lightning crackled as it gradually gathered towards the horn.

Seeing that the Dragon Blooded Horse was fine, Lin Yun let out a sigh of relief. He never expected that this fool would cause such a huge commotion when making a breakthrough. He had worried for nothing.

Turning his gaze away from the Dragon Blooded Horse into the distance, Lin Yun said, “Now that the Dragon Blooded Horse is reaching the Xiantian Realm, it’s time for me to head to the Great Qin Empire.”

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