Chapter 771 - Acquaintances

“What a piece of trash. You can’t even get on the gate,” sneered one of the people from the city wall.

Lin Yun looked up and found out that Zhao Feng from the Profound Yang Palace was the one talking. He was standing on the city wall while looking down on everyone and his gaze was filled with disdain for Guo Xu.

“Even Guo Xu has failed. This test is really tough…”

“This is too tough. About 70% of the people were already eliminated and this final test to ascend the wall will probably eliminate 90% of us.”

Perhaps Guo Xu is really useless. After all, he was only on the outer ranking and four years have passed. It’s likely that everyone has been improving in the past four years.” Guo Xu’s elimination had caused a huge commotion.

Both Lin Yun and Yang Fan found it regrettable because they both knew that Guo Xu had the strength to ascend the wall. However, Guo Xu was too careless, allowing himself to be caught by surprise when the war drums activated. Once someone begins falling, the pressure from the city would increase their momentum.

Guo Xu’s failure had caused many people to feel uneasy. Many people were scared to the point where they considered leaving. However, Yang Fan appeared and soared up to the city wall in a single breath. When the war drums rang out, his flaming palms shattered the soundwaves.

The process was a little dangerous, but in the end he was able to land on the city wall. But before he could even catch his breath, a sword ray exploded behind him as Lin Yun appeared on the city wall. His speed was so fast that a lot of people couldn’t see how he moved.

The war drums only echoed out after he landed on the city wall. Lin Yun’s lingering sword intent was enough to shatter the soundwave.

“An expert!”

“He’s fast! Even the war drums couldn’t react in time. Then again, his sword intent must be powerful. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for him to break through the pressure and execute his movement technique.”

“This swordsman is powerful. Who is he?”

“Who knows. There are many hidden dragons in the Draconic Banquet. There will be other geniuses like him.” A small clamor broke out after Lin Yun successfully ascended the city wall.

When Lin Yun arrived on the city wall, a wisp of profound amber aura surged from beneath his feet and into his jade token. This made the jade token a lot brighter than before.

“It has been a long time, Young Master Lin.” While everyone was shocked, two women walked over. The woman who spoke had a beauty that was in no way inferior to Qing Ruoyou. The two women were Mo Ling and Liu Yunyan from the Nether Prefecture’s Heavenly Province Academy. They had ascended the city wall earlier than Lin Yun, so they were able to watch his performance.

“The greatest beauty of the Nether Prefectural City, Mo Ling. She actually knows him!”

“That youth’s origin can’t be simple.” Beauty naturally attracted people’s attention, especially when Mo Ling was accompanied by Liu Yunyan who was practically her equal.

“Indeed, it’s been a while.” Lin Yun nodded his head at the two women with a smile. He couldn’t help lamenting inwardly as a lot of time had passed. He still remembered that when he met Liu Yunyan, he wasn’t even in the Violet Palace Realm.

Although they hadn’t seen each other for a while, they had an unbreakable bond because of the life and death experiences that they shared. So, their conversation was full of warmth. Mo Ling and Liu Yunyan were naturally surprised by Lin Yun’s cultivation as they never expected him to make such huge improvements in a short amount of time.

Unlike when he shined brightly in the Withernorth Sea, the current Lin Yun gave them a feeling that he was returning to his natural state.

Mo Ling blinked her eyes with splendour in her pupils. She discovered that she could no longer see through Lin Yun, not even his cultivation. As for the sword intent coming from Lin Yun, it gave them an unfathomable feeling as if he was omnipotent.

While they were chatting, Qin Yang’s gaze fell onto Lin Yun. The Profound Yang Palace was the overlord of Nether Prefectural City and Qin Yang was a top-tiered genius. Qin Yang had been acquainted with Mo Ling for a long time and didn’t bother chasing after her.

It was as if she already belonged to him and that she would be his woman if he was willing to pay some attention to her. But he never expected to see this scene. It felt like his toy was being snatched away from him. His face was terrifyingly dark as he walked over and spoke eerily, “Lin Yun, it has been a long time. I’m surprised that you’re acquainted with Mo Ling.”

