Chapter 72 - Might of the Mid-Grade Profound Artifact

As the scorching sun hung high in the sky, its blazing sunlight tore through the branches and casted mottled shadows.

In the dense forest, the barking of a hound could be heard.

The barking hound had a trace of bloodthirst in its eyes as it looked around.

Behind the open space, there were several cultivators gathered that yelled from time to time.

“What a wild horse! Not even Young Master’s seven Mastiffs could overtake it.”

“That’s not all! When we first encountered that beast, a few of our brothers had their legs broken!”

“Screw that filthy beast! I’ll definitely teach it a good lesson after we capture it!”

“Bite it! Bite it!”

A young man in yellow stood behind the woods as he carried a spear that was wrapped in several layers of cloth on his back. 

Smiling, he looked at the Dragon Blooded Horse that was surrounded by the seven Mastiffs.

The horse looked mighty and sturdy with its stunning crimson coat. It valiantly showed no signs of cowering even when surrounded by seven Mastiffs.

It was naturally Lin Yun’s Dragon Blooded Horse, Lil’ Red. For some reason, it was being surrounded by these strangers.

It was biting a spiritual fruit in its mouth, seeming anxious as it faced the seven Mastiffs.

However, due to the fact that it couldn’t open its mouth, it was at a disadvantage and it couldn’t break through.

“This is the first time I’m seeing a Dragon Blooded Horse in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path. It must definitely have a beast core in its body and its talent can still be excavated. It even has a Water Origin Fruit in its mouth, a healing treasure!”

“Go at it harder!” The young man said with his eyes blazing.

The youth became impatient when it saw that the seven Mastiffs still couldn’t take down the Dragon Blooded Horse.

When his voice rang out, the seven Mastiffs became even more ferocious as they barked.

“Young Master, won’t it be awe-inspiring if you ride this horse around our Clear Serene City after you subdue it?” One of the servants immediately started flattering.

“Stop your brown-nosing and focus! I’m determined to subdue this Dragon Blooded Horse and possess the Clear Origin Fruit! I don’t think that the Mastiffs are capable of subduing this Dragon Blooded Horse, so we’ll have to do it ourselves.” The young man said cautiously and insightfully.

Not far from the young man was an old man in black with white hair. He looked old, but his eyes were terrifyingly sharp.

The old man had no expression on his face. His sharp gaze silenced those that would look down on him as he suppressed his aura.

He only assumed his position to prevent the Dragon Blooded Horse from breaking through the barricade of Mastiffs and hurting the young man.

The old man’s eyes squinted, almost as if he were napping, uninterested in everything else. 

A short moment later, the old man suddenly spoke out, “Young Master, we can’t be late. Master has official business waiting for us.”

“Uncle Huang, why don’t you help me take down this beast?” The young man knitted his brows.

“I’m only responsible for your safety and nothing else.” The old man rejected the young man’s request blatantly.

“Stubborn old man.” The young man muttered as he turned to the few who were standing around, “Get working!”

“Yes, Young Master.” Four people stood out as all of them emitted their robust aura in the ninth stage of the Martial Path.

“Let’s go!” The four of them soared into the sky as they made their move against the Dragon Blooded Horse.

The Dragon Blooded Horse, that was already being held up by the seven Mastiffs, roared out furiously when it saw the four men coming in its direction.

A violent aura escaped its body and it raised its heavy hooves to attack. It kicked three of the Mastiffs and sent them rolling on the ground.. 

“Don’t try to run!” The four charging men unleashed their moves towards the Dragon Blooded Horse from four different directions.


Their attacks surged with internal energy that produced a heavy sound when they landed on the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Suffering from the attacks, the Dragon Blooded Horse staggered as it nearly fell onto the ground.

However, the four men weren’t having a good time either.

The enormous rebound from their attacks caused the blood in their bodies to churn uncomfortably.

“Here I come!” When the young man saw that the Dragon Blooded Horse was about to fall onto the ground, he let out a roar of laughter and straddled the back of the Dragon Blooded Horse.

He intended to use his own strength to subdue the Dragon Blooded Horse.

However, the Dragon Blooded Horse restlessly swung the young man around, causing the young man to look unsightly.

“Behave yourself!”


However, the Dragon Blooded Horse paid no attention to it as it ignored the pain and tried to throw the young man off.

However, the young man was vicious and kicked the Dragon Blooded Horse right before he was about to be thrown off its back.


The exhausted Dragon Blooded Horse fell to the ground.

“Young Master, are you alright?” The four men immediately came over and supported the young man.

“Bite that filthy animal!” The young man swung his hands out from the four men’s support and roared in pain.

