Chapter 81 - Hefty Harvest

“Why isn’t this brat bringing out his Martial Soul?”

“Is there a possibility of him possessing a trash Martial Soul?”

“Heh, we won’t have to be too worried if that’s the case.”

The three of them spoke among themselves as they brought out their Martial Souls. They were being trashed, so they couldn’t help wondering when they saw that Lin Yun wasn’t summoning his Martial Soul.

“Let’s see what he’s trying to do!” Liu Teng gave a signal to the other two as the three of them approached.

Contrary to the composure on his face, Lin Yun was panicking in his heart. He couldn’t summon his Martial Soul no matter how he tried. He was always held back by the shackles, which caused a mess to his innards whenever he attempted to.

“Hahaha! This brat isn’t able to summon his Martial Soul!” 

The three from the Liu Clan couldn’t help laughing as their aura enveloped Lin Yin.

“Chop him into pieces!”

“Let’s see how he keeps up with his arrogance!”


The three of them soared into the sky, wielding their Martial Souls as they charged towards Lin Yun. There was a drastic difference between Xiantian Realms if they summoned their Martial Souls.

But when Xiantian Realms brought out their Martial Souls, it meant that they were going to put up a life and death struggle.

Summoning the Martial Soul wasn’t as simple as exhausting mental energy. If the Martial Soul were damaged, it would be irreversible.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lin Yun held onto the ancient sword box as he faced the three of them. It was tough for him to face the three of them. After they summoned their Martial Souls, he could sense that their aura had gone into the next level. 

As a result, Lin Yun was forced to retreat.

Liu Teng, Liu Tian, and the old man wore grim expressions as they launched their attacks. They were venting all their pent up anger.

“Little bastard, see how I’ll deal with you! Let’s go at him together!” Liu Teng roared with the long spear in his hand. His attacks were frantic but ferocious.


Facing their combined attacks, Lin Yun was blown a hundred meters away with the ancient sword box in his hands.

“Kill!” The eyes of the three from the Liu Clan lit up as they followed up with their attacks. Although Lin Yun managed to block their attacks with the ancient sword box, he was blown out due to the immense force.

“I’ll claim your life with this spear!” The three from the Liu Clan roared as they charged at Lin Yun once again.

“Is that all you got? Aren’t you a little too naive thinking you can take my life with this attack?” Lin Yun sneered. The three of them had truly gotten a little bloated with their Martial Souls.

Lin Yun looked at the Drought Golden Lotus on the back of his hand as he slammed the ancient sword box on the ground, raising a cloud of dust from the ground.


“What is he trying to do?”

“Is that brat giving up?”

The three from the Liu Clan exchanged a glance with doubt in their eyes. If it weren’t for the ancient sword box’s terrifying defense, Lin Yun would’ve died when they brought out their Martial Souls.

But Lin Yun had given up using the ancient sword box. While the three were shocked, Lin Yun clenched his fist together and threw a punch.

As his fist started to glow, a dazzling lotus blossomed. In the next second, the clouds began to blaze as if the sky itself had caught fire.


But that wasn’t all. When the Drought Golden Lotus blossomed, it had transformed into a Drought Demon.


The attacks from the three of the Liu Clan crumbled on contact with Lin Yun’s attack. However, the Drought Demon followed up and crashed onto the three of them.


The three of them spurted blood from their mouth at the same time as they were blown out. When they fell onto the ground, they could no longer stand on their feet.

Raising his head to look at the sky, the clouds had all turned into flames. Ten miles in radius was dyed scarlet with cracks spreading out on the ground like cobwebs.

Is this the Sky Incineration phenomenon?

Lin Yun could feel his internal energy fluctuating through his body under the phenomenon.

“Do you guys even lift?” Lin Yun sneered as he looked at the three of them struggling to get on their feet. “Do you really think that you guys can trample me since I can’t summon my Martial Soul?”

“You’re strong… but you’re destined to die today!” Liu Teng had a cold glint in his eyes as he got up on his feet with great difficulty. Simultaneously, the old man and Liu Tian wore a grave expression as if they had made up their mind.


