Chapter 713 - Why Can't I?

After listening to Yang Fan, Lin Yun raised his head to see the blue sky dyed crimson. This was already the ninth time? That also meant that the tree would mature soon and the Demonification Fruit would be born.

“The Demonification Fruit is filled with many uses, one is to strengthen your foundation and refine astral energy. But the biggest usage is to awaken martial intent. It’s extremely tempting for any cultivator,” said Yang Fan as he took a deep glance at Lin Yun.

Even Guo Xu was also a little surprised as he looked at Lin Yun.

There are many forms of martial intent, such as wind intent or fire intent, so much so that it could even give birth to powerful wills. Logically speaking, one could grasp the martial intent upon reaching the Heavenly Soul Realm.

Sword intent was also a form of martial intent, but it was extremely unique among the tens of thousands of intents. As the sword was the ancestor of all weapons, swords were crafted with swords in ancient times before metal was found.

Sword intent was extremely hard to comprehend compared to other martial intents. But if one managed to comprehend the sword intent, they would gain immense power. Aside from sword intent, there were also other powerful martial intent such as slaughter, demon, and space. Those were the harder martial intents to grasp.

Without great fortune, it was practically impossible for anyone to grasp them. It was even harder to grasp compared to sword intent. The reason why Guo Xu and Yang Fan looked at Lin Yun was because Lin Yun had grasped the sword intent and even cultivated it to complete emastery.

A talent like him was rare even in the entire Ancient Southern Domain. Lin Yun’s sword intent was also the reason why he could suppress so many Skymound City’s geniuses.

But Lin Yun was calm as he sensed the terrifying pressure coming from the towering tree. But if it really produces the Demonification Fruit, it wouldn’t be of much help to him unless the one buried beneath the tree was a swordsman that far exceeded the Empyrean Realm. But clearly, it was impossible.

Everyone could sense the terrifying aura underground that came from a terrifying beast who could annihilate everyone present. After all, it was a demonic beast that transcended the Empyrean Realm. In the current Ancient Southern Domain, it was practically a deity-like existence. But no one had seen it before, and they’d only heard bits and pieces of the Empyrean Realm.

“There are rumors that Chu Muyan and Chen Ziyu have awakened their martial intent, which is why they can stand out from the seven geniuses,” muttered Yang Fan as he looked at Chen Ziyu and Chu Muyan. Clearly, those were meant for Lin Yun.

“Not surprising,” replied Lin Yun.

He didn’t know about Chen Ziyu, but Chu Muyan must have had the capability since he could endure over ten moves under Nangong Wanyu.

Nangong Wanyu was the same as him, a genius who grasped xiantian sword intent before reaching the Violet Palace Realm. Nangong Wanyu was also ranked in the top seven, which was known as the seven elites. If Lin Yun had the same cultivation as him, there was no way Ouyang Hao could last more than ten moves against him. He could probably kill Ouyang Hao with a single attack.

Anyone who could last more than a dozen moves before Nangong Wanyu had either grasped a martial intent or possessed a method wasn’t any different from it. Yang Fan was telling him not to act recklessly as his sword intent might not be effective towards those two. If he couldn't suppress the two, they could instantly suppress him with their cultivation.

Looking at the fruits falling from the towering tree, Yang Fan spoke casually, “But speaking of which, the Demonification Fruit should be more effective for a demonic beast. After all, it was nourished with the demonic beast’s bloodline and soul. It’s practically a divine fruit for a demonic beast with a special bloodline.”

When Lin Yun heard that, his eyes lit up. It looks like aside from getting a portion for himself, he still has to get some for Lil’ Red. After all, Lil’ Red had helped him countless times.

“Let’s go.” Lin Yun no longer hesitated after coming to a decision and headed over to the Demonification Tree. His movement technique was fast, and he had already bolted over by the time Yang Fan and Guo Xu responded.

“Brother Yang, it looks like Lin Yun has already made up his mind,” sighed Guo Xu. He naturally knew that Yang Fan was trying to persuade Lin Yun to give up.

Yang Fan smiled bitterly, “This is probably why he’s a swordsman. He’s fearless in the face of death. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to come this far.”

As the golden radiance dissipated, Lin Yun landed before the Demonification Tree. Many Skymound City’s geniuses were gathered here along with powerful wandering cultivators who wanted to fight for the Demonification Fruit. When he landed on the ground, the entire ground trembled and everyone turned to look at Lin Yun.

“Lin Yun!” Everyone exclaimed upon seeing Lin Yun. Everyone in Skymound City knew Lin Yun’s name. His appearance was like a comet that caused a huge commotion.