Upon receiving the order, the four mastiffs pounced towards the Dragon Blooded Horse with their jaws wide open.

Their sharp teeth flickered with a cold luster.

The four of them charged towards the Dragon Blooded Horse, biting its neck and puncturing the skin. 


Right when the four Mastiffs were about to tear the Dragon Blooded Horse into pieces, a figure suddenly flew over like a wild goose with a golden glow in his fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The four Mastiffs howled out in pain as they were blown away. They foamed at the mouth as they fell to the ground, twitching from their injuries and unable to stand.

The newcomer was naturally Lin Yun, who tracked Lil’ Red down.

However, he had never expected to see Lil’ Red in such a bad state.

“It was lucky that I made it here in time. Otherwise, Lil’ Red would’ve died.”

Lin Yun looked over Lil’ Red’s wounds and was shocked.

Fortunately, Lil’ Red wasn’t gravely injured as Lin Yun could see the Water Origin Fruit in its mouth.

Lin Yun now understood why Lil’ Red had disappeared for so long.

Lil’ Red must have been afraid after seeing Lin Yun unconscious and went looking for medicine.

Killing intent rose in Lin Yun’s heart as he thought about what Lil’ Red did for him. 

“Did you injure my horse?” Lin Yun swept his glance out as he looked at the young man.

The latter’s cultivation was also in the tenth stage of the Martial Path, and his appearance was also young.

As for his followers, even the weakest was in the eighth stage of the Martial Path.

Judging from the looks of it, this young man should be a Young Master from a certain clan.

Listening to Lin Yun’s words, the young man laughed, “Within the range of Clear Serene City, you’re the first person who dares to injure my Mastiffs and question me!”

Clear Serene City?

Lin Yun then recalled the city that he saw on the map.

It was an insignificant city located at the borders of the Great Qing Empire.

After nearly three months of travelling, it was nearly time for him to reach the Great Qin Empire.

“Brat, if this horse belongs to you, then offer it to our young master immediately. There’s still room for discussion if you do so. Otherwise, you and your horse will have to stay behind!”


But right after his voice fell, he was blown away.


The sound of his ribs fracturing rang out as he was struck by a punch from Lin Yun in his chest.

Despite his cultivation in the ninth stage of the Martial Path, he couldn’t see exactly how Lin Yun had attacked him.

“You’re courting death!” The other three immediately flew into rage when they saw that Lin Yun had actually made the first move.

And so, the remaining three followers with their cultivation in the ninth stage of the Martial Path attacked at the same time, slashing down at Lin Yun with their palms as blades.


However, Lin Yun dodged their attacks easily. The attacks of the three contained nothing more than some power.

With a cold snort, Lin Yun threw a simple punch.

Lin Yun’s fist glowed with golden radiance as it struck.


With just one punch, the attacks from those three were immediately crushed.


And before they could even launch their second rounds of attacks, a loud noise echoed as the three of them were sent flying out.

The three men landed on the ground and rolled away for a few meters with blood spurting from their mouths. 

The surrounding was quiet as the followers of the Liu Clan looked at Lin Yun with fear in their eyes.

All of them had taken steps back as this youth standing before them was a little too ridiculously strong.

Not even the young man in yellow had expected that Lin Yun could defeat three cultivators in the ninth stage of the Martial Path with a fist.

Although the young man’s lips were trembling, a sinister light flickered in his eyes and he did not back down.

“If you kneel down and apologize before I get angry, I can pretend that nothing has happened…”

For some reason, Liu Yun was calm after witnessing Lin Yun’s strength. Not only was he still arrogant, he even looked composed.

“But I won’t pretend that nothing has happened!” Lin Yun interrupted as he sneered inwardly.

It didn’t matter who he was facing. He wouldn’t let them off so easily since they had injured Lil’ Red so badly.


Lin Yun made his move in that split second after his voice fell and charged towards the youth with a flash.

As the youth had already witnessed Lin Yun’s fist, he immediately retreated with fear as he took the long spear on his back.


When the cloth that wrapped around the spear fell apart, it emitted a cold aura as Liu Yun snorted, “Die then!”

As the cold aura rippled, Liu Yun held onto his sword and stabbed it out.

Facing his stab, Lin Yun found himself being enveloped by a cold aura that felt freezing.

When the cold aura seeped into his body, it felt as if even his blood had frozen solid.

As the cold wind blew, lots of ice debris started condensing in the air and swept towards Lin Yun.

Mid-Grade Profound Artifact!

Lin Yun was shocked when he recognized this spear. It was a genuine Mid-Grade Profound Artifact!

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