Chapter 76 - Fatal Strike

The two Xiantian Realm cultivators of the Liu Clan were having a tough time facing the Drought Demon by themselves. But fortunately, the Drought Demon was already poisoned. Its strength had been weakened and it was in its last throes.

Meanwhile, Liu Teng suppressed the Wan Clan’s Patriarch all by himself. His moves were ruthless, which left the Patriarch of the Wan Clan in despair.

The Patriarch of the Wan Clan wanted to put up a struggle and seize the Drought Golden Lotus. If he succeeded, he would be able to restore the Wan Clan’s strength.

However, no one had expected that Liu Teng had already expected this scene and made preparations beforehand.

He instructed the ten archers to go into hiding with their low-grade profound artifacts. When they launched their surprise attack, they took the Wan Clan by surprise, killing everyone except for the Patriarch.

“Old foggy, I can spare you if you’re willing to submit to the Liu Clan!”

Liu Teng had completely suppressed his opponent and he still had the strength to smile, “After all, you’re still a Xiantian Realm cultivator.”

“Dream on! Even if I die, I will never bow my head to your Liu Clan!” The Patriarch of the Wan Clan wore an indifferent expression. However, his eyes were gushing with flames of anger. In his eyes, Liu Teng was practically a demon.

Liu Teng’s hands were drenched in the blood of the Wan Clan. How could he, the Patriarch of the Wan Clan, possibly submit to the Liu Clan?

“Then you can die as well!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Liu Teng barked coldly and threw his hands out. Facing Liu Teng’s assault, the Patriarch of the Wan Clan was left in a sorry state as his face paled.


His flaw was caught by Liu Teng as he was struck with a blow and spurted blood from his mouth.

“You’re just a piece of trash! With your standards, it was simply a matter of time for the Wan Clan to be extinguished. You’re responsible for all the deaths of the Wan Clan and there’s no need for a useless Patriarch like you to keep on living!”

Liu Teng threw more insults after gaining the upper hand. He was trying to use his insults to destroy his opponent’s psyche.

“Screw you!” The eyes of the Wan Clan’s Patriarch turned red. As his psyche was affected, his momentum was also disrupted.

Liu Teng sneered in his heart, as his attacks gradually increased the wounds on his opponent. His momentum was building up his strength to end the fight in one blow.

Simultaneously, the cultivators of the Liu Clan reorganized themselves as they gradually regained control of the situation.

Judging from the current situation, it wouldn’t take long before they captured the Drought Demon. Everything was going well for them.

“Come on everyone! This filthy animal will soon be captured!” Liu Yun roared with joy among the crowd.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

But all of a sudden, an irritated Dragon Blooded Horse appeared. Its coat was a smooth and glossy crimson that made it look like a fireball had charged over.

Sensing the violent aura from the Dragon Blooded Horse, everyone’s gaze was attracted to it.

“Y-young Master! Look, the horse is back!” Someone stammered as he pointed at the Dragon Blooded Horse.

When Liu Yun turned his gaze over, his smiling face instantly froze.

“That filthy animal! Come with me! That bastard must be somewhere around too!” He growled.

The Dragon Blooded Horse charged forth when it saw that the crowd was coming over.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In a few breaths’ time, the Dragon Blooded Horse managed to break up a few of the small teams.

The cultivators who were kicked by the horse yelled out in pain as they had several ribs broken.

Gurgle! Gurgle! Gurgle!

No one could catch the horse when it raised its speed. As the Dragon Blooded Horse ran, it actually made a human-like chuckle.

In just a moment, chaos descended onto the hundreds of cultivators from the Liu Clan.

“What’s going on?” Liu Teng’s face changed when he saw this scene.

“Patriarch, the owner of this horse was the one who stole the Clouded Ice Spear!” The old man from the Liu Clan’s faction spoke out with anxiety on his face.

“Even a filthy animal dares to act with such arrogance?!” Liu Teng immediately flew into a fury. He immediately turned around and headed for the Dragon Blooded Horse, wanting to capture it.

“Heh, you want to leave? Did you ask me if you’re allowed to leave?” The Patriarch of the Wan Clan chuckled out as he staked his life in obstructing Liu Teng.

