Chapter 80 - 1 VS 3

Lin Yun could see rows of trees collapsing from his spot on the tree branch. His physique had recovered at this point. The Drought Golden Lotus’ petals had absorbed his essence when he was refining it. In the end, he was only left with a boney frame.

But everything changed when he absorbed the entire Drought Golden Lotus. The Drought Golden Lotus had not only replenished his waning vitality, but his vitality had gone a step higher.

He had grown much taller than before. His hair tossed in the wind and his pupils glistened like two black gems.

After he cleared up the orifice that represented his eyes, his vision improved significantly. He could see the Liu Clan coming towards him, brimming with murderous aura. 

The three Xiantian Realms were leading the group as they made their way over. They were like a swarm of locust, devouring everything within their path. The moment when Lin Yun discovered them, the three of them had also found him. 

“Found him!”

“That bastard is nearby! I’ll see how he runs this time!”

“Fire! Fire the arrows!”

Liu Teng pointed in Lin Yun’s direction with his finger. Then, a storm of arrows flew towards Lin Yun. But Lin Yun had no intention of running away this time. He leaped into the sky as he faced the rain of arrows head-on.

When his silhouette appeared in midair, the party of the Liu Clan were left dumbfounded.


What followed closely after was his aura in the Xiantian Realm, which erupted from his body like a volcano. Before the arrows could even reach him, they broke into pieces. It was no longer possible for any Houtian Realm cultivators to threaten him.

“Xiantian Realm!” Liu Teng, Liu Tian, and the old man exclaimed in shock when they sensed Lin Yun’s aura.


A mighty gale had swept over the surroundings when Lin Yun descended on the ground.

“How many petals of the Drought Golden Lotus did you refine?!” Liu Teng glared at Lin Yun. His eyes brimmed with shock and disbelief.

It was beyond his expectation that Lin Yun made it into the Xiantian Realm in just a few days. He guessed that Lin Yun must have refined at least five to six petals to make a breakthrough so quickly. But just the thought of Lin Yun refining the Drought Golden Lotus that should have been his made his face flush with anger.

He still thought that he could get most of the Drought Golden Lotus upon finding Lin Yun. However, he never expected that Lin Yun had already refined half of it!

That also meant that he could only get half of it back by killing Lin Yun. He couldn’t accept this result. After all, he had mobilized his entire clan for this matter.

“What’s the matter? Are you thinking of taking the Drought Golden Lotus from me? Well, I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed. I refined eleven petals of the Drought Golden Lotus and gave one to my Dragon Blooded Horse. So I’m afraid that you won’t get any of it back.” Lin Yun smiled.

“That’s impossible!” The old man was shocked by Lin Yun’s revelation. “Refining three petals was the limit for an ordinary person. Although you managed to make a breakthrough into the Xiantian Realm, that’s five or six petals at best!”

“Then you can come and test me out yourself!” replied Lin Yun. His voice was calm as a smile lit his face.

“Let’s cut the chatter and kill him!” Liu Teng growled as he made his way over to Lin Yun.

He appeared before Lin Yun in just a few breaths, but he was surprised to see that Lin Yun made no attempt to run.

“Die!” screamed Liu Teng as he swung his hand out with spiritual energy gathered on his palm. The power contained in his palm was so immense that it could even split a mountain apart.

When Lin Yun saw this, he summoned his spiritual energy, also gathering it on his palm. His spiritual energy took the form of golden flames.


Lin Yun balled his fist together and threw a jab out. His fist was shrouded in golden flames as his spiritual energy radiated with domineering might. He faced Liu Teng’s palm without bothering to dodge.

Boom! Boom!

Liu Teng was shocked that he had lost this confrontation to Lin Yun. The shock from the collision jolted his internal organs. His blood became chaotic and a heatwave fluctuated in his body.

In the next moment, blood gushed up his throat and seeped out from his mouth. This scene had caused a great shock to Liu Tian and the old man, who were right behind Liu Teng. They were both shocked because Lin Yun’s spiritual energy managed to suppress Liu Teng!

“Is that what a Patriarch is capable of?” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered with disdain. He followed up with another punch. He had built up his confidence after their previous collision.

Tiger Roaring in the Forest!

The Xiantian Realm aura permeated Lin Yun and transformed into an intimidating tiger. His punch headed towards Liu Teng. It was his first time using the Ferocious Tiger Fist after reaching the Xiantian Realm.

The power of the Ferocious Tiger First had wholly transformed. It was no longer comparable to the past. His Ferocious Tiger Fist seemed like an actual tiger that roared throughout the horizon.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

His fist released sonic booms as it traveled through the air.