White flames gathered on the tip of  Liu Teng’s spear before enveloping it entirely, permeating a baleful aura.

At the same time, a terrifying momentum also started to gather on the old man and Liu Tian’s Martial Souls.

“Ironfrost Chains!”

“Blood Shadow Gale!”

“Roaring Cloud Splitter!”

The three of them roared as they released their Martial Souls at the same time.


The three Martial Souls took the form of three different phenomena as they swept towards Lin Yun. But when they executed their ultimate moves, their faces had turned pale.

“Xiantian Martial Technique?” But since those attacks were executed with their Martial Soul as the medium, it was stronger than an ordinary Xiantian Martial Technique.

Is that their trump card?


Lin Yun waved his hand as the ancient sword box opened up. The Flower Burial Sword appeared and flew into his hand.

With the sword in his hand, a cold glint appeared in his eyes.

The three attacks were entirely different. Liu Teng’s spear had turned into chains with snowflakes drifting in the sky. The old man’s blade flickered with a crimson radiance that transformed into wind blades. As for Liu Tian’s sword, it had soared into the sky and split the clouds apart.

Lin Yun did not dare be careless as he pulled his sword out of the scabbard. It only took a single thought for him to condense the four roses that blossomed at the same time. When the four roses bloomed, dazzling sword rays radiated the entire region.

As petals drifted down from the sky, Lin Yun swung his sword as the petals condensed into a tornado that swept out along with Lin Yun’s unrivaled sword momentum. In the next moment, his attack clashed with the attacks from the three of the Liu Clan.


The collision between their attacks reverberated out like a thunderous roar. The tornado of petals swept through everything and shattered the three attacks.


Fresh blood gushed out from the throats of Liu Teng, Liu Tian, and the old man. Their faces were pale and they seemed weak. They no longer had any capability to continue fighting.

However, the three of them did not care about their injuries and started running for their lives.

“You guys want to run?” Lin Yun snickered as he chased after the three of them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

When Lin Yun’s sword rays clashed against the three of them, the three groaned in pain as they collapsed to the ground .

“Don’t kill me! I can give you anything you want!” Liu Teng roared , crawling backwards as he watched Lin Yun walk over with his sword.

“Sorry to disappoint, but I’m afraid that there’s nothing I require.” Lin Yun sheathed his sword. The three of them felt relieved upon seeing Lin Yun sheathing his sword. But in the next moment, their interspatial pouch flew towards Lin Yun.

“You!” Liu Teng was trembling from the anger. He had mobilized the entire clan for this task, and it represented the resources that his clan had accumulated over the past decades!

All of his wealth was in the interspatial pouch, and Lin Yun actually took it. With that, he no longer had any capital to make a comeback.

“You’re unsatisfied?” Lin Yun’s eyes flared with killing intent. Lin Yun didn’t mind giving them a few slashes if Liu Teng wasn’t tactful.

“I’m not! I’m satisfied!”

“Get lost then.”

The three of them crawled away from Lin Yun. They didn’t even dare to look at him.

Looking through the three interspatial pouches, Lin Yun was satisfied with his harvest. The past few days were filled with ups and downs. He first fought the old man and snatched the Clouded Ice Spear before obtaining the Drought Golden Lotus.

In the process of refining the Drought Golden Lotus, Lin Yun suffered unprecedented pain. He now possessed the Sky Incineration and his Rose Sword Art had also gotten stronger after reaching the Xiantian Realm.

But now that he watched the three of them, it was all worth it.

“An opportunity needs to be grasped.” Lin Yun waved his hand, causing the burning clouds to dissipate and form into a Drought Golden Lotus on the back of his hand.

Looking at the lotus, Lin Yun muttered, “The Sky Incineration is truly terrifying. I wonder if I will be able to bring out the true power of the Sky Incineration when my cultivation goes up.”

He was satisfied with his hefty harvest. The only defect was his Martial Soul. He still had no idea what was going on with it.

“Let’s find the Dragon Blooded Horse first. Where did that fellow run off to?” Lin Yun shook his head as he collected his thoughts.

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