In many of their eyes, it was practically a miracle that Lin Yun was still alive. Aside from those who witnessed how he defeated Ouyang Hao, the other cultivators were mocking Lin Yun.

“This fellow actually dared to show up!” Qin Xu was surprised by Lin Yun.

“He’s too bold!” Gu Yang also looked at Lin Yun with a playful gaze.

Compared to them, those from the Jin Clan, Chen Clan, and Skycloud Sect all felt a fire blazing in their hearts when they saw Lin Yun. After all, they were greatly humiliated by Lin Yun, especially the Chen Clan and the Skycloud Sect. Their killing intent was practically gushing out of their pupils.

But they weren’t in a hurry to act as they didn’t want unnecessary trouble before fighting for the Demonification Fruit. This was also great for Lin Yun as he could avoid troubles this way. He could just flee with his advantage in the Azure Dragon Battle Physique after seizing the Demonification Fruit.

“Brother Chu, the person who killed your junior brother is here. He has practically disregarded you by showing up here!” A voice rang out right at this moment. The voice came from Jin Zhan of the Jin Clan.

When he spoke, the surroundings became quiet. Jin Zhan was clearly trying to provoke Chu Muyan and arouse his rage. Chu Muyan was stronger than him, so how could Chu Muyan not know that Lin Yun had arrived? But Chu Muyan clearly didn’t want to make a move right now.

But Jin Zhan’s words had thrown him into the fire pit. After all, there were many people here. If he did nothing, it would seem like he was afraid of Lin Yun and his reputation would be damaged.

“Hehe, Brother Ziyu, I heard your younger brother lost control of his bowels. If you’re not going to take action, why don’t I do it on your behalf? After all, this brat has offended my Jin Clan as well,” said Jin Yi with a grin. Those who heard him felt a chill run down their spines as they didn’t dare to utter a single word. The boldness of the two brothers had exceeded their imagination. It looks like the seven geniuses weren’t that united after all when it came to the Demonification Fruit.

“Thanks for your concern, but I’ll take this person’s life myself!” In a flash, Chen Ziyu moved and left the best spot to seize the Demonification Fruit. With a cold gaze, he emitted a terrifying chill that made those around him tremble uncontrollably.

“C-cold!” Many gazes looked at Chen Ziyu as his black clothes made him look unfathomable. This made Jin Zhan, who spoke earlier, discover that he couldn’t see through Chen Ziyu. If Chen Ziyu obtained the Demonification Fruit, he couldn’t imagine how powerful Chen Ziyu would become.

But what made him feel taken aback was that Chen Ziyu didn’t even glance at him. It was almost as if he wasn’t furious at his provocation at all.

As a breeze blew past, Chu Muyan also moved. He didn’t speak and only glanced at Jin Zhan coldly. Then, he turned to look at Lin Yun as though he was looking at a dead person.

“Alright. Jin Zhan, Jin Yi, cut it out. A fly is annoying enough or do you think our Skymound City hasn’t embarrassed ourselves enough? He offended Her Highness Ruoyou. If you two want to stand here and watch, then the two of you can forget about appearing before Her Highness Ruoyou in the future…” Qin Xu spoke as if he had no intention of standing by the side since Chen Ziyu and Chu Muyan made their moves.

Gu Yang’s brows twitched, but he smiled, “Well said. It’s embarrassing that you brothers revealed your nature over the Demonification Fruit. Why don’t you two just stand by the side and watch how we kill him.”

Those words made the Jin brother’s faces change, “Hmph, who says we’re going to stand and watch. This brat is someone that Her Highness Ruoyou wants to kill. Even if Brother Chen and Brother Chu don’t do anything, we will still kill this sword slave and seize the Divine Indigo Radiantstone for Her Highness Ruoyou.”

The situation had changed in the blink of an eye and everyone looked at Lin Yun. Excluding Ouyang Hao, the seven geniuses were willing to disregard the Demonification Fruit to kill Lin Yun.

Right at this moment, the ground began to tremble violently. This phenomenon had caused everyone to lift their hearts as they knew that the Demonification Fruit was about to be born.

Chen Ziyu’s face was cold as he looked at Lin Yun, “If you get lost now, you might be able to live for a little while longer. You’re not worthy to compete for the Demonification Fruit. Don’t force me to act now.”

“Since everyone is competing, why can’t I? Do you think you can do anything you want just because you’re a cut above the others?” Lin Yun smiled. Did these bunch of clowns really think that they were sovereigns? If they wanted to fight, then he would give them a fight. After all, he had never been afraid of anyone!

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