“Die, you old bones!” Liu Teng was immediately placed in a tough spot. There was even a hint of anger on his calm face.

“It’s great that I can see you suffering a loss before my death. It’s totally worth it! Haha!” The Patriarch of the Wan Clan fought without any concern for his own life to hold up Liu Teng.

Liu Tian and the old man had their faces covered in beads of sweat as they fought the Drought Demon. Their expressions had turned grave.

Without the cultivators of the Liu Clan helping out, the retaliation of the Drought Demon was starting to give them headaches.

“Old Huang, why don’t I deal with that filthy animal first? We can’t let this go on!” Liu Tian also felt a headache as he caught a glimpse of the Dragon Blooded Horse. The horse was currently leading the cultivators of the Liu Clan by their noses.

“No! Since the horse is here, that brat must be nearby as well. He will definitely appear to steal the Drought Golden Lotus if you leave,” the old man immediately called out and continued, “don’t fall for his deception. We can’t let down our guards now and we have no idea where that brat will appear. Don’t forget that he has the Clouded Ice Spear!”

Liu Tian naturally knew how serious this matter was, so he gave up on the idea of dealing with the Dragon Blooded Horse.

But whenever he saw the grin on the Dragon Blooded Horse’s face, he would gnash his teeth in fury.


An aura surged out like an unceasing tide from the Drought Demon. Its aura was comparable to a second orifice of the Xiantian Realm, which sent the two from the Liu Clan flying.

But the old man and Liu Tian rejoiced when they saw this scene, “It's putting up its last struggle. This damnable beast is finally reaching its end!”

This was the Drought Demon’s  last struggle. As long as they could persevere through this round, they would be able to subdue the Drought Demon.

Roaring in laughter, the old man and Liu Tian immediately summoned their Martial Souls. They were giving it their all in this last fight.

But the two of them made sure to stay on alert. After all, Lin Yun might be hidden somewhere around here.

The old man was especially alert. He took a loss when he faced Lin Yun previously, so he was alert at this moment as he would look around occasionally.


After another collision, the two of them took ten-odd steps back as they faced the Drought Demon.

In a split second, a sudden change had occurred.

A silhouette had descended from the sky without any signs. That silhouette caught everyone by surprise as he was above the Drought Demon before the old man and Liu Tian could react.


He stabbed out with the Clouded Ice Spear. In the next instance, a dazzling cold light erupted from the Clouded Ice Spear.

The cold light swept out like an unceasing tide from the spear.

The eyes of Liu Tian and the old man were bulged so big that their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. They were both shocked by the scene unfolding before them. “T-this…”

Lin Yun had appeared from somewhere that no one had expected as he dealt a fatal blow to the Drought Demon.

Liu Tian and the old man had imagined every possible direction that Lin Yun would approach from, except for the correct one. It was beyond their imagination for Lin Yun to descend from the sky!

In the one second, Lin Yun’s Clouded Ice Spear had immediately suppressed the Drought Demon. The Drought Demon let out a mournful howl as it reverted to the form of a flaming lotus.

When the lotus appeared, an incessant surge of fire elemental spiritual energy swept out.

With joy on his face, Lin Yun grabbed onto the golden lotus and placed it in his interspatial pouch.

“Stop!” Liu Tian and the old men roared. They were both trembling with rage as they pounced toward Lin Yun.

Lin Yun did not panic as he faced the two of them with a smile. He grabbed onto the descending ancient sword box. Mustering all his strength, he swung the sword box.


The ancient sword box collided with the two Martial Souls. The violent collision had created a tremendous shock. It felt like roaring thunder that trembled the ears.

A cloud of dust raised in the collision. The faces of Liu Tian and the old man turned red as blood rolled within their bodies.

They never expected that Lin Yun would actually be able to repel the two of them and they certainly didn’t expect him to take the opportunity to go after the lotus as well.

“Catch him!”

Liu Yun was already prepared for Lin Yun’s arrival. As he wore a sneer, he joined the battle from the side with a group of cultivators. They had successfully blocked Lin Yun’s path of retreat.

Lin Yun waved his hand as the sword box opened up in midair. Petals drifted down from the sky as they danced in the sky.

At the same time, the Flower Burial Sword was revealed among the dancing petals.


