Chapter 79 - Xiantian Realm

Lin Yun was seated on the tree branch as he locked his brows together. He looked at the three petals on the back of his hand as he fell into a dilemma. He had no idea if he should continue absorbing the petals. After all, the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s beast core wasn’t sufficient to reach the Xiantian Realm with his current foundation.

He was concerned that the Drought Golden Lotus would consume him if he continued. His eyes were closed as he pondered if he should continue. But three breaths later, his eyes abruptly shot open. This time, there wasn’t any hint of hesitation that could be seen.

“Go for it!” Lin Yun decided to take the risk. He already had no path of return when he left the Azure Sky Sect. Right now, he could only take the risk and press forward. After all, if he didn’t even dare to take risks, he would be better off returning to the Azure Sky Sect and spending the rest of his life there.

As he had finally come to a decision, he gritted his teeth as he pulled the fourth petal off the Drought Golden Lotus.


Sandwiching the petal between his palm once more, he began to absorb the fire spiritual energy into his body. He was once again enveloped by the flames that looked like a golden lotus.

When the flames illuminated Lin Yun’s face, an unprecedented calmness could be seen  on his face. Since the heavens had given him such an opportunity, then it made no sense for him to give up now!

As his internal energy grew more refined under the fire spiritual energy’s nourishment, Lin Yun could sense the unceasing tide of power coursing through his veins, heading towards the second uncleared meridian.

He had made a little progress in the second stage of the Xiantian Pure Yang Art after absorbing the three petals. Now that he was absorbing the fourth petal, his internal energy started to overlap within his body.

At the same time, the pain he had to suffer also increased. However, Lin Yun endured the pain as he only focused on circulating his internal energy to refine the petal that sat right in his palm.


In a split second, when the petal on his palm was about to disappear, it disintegrated and regathered on the back of his palm. While it was imprinting itself onto Lin Yun’s hand, it was also absorbing Lin Yun’s body’s essence.

When the flames disappeared, Lin Yun’s physique had visibly shrunk. His eyes were caved in as he looked exhausted.

“Continue!” Lin Yun plucked another petal from the lotus as he continued refining it without any hesitation. Along with the pain increasing and his internal energy becoming more refined, he had finally cleared his second meridian.

Days continued to pass as Lin Yun repeated the same process over and over. He plucked the petals off and then refined them. It was his routine for the past few days.

On the fifth day, the Drought Golden Lotus was left with only one petal. At this moment, Lin Yun’s frame had shrunk down by so much that he was just a bag of bones. He looked so frail that even the slightest breeze could topple him.

Looking at the last petal left in his palm, Lin Yun felt that he had already reached his limit. If he continued to refine the lotus, there would only be two paths left before him. He would either die or experience nirvana and come back to life.

“Will my life come to an end? I can’t die! Not yet! If the heavens want to claim my life, then I’ll go against the heavens!” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered with tears. He wasn’t crying, he was determined.

He still hadn’t taken revenge for Senior Hong, nor had he found Su Ziyao. So how could he afford to die here?

Lin Yun began absorbing the last petal with his fingers spread apart. As he refined the petal, he felt pain as the internal energy coursed through his body. His body also started swaying as if he would collapse at any time.

His internal energy that had absorbed eleven petals began to surge unceasingly within his body as they coursed through his meridians. The veins that were uncleared before began to clear up. Refining the last petal was much faster for Lin Yun. It had exceeded his expectations.

In the end, he even lost control of the fire spiritual energy. He could only watch as the fire spiritual energy roared within his body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His boney frame was akin to a house made of straws weathering through the storm. It seemed as if he would collapse the next moment. His consciousness also gradually faded. He could only grab onto his last strand of clarity to keep himself going.


As time ticked, the petal resting on his palm gradually dissolved. It had turned into flames and gathered on the back of Lin Yun’s hand.

In that split second, Lin Yun could sense his life fading away like a burnt lamp. As the petal devoured his last essence, his life fire was burning weakly and swaying in the breeze.


The weak flame suddenly extinguished and Lin Yun’s vitality could be seen drained from his body. There was nothing he could do to stop it.

But just as Lin Yun sighed at his tragic ending, the eleventh petal was formed on the back of his hand. A complete Drought Golden Lotus appeared on the back of his hand, glowing with golden radiance.


All of a sudden, his life blazed more vigorously than before. The petals had absorbed his essence when it was being imprinted on the back of his hand. Now that it had formed a lotus, it was starting to give back to him.

His withering body was like a sprout that grew at an incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, his body was brimming with vitality once more. Not only had his body recovered, but he could also sense that the lotus had brought his physique to a whole new level.

He had just experienced extreme sorrow and joy as he made an unexpected come back from death’s door. Lin Yun’s blood surged violently within his body, causing his body to tremble. He could sense that he was making a breakthrough at this moment.

