Chapter 74 - Drought Golden Lotus

“Uncle Huang, chase after him! How am I supposed to explain to my father that I lost the Clouded Ice Spear?!” Liu Yun spoke out anxiously as he got up on his feet when he saw Lin Yun disappearing into the forest.

Judging from his tone, the Clouded Ice Spear must have had something to do with the official business that he had previously mentioned.

The old man withdrew his Martial Soul and replied, “Chase after him? How are we going to chase after him? You want me to compete with the Dragon Blooded Horse in speed? If he turns around and kills you, how am I going to explain that to your father?”

The old man’s words immediately made Liu Yun speechless. At this moment, Liu Yun only felt sorrow in his heart.

The old man was furious. If it wasn’t for a burden like Liu Yun, how could Lin Yun leave so easily?

“But… Uncle Huang, you’re a Xiantian Realm cultivator, so why can’t you do anything to him?” Liu Yun said softly a brief moment later.

“I can sense that there’s something different about his internal energy. He’s definitely not your ordinary tenth stage cultivator. It’s impossible for ordinary Xiantian Realm cultivators to do anything to him. Even if they can defeat him, the odds of capturing him are low,” explained the old man.

“Damn it! What should we do now? Father is trying to catch the Flaming Golden Lotus right now and he might not be able to do it without the Clouded Ice Spear!” 

Liu Yun looked terrified. He had no idea what awaited him after losing the Clouded Ice Spear.

“Since the Clouded Ice Spear was lost under my watch, I will naturally be responsible for it,” sighed the old man.

“Uncle Huang…”

“Let’s leave this place first,” responded the old man.

As soon as the crowd left, a figure jumped down from a tree. 

If the old man was here, he would definitely be angered to death. It turned out that the figure was Lin Yun who had stuck around.

Although he rode the Dragon Blooded Horse when he left, he did not go too far away. He only got the Dragon Blooded Horse to run away while he came back. If the old man had followed the tracks left by the Dragon Blooded Horse, he would never have found Lin Yun.

In the end, the Dragon Blooded Horse had fulfilled its task perfectly. There was no way the old man could catch up to the Dragon Blooded Horse in the forest.

That meant that the old man would never catch Lin Yun no matter what choice he made.

Lin Yun might seem arrogant when he fought, but his thoughts were meticulous. He had already thought of a way out.

Toying with the Clouded Ice Spear in his hand, Lin Yun fell into deep thought, “So this Mid-Grade Profound Artifact has such use to it.”

He could guess that this Clouded Ice Spear must be the treasure of the Liu Clan and that they wouldn’t use it easily.

The reason why they took it out now was because they had to deal with the Flaming Golden Lotus.

Lin Yun started flipping through the bizarre record that was given to him by Bai Qiushui. He searched for information related to the Flaming Golden Lotus.

A brief moment later, he finally found the record about the Flaming Golden Lotus.

“The Flaming Golden Lotus is also known as the Drought Golden Lotus. Among all the fire attributed Golden Lotus, the Earthspring Golden Lotus stands supreme. It is highly sought after by the Buddhist and Taoist Sects. The Drought Golden Lotus might not be comparable to the Earthspring Golden Lotus, but it is also extremely valuable. After the Drought Golden Lotus reaches a certain age, it can even be comparable to the Earthspring Golden Lotus.”

“The Drought Golden Lotus will sink deep into the earth to experience a tribulation every century. After success, the number of petals on it will increase by twice the amount. But if it fails, it will disappear and return to nature. There’s one thing to note about the Drought Golden Lotus. If it is threatened, it will transform into an ancient ominous beast — the Drought Demon.”

Drought Demon?

The Drought Demon was an ominous beast from ancient times and its appearance would always be accompanied by a drought.

The Drought Golden Lotus probably transformed into the Drought Demon to protect itself. After all, it would be ridiculous if the Drought Golden Lotus was comparable to the Drought Demon from ancient times.

This Clouded Ice Spear must be the weapon meant for dealing with the Drought Demon.

“Every single petal of the Drought Golden Lotus contains extremely pure fire spiritual energy that's extremely beneficial to Xiantian Realm cultivators. It's the perfect foundation for those below the Xiantian Realm. When the cultivator steps into the Xiantian Realm, their spiritual energy could develop into the phenomenon of Heavens Incineration, having endless potential.”

Lin Yun felt that the spiritual energy taking on the phenomenon of Heavens Incineration was too exaggerated.

However, it was true that consuming the petals of the Drought Golden Lotus could lay down a good foundation for Xiantian Realm.

Cough! Cough!

Lin Yun coughed with his mouth covered. When he opened up his palm, his palm was covered in blood.

