Chapter 73 - Why Fear Defeat?

It turned out that the spear in Liu Yun’s hand was actually a Mid-Grade Profound Artifact!

As Liu Yun swung his spear, it pierced through the glow of Lin Yun’s fist and swept out with violent momentum.


Lin Yun shattered the cold aura that invaded his body with his internal energy and retreated to avoid the sharp edge of the spear.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

With a spear in his hand, Liu Yun's ferocious momentum kept forcing Lin Yun back.

The spear in his hand formed sharp attacks as they flew out. The cold wind stung Lin Yun’s face as it blew against him.

“Weren’t you arrogant a moment ago?” Liu Yun wore a smug smile after seeing how Lin Yun was forced to the point where he couldn’t retaliate.

The power of a Mid-Grade Profound Artifact was truly shocking.

No matter how strong Lin Yun’s Ferocious Tiger Fist was, it was impossible for him to contend with a Mid-Grade Profound Artifact with only his fist. Most importantly, the spear was too sharp!

Even without the spear wounding him, the cold aura permeated from the spear had already seeped into his body.

If he was stabbed by it, Lin Yun was certain that he would turn into an ice statue immediately.

However, Lin Yun kept his composure as he slowly waited for Liu Yun to show a flaw in his attacks. After all, this fellow didn’t seem capable of controlling the Mid-Grade Profound Artifact.

“Nice one, Young Master!”

“Stab that bastard to death! Show him the might of our Liu Clan!”

“He’s truly courting death to provoke our Liu Clan in Clear Serene City!”

When all the followers saw how Liu Yun held the advantage, they began cheering.

However, Liu Yun was groaning out bitterly in his heart as Lin Yun was too shrewd. Liu Yun  couldn’t find an opportunity to land his attacks.

Lin Yun’s retreating defence was perfect.

Since the beginning, Lin Yun had avoided the sharp edges of the Mid-Grade Profound Artifact while occasionally shattering the cold aura. 

Lin Yun knew that he had to retaliate otherwise he would be exhausted to death.

With a smile on his lips, Lin Yun suddenly took a step forth when Liu Yun was about to stop.

When he took that step forth, winds and clouds began to gather as Lin Yun executed the Dragon-Tiger Might!

With his cultivation in the tenth stage of the Martial Path, his aura was actually comparable to the Xiantian Realm after being empowered by the Dragon-Tiger Might.


Liu Yun was caught off guard as he took several steps back. At the same time, he had also lost control of the spear in his hand.


Without the Mid-Grade Profound Artifact, there was nothing that Lin Yun had to fear.

Grabbing onto this opportunity, Lin Yun threw a punch out as his figure pounced forth.

“Get lost!” Liu Yun roared out in shock and anger as he wanted to retaliate with his spear.

A cold glow began to gather on Liu Yun’s spear as he wanted to swing it over at Lin Yun.

However, Lin Yun did not give him the opportunity to do so as he made his move before the Mid-Grade Spiritual Artifact reached him.

Grabbing onto the ancient sword box with both his hands, Lin Yun mustered his strength as he slammed it over.


The force of the ancient sword box had crushed through everyone as Liu Yun was sent flying.

Getting smacked by the ancient sword box made Liu Yun’s head spin. On top of his dizziness, he could hear the bones in his body breaking.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he wore a Profound Artifact as his armor, he definitely would have been killed by that attack. 

At the same time, Lin Yun was shocked as the might of the ancient sword box had gone beyond his expectations. After all, he had sent Liu Yun flying out with it without putting any internal energy into that attack.

Then again, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had grasped the flaw in Liu Yun’s movements, it would have been impossible for the sword box to show such power.

As he calmed down from the shock, he took a step forth and grabbed the spear.


There was a surge of cold aura that enveloped Lin Yun’s hand as soon as he grabbed the spear. 

“My Clouded Ice Spear!”

Liu Yun’s face changed drastically at the sight of this as he wanted to get snatch it back.

However, he couldn’t even protect himself right now, so how could he possibly take his spear back?

As Lin Yun grabbed onto the Clouded Ice Spear tightly in his hand, he commented, “Good spear!”

From how Lin Yun displayed the Dragon-Tiger Might to how he seized the spear away from Liu Yun, his movements flowed smoothly.

The situation had turned around in the blink of an eye, and it was something that no one had expected.

“My horse might be a little stupid, but that doesn’t mean that it can be bullied by anyone!”

With the spear in his hand, Lin Yun had no intentions of letting Liu Yun go as he threw a palm out.


All of a sudden, another palm came into contact with him as Lin Yun flew out with blood spewing from his mouth.

An old man appeared before Liu Yun all of a sudden. His hair was white, and his complexion was pale. However, his eyes were piercingly keen.

After Lin Yun landed on his feet, he took several steps back to offset the force before he stood firmly.

Looking at the old man, Lin Yun was shocked in his heart as he exclaimed out, “A Xiantian Realm cultivator!”


