Chapter 770 - Underdog

Lin Yun didn’t move fast through the current as each of his steps were firm. The other geniuses also moved firmly through the river, but they walked carefully like they were on the back of a ferocious dragon. Unlike Lin Yun, they were nervous.

A rumbling sound came from the ferocious river every time the waves crashed. As time passed, the waves grew stronger. Eventually, they were as tall as one hundred feet and would cast a giant shadow on the ground.

Countless geniuses stood on the river while cultivators were being thrown out of the river. Whenever a wave crashed, hundreds of people were sent flying and their jade tokens would shatter.

Lin Yun arrived at the third river bend where there were only a few thousand people around him. At the sixth river bend, the waves formed dozens of terrifying tornadoes that made the test even more dangerous.

Everyone around Lin Yun slowed their pace and increased their wariness. Only Lin Yun was able to travel forward without stopping. He moved purposefully and passed through the tornado instantly.

“What courage. He actually dares to charge forward? Isn’t he afraid of being swept away?”

“He’s a little naive to try and get through just like that. Not even someone in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm can resist the suction force of the tornado for long.”

“He’s too foolish. It’s easier to face two waves. He’s going to get ripped into pieces by the tornadoes.” Everyone was shocked as they saw Lin Yun stepping into the dozens of tornadoes.

The surface of the lake was packed with tornadoes that had a powerful suction force. However, Lin Yun could easily maneuver past them with a single glance. The tornadoes spun in a pattern and one could get through them without harm with enough speed.

In Lin Yun’s case, even if he got caught in a tornado, he could easily get out of it. Facing dozens of tornadoes, Lin Yun pushed the Cloudsoaring Art to the limit. Every time he tapped his foot on the ground, he would pass several tornadoes.

After Lin Yun took seven steps, a terrifying power spread out on the river. Others couldn’t see what was going on, but they could see that some of the tornadoes doubled in size. With this, his figure gradually appeared on the other side.

“He succeeded?”

“Holy shit, what movement technique was that? He’s a little too terrifying?”

“Who the hell is he? It makes no sense that no one knows him when he’s so strong.” The thousands of cultivators who were trailing Lin Yun were dumbfounded. But their shock only lasted for a moment because the tornadoes were coming their way.

This caused many people to focus on Lin Yun. Although Lin Yun didn’t seem fast, his speed was too fast to mimic as he enveloped himself with his invisible sword aura.

Shortly after, Lin Yun arrived at the eight river bend. At this point, Lin Yun gradually slowed down and accumulated the origin energy in his body. His aura grew rapidly because he would reach the ‘dragon’s head’ soon. So, he wanted to prepare for the final test.

This moment would determine if he could get through the gate. Those that were at the final stage were accumulating their origin energy. Only the true elites could make it this far. Even though Lin Yun arrived very late, he was still part of the elites.

Sensing a newcomer, the elites turned to look at Lin Yun. All of them had surprise in their eyes because Lin Yun was alone. Usually, people would arrive in batches that ranged in the hundreds. Since Lin Yun was by himself, everyone knew that his strength was extraordinary.

“Lin Yun!” Suddenly, two people called out to him. The ones who yelled were Yang Fan and Guo Xu. Although they were surpassed by many newly-risen geniuses, they still made it onto the outer ranking in the previous Dragoncloud Ranking. So it wasn’t surprising that they could come so far.

“Why are you so late?” Guo Xu asked. They knew Lin Yun’s strength, so it made no sense for Lin Yun to be so slow.

“Relax. This is just a test,” replied Lin Yun.

Yang Fan examined Lin Yun and was shocked. He realized that he actually couldn't see through Lin Yun’s cultivation and asked, “What’s your cultivation now?”

“Greater Yin-Yang stage. I can reach the pinnacle of the Yin-Yang stage any time.” Lin Yun didn’t hide it from them. In addition to his rapid improvement in the Azure Dragon Enneaform, the three thousand years old Flamedragon Fruit also helped his cultivation rise. If he wasn’t purposely suppressing his cultivation, he would’ve already reached the pinnacle Yin-Yang stage.

Yang Fan and Guo Xu took a deep breath as they looked at Lin Yun like they were looking at a monster. Lin Yun’s improvement was inconceivable. It was only a few months ago that Lin Yun reached the lesser Yin-Yang stage at Skymound City. How was it possible that Lin Yun was about to reach the pinnacle Yin-Yang stage so quickly?

They realized that Lin Yun was truly a monster. If he had enough time, even the seven elites wouldn’t be able to suppress him. The three of them slowed down on purpose and looked at the dragon’s head. This was the final test and they would only have the qualification to participate in the Draconic Banquet by making it through. However, this step wasn’t easy as they also had to face several war drums on the city wall.

The war drums would bang if anyone soared into the sky and the sound waves would affect the cultivator’s origin energy circulation. There were several people standing on the city wall who were looking down at them. That group included Yu Haotian, Zhao Wuji, and the other top figures.

Lin Yun, Guo Xu, and Yang Fan observed things for a while as they watched many people get eliminated. Some were only a hundred meters away from the city wall before they failed.

“Didn’t people say that this is the most promising Draconic Banquet? Why is there so much garbage?” Someone sneered in disdain from the city wall. Suddenly, crimson light filled the sky as a figure soared towards the city wall.

The figure was Ji Wuye. Just as he was about to land on the city wall, nine war drums began to echo out like an ancient war song. Every time the drum echoed, a golden sound wave charged towards Ji Wuye.

Ji Wuye wasted some time, but he ultimately landed on the city wall. Then, it was Lin Yun, Guo Xu, and Yang Fan’s turn. They had accumulated their origin energy for a long time and it was finally time for them to make a move. When they got to the dragon’s head, an immense pressure came crashing down on them as they faced the ancient city.

Feeling the pressure, Lin Yun understood why many people failed. They essentially had to bear the weight of a mountain on their shoulders. Many people became impatient and soared into the sky, but the majority of them fell back down with their jade tokens shattering.

“Is it that hard? Let me go first…” Guo Xu smiled in confidence. After all, he made the Dragoncloud Ranking during the previous Draconic Banquet. Even if he wasn’t strong, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to get through the test.

Taking a deep breath, Guo Xu soared into the sky as lightning crackled on the surface of his body. In the blink of an eye, he reached the top of the city wall. But before he could smile, the war drums began to echo and made his face turn red.

“Not good…” Yang Fan’s face changed as Guo Xu was too careless. He held back because of his status in the Dragoncloud Ranking, but this test was clearly a lot stronger than four years ago.

Guo Xu began to panic in mid-air as the drums became even more brilliant. Then, the sound wave came crashing towards Guo Xu. The sound wave instantly disrupted his origin energy circulation, which caused him to lose control of his body and fall.

“No! No! No!” Guo Xu’s face twisted as he yelled. But no matter how he struggled, his jade token still shattered as he fell to the ground. With that, he lost his qualification to participate in the Draconic Banquet.

This caused a series of exclamations as no one expected that Guo Xu would fail. Although he was only in the outer ranking, he was still a genius on the Dragoncloud Ranking. Guo Xu’s not even strong enough?

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