“The Xiantian Realm is truly powerful. That old man must have only cleared up one orifice,” Lin Yun muttered as he looked at the blood in his palm.

His battle with the old man made him realize the power of Xiantian Realm cultivators.

They were strong, but their strength was still within reasonable limits.

That meant that he had laid down a good foundation in his cultivation and he wasn’t like other ordinary cultivators in the tenth stage of the Martial Path.

After all, he had consumed a Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet and he had also comprehended the Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

So if he couldn’t escape from a Xiantian Realm, he could just kill himself with a piece of tofu.

But the Martial Soul was truly powerful.

The old man’s Martial Soul was a long blade and the tables had turned when the old man materialized his Martial Soul. Not even a Mid-Grade Profound Artifact could suppress it.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

Raising his head to the direction of the hooves clopping against the ground, Lin Yun saw the Dragon Blooded Horse returning.

It was still biting on a Water Origin Fruit in its mouth. Looking at the fruit, Lin Yun felt a trace of warmth in his heart.

Lil’ Red might be a little stupid, but it still had some conscience.

“You’re right on time,” Lin Yun said smiling, as he took the Water Origin Fruit from Lil’ Red’s mouth.

The Water Origin Fruit was considered a sacred medicine when it came to healing. With it around, the injuries he suffered from his battle with the old man could be resolved.

“Why were you surrounded by those people to begin with?” Lin Yun asked as he looked at the Dragon Blooded Horse. With its intelligence and speed, it wouldn’t be a problem for it to escape.

However, it was difficult for him to try and converse with a horse.

Fortunately, the Dragon Blooded Horse was intelligent and could understand what Lin Yun was trying to say. It was only natural, as they had been spending much time together.

Although, it took Lil’ Red a long time to understand.

It was just as he had guessed. The Dragon Blooded Horse was terrified to see Lin Yun unconscious.

It went looking for spiritual herbs to help and ended up being followed. In the end, it was naturally surrounded because of the Water Origin Fruit it had found.

Looking at the wounds on the Dragon Blooded Horse left by the Mastiffs and weapons, Lin Yun felt a rage burning in his heart.

“It’ll be too easy for those people if I leave.”

Two days later in a land covered in overgrown grasses, there was a golden flame blazing on the ground. The golden flame was surrounded by a huge crowd.

There were two middle-aged men leading the crowd, radiating the aura of the  Xiantian Realm.

The one with the square face knitted his brows and looked at Liu Yun saying, “Where’s the Clouded Ice Spear?”

That middle-aged man who spoke was the Patriarch of the Liu Clan, Liu Teng. He had reached the Xiantian Realm a few years ago and exterminated the other clans in the city. His deed had created a situation in Clear Serene City where the Liu Clan reigned supremacy.

Facing the question, Liu Yun trembled in fear as he did not dare to reply.

“Patriarch, it was this old servant’s fault. The spear was lost…”

The old man stepped up and explained the entire matter.

“Bunch of trash!” yelled Liu Teng. 


Liu Teng had walked over and slapped Liu Yun’s face.

“Father, I’m wrong. Please forgive me.”

Liu Yun dropped to his knees in response to his father’s anger, begging for forgiveness.

“You piece of trash! You can’t even show the slightest promise. Do you know what losing the Clouded Ice Spear means? You’ve caused me such a problem! What do you expect me to do when the Drought Demon comes out later?!” Liu Teng hollered in anger.

He would’ve slapped Liu Yun to death if Liu Yun wasn’t his son.

“Calm down, elder brother. Losing the Clouded Ice Spear doesn’t mean that we will be helpless against the Drought Demon. The age of this Flaming Golden Lotus is less than a hundred years old and it’s sufficient for us to intimidate it with the aura of three Xiantian Realms.” The middle-aged man beside him comforted.

The middle-aged man turned to Liu Yun and spoke out, “Come, get up.”

“Thank you, uncle!” Liu Yun thanked him as he immediately got on his feet.

“That brat is simply courting death to mess with my Liu Clan. Send someone to look for him! After we’re done with this matter, I’ll look for him personally and make him wish he was dead!” Liu Teng spoke coldly with a vicious glow in his eyes.

Ten miles away, Lin Yun was standing on top of a mountain and looking out.

He was shocked when he saw the Liu Clan’s formation. This clan that was located in the borders of the Great Qin Empire actually had three Xiantian Realms!

But it was fortunate that they had only cleared up their first orifice.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to stick around even if he had more courage.

“It looks like I’m right in taking the risk. Even if I do not look for them, they will definitely come looking for me. At the very least, it’s uncertain who will obtain the Flaming Golden Lotus in the end…” Lin Yun caressed the Clouded Ice Spear with a cold light in his eyes.

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