That old man did not attract Lin Yun’s attention earlier as he looked sleepy and his aura was unsteady.

But because of that careless mistake, he had suffered a great loss.

So it turned out that this old man was the true reason why Liu Yun was so confident.

“Uncle Huang, take my Clouded Ice Spear back for me!” Liu Yun panicked as he pointed at the spear in Lin Yun’s hand. As he spoke, his anger triggered his injuries and he threw out several mouthfuls of blood.

Evidently, he was badly wounded from the battle with Lin Yun.

Looking at Lin Yun, the old man spoke out, “Young man, that’s enough. Leave the Clouded Ice Spear behind and you can leave with your horse. As the saying goes, not even a dragon dares to suppress a snake in its territory. The Liu Clan rule the entire Clear Serene City, and it’s impossible for you to walk out of this forest even if you take the spear.”

“Is that so?”

Lin Yun wiped the blood stains from the corner of his mouth as he raised his brows with confidence.

If he had known how strong the old man was, he definitely wouldn’t suffer such a huge loss.

Most importantly, the old man’s palm wasn’t as strong as he had imagined.

Compared to the Demonic Flaming Tiger, this old man was incredibly weak.

“The Great Qin Empire is truly not simple. Even the clan in a small city has Xiantian Realm cultivators, and I have truly come to the right place. Come, let me see how powerful you are!”

Lin Yun swung the spear in his hand that caused a gust of wind, which condensed into ice debris and shot over at the old man.

The cold radiance permeated the surroundings, causing the servants of the Liu Clan that felt it to immediately back off in a panic.

Liu Yun could only forcibly use the Clouded Ice Spear, but Lin Yun was actually doing it with ease.

When the old man saw this scene, his heart throbbed with his face sinking.

It was just as he had observed about Lin Yun. When he saw Lin Yun attack earlier, he had already noticed that there was something unusual about Lin Yun’s internal energy.

Lin Yun’s internal energy wasn’t something that a Quasi-Xiantian Realm cultivator would possess, and it was unreasonably strong. From that alone, the old man had judged that Lin Yun wouldn’t be an easy opponent. Even if he could defeat Lin Yun, killing him was another question.

And things were getting complicated now that he failed to make Lin Yun back off with his verbal intimidation.

“You’re not coming at me? Then I’ll come at you!”

Lin Yun smiled as he could tell that the old man had a cautious personality. Even if the old man was in the Xiantian Realm, he would definitely not make the first move.

Rather than calling it cautious, it was time that slowly grinded his fighting will away. The old man had lost the heart of a cultivator.

Carrying the sword box on his back, Lin Yun soared into the sky as he pounced over with the Clouded Ice Spear in his hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Relying on the might of the Clouded Ice Spear, Lin Yun actually managed to clash evenly with the old man. He even had a slight advantage in the exchange.

His fighting will was burning in his heart and his blood stirred with excitement.

At this moment, Lin Yun looked like a rising sun as he fearlessly attacked.

A young man should be ambitious like Lin Yun, wearing passion on his chest and showing confidence like the scorching sun in the sky.

So what if he was defeated?

He was still young, so why would he be afraid of losing?

When the old man looked at the fighting will coming from Lin Yun. He was completely shocked as things had gone south from his expectations.

When Lin Yun unfolded his attacks, the old man soon realized that Lin Yun wasn’t proficient with the spear. However, Lin Yun’s fighting will was terrifying.

Seeing that Lin Yun was unfolding his attacks fearlessly, the old man was gradually forced to move backwards.  A trace of  rage filled his face and he barked, “Are you done?!”


The Xiantian Energy within him surged out like an unceasing tide. With a flash of light, a massive energy blade materialized in his palm. His aura instantly soared.

The old man had shattered the attack that Lin Yun had executed with the Mid-Grade Profound Artifact.

Martial Soul!

Lin Yun’s eyes lit up when he saw the blade and poured his internal energy into the Clouded Ice Spear.

But even despite his efforts, he wasn’t able to defend himself from the old man’s blade.

A loud sound and shockwaves spread out from their clash, snapping all the trees in a several hundred meter radius.

When the cloud of dust cleared up, Lin Yun was seen with blood dripping down from his lips. However, not even that attack dulled the joy between his brows.

“That’s a strong blade you have there.”

Lin Yun smiled as he wielded the Clouded Ice Spear.

The old man snorted coldly. But he was frozen in shock just when he was about to step forth.

Lin Yun was standing with someone beneath his feet. It was Liu Yun, who had fallen unconscious.


“Haha! Xiantian Realm cultivators are truly powerful. I have been enlightened.”

In the next second, Lin Yun threw out a kick, which sent Liu Yun flying out like a sandbag.

When the old man caught Liu Yun, Lin Yun had already rode off on the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Only his laughter was left echoing out in the forest, which left the old man trembling in anger.

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