“Do I need to report all of my acquaintances to you?” Mo Ling spoke coldly as the smile on her face disappeared. After all, Qin Yang’s words were confusing and others would misunderstand their conversation.

Lin Yun’s eyes flashed coldly. It was almost as if Qin Yang was a ghost that was haunting him because everywhere he went, Qin Yang would follow. Whether it was the beast tide, Sword Firmament Pavilion, or the Dragoncloud City, Qin Yang would pop up right in front of him. What made the situation unbearable was that Lin Yun didn’t want to waste his time with Qin Yang, but he couldn’t get away.

“It hasn’t been that long. I still remember how ragged you looked when you left the Sword Firmament Pavilion half a month ago,” said Lin Yun.

“You’re courting death!” Qin Yang became enraged because Lin Yun actually dared to provoke him.

“You can try,” said Lin Yun fearlessly. His words shocked the geniuses on the city wall and in the river. Qin Yang was a famous top-tier genius, but Lin Yun was an unknown swordsman. How could they not be shocked? Furthermore, they could tell that those two even had a grudge from half a month ago.

“Lil’ Qin Yang, it’s forbidden to fight on the city wall. Do you want to have your qualification removed that badly?” Just when the atmosphere was becoming tense, a man and a woman walked over.

“Nangong Wanyu!” Everyone was shocked when they saw the pair. The white-dressed swordsman was Nangong Wanyu of the seven elites. As for the woman, no one could forget her as she was simply too bewitching.

“Hehe, Big Brother Yun, we meet again.” The red-dressed girl beside Nangong Wanyu stuck her tongue out and winked at Lin Yun. The girl was Yue Weiwei whom Lin Yun met back in the Azure Sun Realm. Her bright smile made everyone in the surroundings look dull.

Lin Yun had experienced her charm long ago, but he still had a tough time resisting her beauty. Her action made many people’s hearts throb before they looked at Lin Yun in envy.

“My heavens, who is this youth? Nangong Wanyu seems to know him.”

“Damn it, so does the girl beside Nangong Wanyu. Who the hell is Lin Yun? His acquaintances are terrifying.”

“I seem to have heard of him. He had some kind of reputation from Skymound City, but he didn’t have too much of a dazzling performance in the beast tide.” Those who recognized Lin Yun were shocked when Nangong Wanyu and the red-dressed girl appeared.

“Brother Lin, you seem to have encountered some trouble? Wait a minute, isn’t this Qin Yang who was left half-dead by a punch from the Mountainshaking Demonic Ape? Didn’t he claim that you stole his beast core?” Before Lin Yun could greet Yue Weiwei, two more people came over with domineering tones. They were Ji Wuye and Wu Xiaotian. Right now, Wu Xiaotian was looking at Qin Yang with a playful smile.

He was even more fearless than Lin Yun and exposed Qin Yang’s embarrassing event. This time, everyone was truly shocked as they never expected that Wu Xiaotian would say something. Furthermore, he sounded as if he wasn’t happy with Qin Yang from his tone.

“What great prestige. An overlord force wants to bully my Sword Firmament Pavilion as if we’re pushovers?” Bai Lixuan walked over coldly and looked at Qin Yang while the crowd was shocked. Bai Lixuan was one of the up and coming geniuses who performed brilliantly in the beast tide. However, they were even more shocked when they saw the person standing beside him.

Next to Bai Lixuan was Jiang Ziye of the seven elites. At this moment, everyone was completely dumbfounded as this had far exceeded their imagination. Just a moment ago, they were worried that Lin Yun would suffer in the hands of a genius like Qin Yang.

But they never expected that Nangong Wanyu, Wu Xiaotian, and Jiang Ziye would stand up for him. Any one of those three could easily crush Qin Yan and they stood by Lin Yun’s side, which made Qin Yang’s face become ugly.

He felt so grieved to the point that he wanted to die. All he wanted to do was intimidate Lin Yun. Just who the hell did I provoke that I attracted all these scary people? In the end, he was faced with many strong individuals, plus Wu Xiaotian purposefully exposed his embarrassing event.

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