Chapter 711 - Great Horror

“Die!” The five Skycloud Sect’s elders were ruthless with their attacks and all of them were at the complete Yin-Yang stage. When they saw Ouyang Hao being stepped on by Lin Yun, their killing aura surged out as they attacked at the same time.

The five of them attacked with confidence. But when Lin Yun turned around, they all felt a chill down their spine, especially after he drew the Flower Burial Sword. The sword ray was so dazzling that it made their eyes sting. After drawing his sword, Lin Yun’s temperament had undergone a drastic transformation.

Overlord Sword–Thunderbolt Slash!

When Lin Yun swung his sword, he unleashed eighty-one sword rays as he circulated the Iris Sword Sutra. The lightning rumble manifested by the boundless sword intent instantly made the sky turn dark.

Even though it was dark, each sword ray flashed and lit up the sky. For a moment, countless sword rays and lightning enveloped the five elders, which crushed their attacks.

The five elders tried their best to defend themselves, but in the end their faces turned pale and blood dripped from their lips. Additionally, their arms were so numb that it felt like they were crippled.

However, Lin Yun had no intention of stopping as he circulated the Iris Sword Sutra and pushed his Azure Dragon Sword Aura to the limit. With a sword in his hand, he looked like a fiendgod from hell. As his hair began to flutter in the wind, he was brimming with confidence.

Under his aura, the five elders couldn’t even gather half of their strength. Lin Yun was clearly alone, but he was like a huge mountain that pressed down on them. This was the true Azure Dragon Sword Aura. Prior to the Iris Sword Sutra reaching the eleventh stage, he was unable to suppress the Azure Dragon’s aura. But it was completely different now.

The sword aura and Azure Dragon aura had finally reached equilibrium. So, after ten moves, Lin Yun wounded the five elders and sent them flying.

Suddenly, Lin Yun’s sword intent surged as he pushed his xiantian sword intent to the limit to envelop the entire region. As Lin Yun swung his sword, he severed an arm from an elder. The elder immediately fell to his knees and threw up blood.

This scene had shocked everyone as they never expected Lin Yun to be so strong even when facing five enemies at the same time. The four other elders turned red as they charged over, brandishing their spears at Lin Yun, “Kill him!”

“Get lost!” Lin Yun kicked the chest of the elder who was kneeling on the ground with the azure dragon energy contained in his feet. His attack pierced through the elder’s defence, breaking his ribs.

After that, Lin Yun turned around with the Flower Burial Sword in his hand. In that split second, his figure became blurred and only afterimages were left. Each afterimage swung a sword, which was accompanied by a dragon roar and lightning rumble. As both sides clashed, the four elders’ attacks were broken by Lin Yun.

Overlord Sword–Solar Slash!

But that wasn’t all as a pair of wings made up of sword aura manifested next to Lin Yun. As the wings flapped, a powerful shockwave was unleashed into the surroundings and the ground began to crack. Then, Lin Yun soared into the sky, swinging his sword out.

The four elders suffered a long gash on their chests. They screamed out in pain and almost coughed up their organs.

Lin Yun looked at them casually as a breeze blew through his hair. Then, the Flower Burial Sword began to resonate as it unleashed ripples out into the surroundings.

When Lin Yun aimed his sword at the elder he kicked earlier. This elder tried to launch a sneak attack against him, but he didn’t know that Lin Yun had already detected his movements.

The elder was briefly stunned by Lin Yun’s attack before his face became sinister, “Sword slave, you’ve offended the four major clans and the Skycloud Sect of Skymound City. Your outcome is destined to be worse than a dog. If you let us go, the Skycloud Sect might be able to consider sparing your life.…”

Before he could even finish, Lin Yun’s sword had streaked towards his neck and decapitated him.

“Run!” The four elders were terrified by this scene and quickly fled.

However, Lin Yun didn’t as he swung his sword out. The Flower Burial Sword was like a comet that streaked across the sky and claimed the lives of two elders who were lagging behind.

This scene had left all the Skymound City’s geniuses dumbfounded. They never expected that Lin Yun was actually able to kill three of the five elders.

“Damn it! How did things progress in this manner? Where’s Ouyang Hao? He should still have some strength to fight.”

“Don’t bother. I saw him crawling away like a dog. He didn’t even dare to turn around.”

“W-why is he such a coward? He’s one of the seven geniuses! He’s the first person who declared that he would kill Lin Yun…”

“What are you thinking about? Look at how swollen his face was when he crash landed. He was clearly slapped by Lin Yun. He has embarrassed all of us.”

“Trash!” The Skymound City’s geniuses were filled with rage as they cursed before they began to disperse from the humiliation. But before they left, they looked at Lin Yun with a complicated gaze.

In the martial world, the strong would prey on the weak. This had been the rule for eternity, so no matter how much they hated Lin Yun right now, they had to admit that Lin Yun’s demeanor drew their respect. Lin Yun clearly knew that the four major clans and Skycloud Sect were after him. But Lin Yun relied on his sword and accomplished something that many people couldn’t.

After all, who would dare to come knowing that it would be dangerous? But Lin Yun really came, surprising many people with his performance while displaying his pride.

When they withdrew their gazes, they shook their heads inwardly. They still weren’t optimistic of Lin Yun’s outcome. After all, in their view, there was no way out after offending the four major clans and Skycloud Sect. There was no other reason other than the fact that Qing Ruoyou wanted him dead.

Although Qing Ruoyou didn’t say a word, everyone knew that Qing Ruoyou had been forcing Lin Yun to his death. After all, she was the princess of Indigomoon Elysium and no one dared to disregard her actions. Since she wanted Lin Yun dead, the four major clans and Skycloud Sect could only take Lin Yun’s life, regardless of the price.

“Brother Lin, you shouldn’t have come,” said Guo Xu and Yang Fan as they came forward, looking at Lin Yun with a complicated gaze.

“Brother Lin, listen to me, you should leave quickly. You might still have a chance,” persuaded Guo Xu.

Sheathing his sword, Lin Yun looked at the corpses on the ground and said, “I came knowing that it’ll be dangerous. But I never expected that these people would be so shameless.”

He felt a little helpless. He never expected that the geniuses in Skymound City would hate him so much just because of a woman. But since he already came here, there was no need for him to think too much about it. If he didn’t come, who knew how long it would take for the Iris Sword Sutra to reach the eleventh stage.

The path of cultivation wasn’t a peaceful one, and he wouldn't be able to come this far if he didn’t dare to risk his life. Also, his sword wouldn’t have gotten so sharp. He was like a double-edged sword, ruthless to himself and his enemies. Guo Xu and Yang Fan couldn’t comprehend this, which was why the gap between them gradually increased.

Right at this moment, a terrifying aura swept out from the core region. Guo Xu, Yang Fan, and Lin Yun looked at the demonic aura that dyed the sky red.

Guo Xu and Yang Fan exclaimed, “What’s that?”

Even Lin Yun also wore a grave expression. This was the horror that he felt when he entered the secret realm, something ominous that could even threaten the Azure Dragon Sword Aura and his xiantian sword intent.

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