The Drought Golden Lotus’ mark on the back of his hand was also brimming with vitality. This scene made Lin Yun rejoice as he knew that he had gotten over the worse part.

However, he still hadn’t reached the point of breakthrough yet and he knew that he had to stay calm right now. As Lin Yu recollected himself, he began to circulate his Xiantian Pure Yang Art within his body.


He had successfully made a breakthrough in the Xiantian Pure Yang Art, reaching the third stage. Empowered by the Drought Golden Lotus, his internal energy was five-times more refined than before upon reaching the third stage.

The golden internal energy within his body was shining with so much luster that it was dazzling. All the fire spiritual energy that had been accumulated within his body had been activated.

As Lin Yun circulated his cultivation technique, the fire spiritual aura went charging straight to the Xiantian Seed within his Dantian. He was finally reaching this step. He was just a step away from the Xiantian Realm!

Lin Yun was feeling confident about it. He had explicit knowledge of the massive fire spiritual energy contained in the eleven petals.


His Xiantian Seed gradually formed into a vortex under the fire spiritual energy. It was greedily absorbing the fire spiritual energy within his body.

BREAK! Lin Yun roared inwardly. As he did, the fire spiritual energy began to slam down on the Xiantian Seed.


Under the unceasing collision, the golden vortex suddenly erupted. What followed after was a dazzling glow that permeated from the Xiantian Seed. Along with the glow, his physique had also started to transform.

At this moment, Lin Yun knew that he had succeeded. His physique was now transforming towards the Xiantian Realm. In the next second, a six-pointed star shined in his chest. It was the seven orifices of the Xiantian Realm! The six-pointed star represented the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, and heart. Collectively, they formed the seven orifices of the Xiantian Realm!

His physique would undergo a transformative change with every orifice cleared. Right now, Lin Yun had a choice laid before him. He could freely choose one of the six to be cleared.

If he had decided to clear up the orifice in his eyes, it would enhance his vision. He would be able to capture everything within his sight, not even darkness could restrain his vision.

By clearing up his ears, he could enhance his hearing. He would be able to register any noise in his surroundings.

The nose would enhance his smell, allowing him to detect even the faintest scent that the human body couldn’t.

As for the mouth, it would enable him to consume spiritual energy through his mouth. It meant that he could replenish his energy through his breathing, which practically made him immortal.

Last but not least, the heart required the first six orifices to be cleared up.

So, he had six choices placed before him. Lin Yun analyzed which orifice would benefit him the most. Because most of his prowess was focused on the way of the sword, there was a high requirement placed on the vision he needed.

Regardless of whether he had to dodge his opponent’s attacks or find his opponent’s flaws, he would have to rely on his vision. In the next second, all the points except for the one representing his eyes grew dim.

Open! Lin Yun knew what it meant to clear his fist orifice. It would imply that he had officially stepped into the Xiantian Realm.


As Lin Yun cleared his first orifice, it was an unfolding of a new chapter. At the same time, the Xiantian Seed residing in his Dantian also started to crack.

At this moment, a Martial Soul that wholly belonged to him was being born. But when the radiance disappeared, what came out of the Xiantian Seed was a broken sword.

“My Martial Soul is a broken sword?” Lin Yun was puzzled.

But as Lin Yun focused on it, he found something strange about the broken sword. The broken sword was like a sharp blade that was stabbed into the darkness. Only half of the sword could be seen.


As the internal energy erupted within his body, it traveled through his meridians. His internal energy should be spiritual energy now that he was in the Xiantian Realm. When he stepped into the Xiantian Realm in that split second, his internal energy had been fully converted into spiritual energy.

Lin Yun emitted an invisible aura when he opened his eyes. He attracted a violent gale that surrounded him, causing the trees around him to sway.

“Is this the pressure of my aura after stepping into the Xiantian Realm?” Lin Yun rejoiced when he saw the surrounding trees snapping from the gale he had caused. Aside from his unusual Martial Soul, he was a genuine Xiantian Realm cultivator right now.

He nearly died by refining the Drought Golden Lotus. But at the same time, it had allowed him to make his breakthrough successfully!


He opened his palm, golden spiritual energy gathered. It was like a ball of fire that gathered on his palm, radiating with immense power.

“What incredible power!” Lin Yun was pleasantly surprised. He felt that he had transformed. The power that he was wielding right now was unattainable in the tenth stage of the Martial Path.

It felt like he could easily crush someone in the tenth stage of the Martial Path with a single punch.

But what’s with this Drought Golden Lotus on the back of my palm? Can it really trigger the Sky Incineration phenomenon? Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts when he saw the mark on the back of his hand.

But just when he wanted to give it a try, he was suddenly disrupted by the sound of trees crashing against the ground.


As rows of trees collapsed, barren land was revealed in his sight.

“How annoying!” Lin Yun muttered. Simultaneously, he was brimming with excitement when he saw how the Liu Clan tried to look for him.

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