Chapter 77 - Dawn

Lin Yun was powerless as he laid on the horse’s back. He felt as if his internal organs were being torn apart.

The attack that Liu Teng had mustered all his strength into was terrifying. If it wasn’t for the sword box, he would’ve already lost his life.

But even so, Lin Yun still suffered heavy injuries. He couldn’t even lift his fingers.

He couldn’t imagine how things would turn out for him if he wasn’t caught by the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The three Xiantian Realm Cultivators were still right behind them. If it was under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t take much effort for the three of them to chase up to the Dragon Blooded Horse, which was carrying a heavy load on its back.

But things were different now. The three of them weren’t as heavily injured as Lin Yun, but they had also suffered some injuries and they were exhausted as well.

The three of them soon felt despair when the distance gradually increased between them and the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“Damn it!” Liu Teng was burning with rage. His breathing was heavy as his face blushed from anger.

As a Xiantian Realm cultivator, he had gathered the strength of his entire clan to capture the Drought Golden Lotus. He had invested all the resources of the clan, but a brat had actually plucked the ripe fruit instead.

It meant that all of his efforts had gone down the drain.

“Are you alright, dad?” Liu Yun asked anxiously when he saw the situation. He had come late with the cultivators of the Liu Clan.

“You useless fool! How would things turn out this way if you hadn’t lost the Clouded Ice Spear? I have been wise for my entire life. So I never imagined that I would have a foolish son like you!” Liu Teng’s rage grew as he cursed. In the end, he had spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Calm down, elder brother. With those heavy injuries, it’s impossible for that brat to run far.” Liu Tian tried to comfort his brother.

Liu Teng had a grim expression as he roared with words coming out from his teeth, “Search! Don’t let him run! I want him captured if he’s alive, and his corpse if he’s dead!”

Everyone began searching the entire forest.

Roughly two hours later, Lin Yun could finally move his fingers.

“Let me down, Lil’ Red.”


When the Dragon Blooded Horse pulled the breaks, Lin Yun fell off the horse’s back and smashed  onto the ground.

Lin Yun struggled to get up and leaned his back against a tree.

He felt pain throughout his body. To make things worse, the jolting from the horse ride had worsened his injuries.

A brief moment later, he opened his eyes as he had recovered slightly.

There was a slight reddish blush to his pale face, and his eyes couldn’t mask the exhaustion and pain he was feeling.

Lin Yun sighed as he took out a Heart Nourishing Pellet. At this moment, he could only use it as a healing medicine.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Heart Nourishing Pellet exploded in his chest as it went down his system. As the medicinal effect spread out in his chest, his heart would jolt occasionally.

His injured body was like an exquisite machine. Along with every beating from his heart, vitality would return to his body.

Relying on his powerful healing factor, his injuries began to recover.

Lin Yun let out a breath of relief when his pain had resided. Even his facial expression had gotten much better.

He did not dare to relax earlier. Because if he did, it would worsen his injuries.

“Just a small clan situated at the borders of the Great Qin Empire is already so powerful. The Great Qin Empire is truly filled with legends!” Lin Yun muttered with a glow in his eyes.

The spear that Liu Yun had thrown made him feel the power of Martial Souls. When he thought about it, he felt an unceasing surge of thirst from his heart.

He was filled with thirst to reach the Xiantian Realm. Looking at his Xiantian Seed, he was filled with expectation about his Martial Soul.

His only hopes of becoming strong would be his Martial Soul. After all, his aptitude was terrible.

“Let’s look at the harvest this time!” Lin Yun was filled with excitement when he thought about the Drought Golden Lotus lying in the interspatial pouch. The excitement had even suppressed the pain that he felt.

What he did was dangerous. He would lose his life if he had taken one wrong step.

Then again, it was all worth it since he managed to seize the Drought Golden Lotus.


When he took the Drought Golden Lotus out of the interspatial pouch, it permeated with unceasing fire elemental spiritual energy. The Drought Golden Lotus was glowing with golden radiance. It looked like a gorgeous ball of flames.

As Lin Yun counted, the Drought Golden Lotus had a total of twelve petals. Every single petal was brimming with fire elemental spiritual energy.

However, it was a pity that Lin Yun couldn’t take it with his current injuries. It would over nourish his body instead of helping it.