“Back!” The three Xiantian Realms from the Liu Clan had a smear of shock in their eyes. They immediately retreated as they were all taken aback by the sheer power in Lin Yun’s punch. 


The ground was ripped apart when Lin Yun’s fist made direct contact. The crack slowly expanded in the ground and rubble flew into the sky.

Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!

Lin Yun’s hair fluttered in the wind as he brimmed with confidence. His silhouette shuttled through the cloud of rubble as he pressed forth.

Tiger Roaring in the Forest!

Lin Yun threw out another punch when he caught up to the three. In the next second, he had transformed into a tiger as he unleashed his overbearing aura.

Liu Teng and his two companions were blown several steps backwards by Lin Yun’s imposing punch.

“Kill!” The three of their faces darkened. Their experience had told them that they would only be left in a passive position of defending if they continued to retreat.

The three of them joined their Xiantian Realm aura together as the momentum of Lin Yun’s punch vanished. 

Their aura was akin to a giant hill that came crashing down on Lin Yun. What followed after their aura suppression was their attacks.

“Again?” Lin Yun had already experienced their Xiantian Realm aura joining up together previously. He couldn’t breath when he was experiencing it.

But now that they were using it again…

“Fine. We’ll see who emerges victorious!” smirked Lin Yun. He faced the three Xiantian aura head-on.

He stepped forward as the clouds and winds gathered. The winds represented the dragon while clouds represented the tiger. Then, the winds and clouds converged. 

Tiger-Dragon Might!

Both the roaring of a dragon and tiger echoed out from Lin Yun’s body. Under the empowerment of the Tiger-Dragon Might, the pressure of Lin Yun’s Xiantian aura grew violent.


It was a clash without any suspense. The aura coming from the three Xiantian Realms crumbled in the next second.

Hundred Beast Wave!

Lin Yun had perfectly executed the ultimate move of the Ferocious Tiger Fist. It felt like the stampede of a hundred beasts. The three of them could only last a second before succumbing to the Hundred Beast Wave. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The aura combination from the four Xiantian Realms radiated into the surroundings. The bombardment of their aura riddled the ground with holes as rubble flew and clouds of dust rose.

The spectators from the Liu Clan trembled in fear as they witnessed this scene.

There was nothing they could do about a fight between Xiantian Realms. They couldn’t get close to the battle, let alone helping out.

“Damn it! It has only been a few days! How did this brat get so powerful?!” Liu Yun was dumbfounded. He’d just witnessed how Lin Yun suppressed his father and two other Xiantian Realms!

An explosion reverberated out from the collision as the three Xiantian Realms from the Liu Clan were all blown away.

The three of them looked at Lin Yun in bewilderment. Lin Yun’s spiritual energy wasn’t just overbearing. They felt as if Lin Yun had an endless supply of spiritual aura!

It was a complete suppression of the three of them. They couldn’t even catch their breath!

This brat couldn’t have really refined eleven petals from the Drought Golden Lotus, right?! The three of them had the same thought. It was something that exceeded their imagination.


Lin Yun did not give the three of them an opportunity to think. After the Hundred Beast Wave sent the three of them flying, Lin Yun followed up with the Ancient Sword Box in his hand.

Powered by spiritual energy, the sword box was more frightening than a mid-grade profound artifact. And facing the Flower Burial Sword, none of them could put up a fight.

“WHY?! WHYYY?!” Liu Teng’s face was ashen. He gnashed his teeth as he looked at the confident Lin Yun.

Just a few days ago, Lin Yun could only run at the sight of them. But right now, they were being completely suppressed by him.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The three of them eventually revealed an opening and were all blown away. When the sword box struck them, they were each covered in fractures and bruises.

Lin Yun roared inwardly. Whatever that he had suffered from the Drought Demon Beast was finally taking effect.

“Don’t hold back anymore. Bring out your Martial Soul!” shouted Liu Teng as he stood up with a grim face. He waved his hand as his Martial Soul took form in his hand. It was an iced spear.


The two others also brought out their Martial Soul without any hesitation.

Martial Soul?

Lin Yun’s heart wavered as he intended to bring out his Martial Soul as well.


The Martial Soul that belonged to him moved. However, he couldn’t summon the sword. The sword hilt was chained with nine shackles.

His broken sword trembled as he tried to summon it. As a result, internal organs rolled along with the tremble. 

In the end, Lin Yun couldn’t suppress that mouthful of blood gushing up his throat and spurted it out.

It was fortunate that the nine shackles had only appeared briefly.

“I can’t summon my Martial Soul?” Lin Yun doubted as he looked at his three opponents summoning their Martial Soul.

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