Lin Yun turned into a streak of light as he shot down into the petals. When his figure appeared within the storm of petals, he reached out for the Flower Burial Sword.


Lin Yun tore through the raining petals like a stream.

He looked at the cultivators from the Liu Clan as he jumped with a smile.

“Reflective Shadow!”

Welding his sword, Lin Yun stormed his way through the crowd. He left afterimages from his swordplay. Blood splattered from the crowd followed by their mournful shrieks. A brief moment later, Lin Yun’s enemies were left lying on the ground. None of them could receive a single move from him.

Liu Yun had fared better. Facing Lin Yun’s sword, he sustained several swords before he was blown away.

“Fire the arrows!”

A yell rang out from the rear as hundreds of cultivators from the Liu Clan stretched their bows and fired. In the next moment, a storm of arrows enveloped Lin Yun.

Ten arrows that were fired from low-grade profound artifacts were also hidden among the storm of arrows.

“Seeking Sword Spirit!”

Raising his brow, Lin Yun’s sword began to vibrate. A buzzing noise echoed out into the surroundings.

At the same time, the arrows flying in midair began to vibrate as well before falling down from the sky.

Lin Yun stepped back and he easily dodged the arrows.

Buzz! Buzz!

However, the buzzing noise still resonated out in the air. The cultivators who were wielding their bows were all shocked. Their bows were trembling from the buzzing noise and in the next moment all of their bows broke into two.

Lin Yun stabbed out as he turned back, returning his sword into its sheath perfectly. Following which, the petals also returned to the sword box.

Placing the sword box on his back, Lin Yun began to make his escape.

Swish! Swish!

The old man and Liu Tian came late. The two of them were shocked when they saw everyone groaning in pain as they laid on the ground.

Lin Yun seemed like a different person when he wielded his sword. It was as if he had transformed into a murderous fiend.

“Chase after him!”

The two of them swiftly chased after Lin Yun with darkened faces. If they allowed Lin Yun to escape, their Liu Clan would be thoroughly embarrassed.

While Lin Yun was making an escape, he suddenly felt the pressure on him intensify.

When he turned around, he noticed that Liu Teng had already resolved his opponent. He was now under the pursuit of three Xiantian Realms. Their combined aura felt like a towering hill that was ready to envelop him.

“Little bastard, you came at a great time! I was still planning to look for you!” scoffed Liu Teng.

Lin Yun suddenly stopped when the three Xiantian Realms were about to catch up with him.

Did he exhaust all his internal energy?

That was the thought that went through the minds of the three Xiantian Realms. In the end, Lin Yun’s cultivation was only in the tenth stage of the Martial Path, the Quasi-Xiantian Realm.

However, Lin Yun suddenly turned around. The flames blazing on his palm had taken the shape of a Violet Ice Sparrow as he pushed his palms forth.

The Violet Ice Sparrow spread its wings apart. The three Xiantian Realms from the Liu Clan were startled when they felt the chilling aura transmitted over from the blazing flames. The three of their faces had turned pale.

“Back off!”

As the three of them retreated, they unleashed their moves at the same time to stop the Violet Ice Sparrow in its path.


Debris of ice flew out from the collision. The three of them had blood seeping from their lips as they were blown away. Disbelief filled their eyes..

After Liu Teng regained his footing, he raised his head. He saw that the Dragon Blooded Horse had already run far away, with Lin Yun riding on it. On his back, Lin Yun was still carrying his sword box.

“Stay behind!”

Liu Teng materialized a long spear from his palm that emitted a chilling aura. Gathering all of his spiritual energy, he threw it out like a javelin.


The spear ripped the air apart as it went after Lin Yun.

Although the Dragon Blooded Horse had incredible speed, it was slow in comparison to the spear that Liu Teng had thrown out.


Empowered by Liu Teng’s spiritual energy, the spear shot onto the sword box that Lin Yun was carrying behind him.


Lin Yun spurted a mouthful of blood from his mouth as he was blown away by the sheer force of the spear.

When the three Xiantian Realms from the Liu Clan saw this scene, they had joy on their faces as they immediately rushed over.

However, the Dragon Blooded Horse bit onto Lin Yun and swung him over. In the split second when Lin Yun was about to touch the ground, he was flung onto the horse’s back.

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