When he raised his head, he saw that the eyes of the Dragon Blooded Horse were glowing as it stared at the Drought Golden Lotus. The horse had its mouth opened, and it nearly drooled.

The Dragon Blooded Horse was a fire elemental demonic beast, and the Drought Golden Lotus was perfect for it.

Lin Yun plucked a petal off the lotus and gave it to the Dragon Blooded Horse. With a sweep of its tongue, the Dragon Blooded Horse swallowed the petal after a few chews.


In that moment, the Dragon Blooded Horse was covered in crimson flames. It looked as if it was burning up.

The Dragon Blooded Horse was also permeating with violent fire elemental spiritual energy. When Lin Yun saw this scene, he was greatly startled. He was feeling fortunate that he did not consume the petal of the Drought Golden Lotus after looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse.

The Dragon Blooded Horse neighed as it jumped. The blood within its body frenzied like a surging tide.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

It began to run as it left. Evidently, it was afraid that the commotion might lure their enemies over for Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s expression became solemn as he looked at the Dragon Blooded Horse disappearing from his vision. He knew that he wasn’t safe right now.

He couldn’t even muster 30% of his strength. That means that anyone could defeat him at this moment.

Being in such a situation, Lin Yun felt uneasy.

Crossing his legs together, Lin Yun circulated the Xiantian Pure Yang Art to course through his body.

His golden internal energy coursed through his body to speed up his digestion of the Heart Nourishing Pellet. As he did, his injuries slowly recovered.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the time needed for half an incense’s stick to burn, Lin Yun stopped circulating his Xiantian Pure Yang Art when he heard footsteps.

He spread his senses out and discovered that it was just a few goons from the Liu Clan. If he wasn’t injured, he could easily deal with the likes of them.

But he was still currently injured. Time waited for no one. He climbed up a nearby tree and hid himself among the dense branches.

“That’s weird. We clearly heard noises from this direction, so why is there no one?”

Four to five lackeys arrived around the tree shortly after.

“Search carefully and see if there are any tracks left behind! Patriarch mentioned that the brat was already heavily injured, and any of us are enough to deal with him. His head is extremely valuable right now.”

“Nothing here.”

“Did we hear it wrongly?”

The leader of the small group was a man cladded in blue. He was raising his head as he looked up the tree.

When Lin Yun saw this scene, his heart trembled. He immediately hid himself well.

“Do you think we should go up and take a look?”

When the leader spoke out, everyone else agreed. But it became an issue on who was going to climb up the tree.

They were still filled with fear for Lin Yun, despite the fact that the Patriarch had mentioned that Lin Yun was heavily injured.

But if he did have any fighting strength left, then the one who climbed the tree would definitely be dead.

“Cowards! I’ll do it myself!” The man clad in blue cursed. He made the decision to do it personally.

Lin Yun’s heart sank when he saw how the situation was progressing. After all, it would be troublesome if he was discovered.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

The man was agile as he climbed up the tree. Judging at this pace, it wouldn’t take long for him to reach Lin Yun.

They weren’t far apart, and Lin Yun would be discovered if the man climbed further up.

Lin Yun had his heart by his throat at this moment. He wore a grave expression as he leaned against the tree. He held his breath as he tried to calm himself down.

The man continued climbing the tree and missed Lin Yun.

When the man arrived at the top of the tree, he checked around briefly before jumping down.

“I just wasted my time climbing the tree.” The man cursed out aloud. “Let’s go and check somewhere else.”

Lin Yun only breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the group leave.

That situation was too dangerous! He could’ve been found if it wasn’t too injured to climb up higher. 

Even if he defeated all of them, his location would still be revealed

After all, there were many cultivators of the Liu Clan around the forest looking for him.

“Let’s just stay here to heal my injuries for the time being.” Lin Yun made the decision a moment later to stay on the tree to heal his injuries.

This place was already searched, and it would be safe for the time being.

Lin Yun’s complexion had improved when dawn arrived. His face was no longer as pale as yesterday. He even looked energized!

He had completely digested the Heart Nourishing Pellet. After one night of resting, he had recovered 80% of his fighting strength.

“It’s time for me to consume the petal of the Drought Golden Lotus.” Lin Yun took out the Drought Golden Lotus with excitement brimming in his eyes.

He was filled with expectation of what he would get out of this petal. The expectation of how compatible this petal would be with his Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

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