Chapter 710 - Kill!

 When the fist and spear collided, Ouyang Hao’s attack crumbled. Defenseless, he was sent flying as he spit out blood. He fell to the ground on his knees as countless cracks spread out beneath him.

Donned in his azure clothes, Lin Yun looked at Ouyang Hao coldly, “Ouyang Hao, bring out your real ability. Otherwise, you will continue kneeling on the ground.”

When the surrounding people from Skymound City heard that, their faces turned ugly. Who could imagine that Ouyang Hao would be defeated by Lin Yun?

Eight crimson clouds drifted away from Ouyang Hao and a chill filled the air. The eight crimson clouds gave the image of blooming flowers and majestic mountains.

“That’s the eight stage of the Skycloud Art!”

“Is this the true strength of the seven geniuses? He actually practiced the Skycloud Art to the eighth stage!”

“I heard that this cultivation technique has nine stages.” Ouyang Hao’s terrifying aura lit up a fire in everyone’s eyes as they hoped for him to win. Simultaneously, those who weren’t from Skymound City turned to look at Lin Yun. Lin Yun only offended Qing Ruoyou, but that made him a target of the seven geniuses. However, the strength he was currently displaying was comparable to the seven geniuses.

“I never imagined that you would be able to bring out my true power,” said Ouyang Hao with a dense killing aura in his eyes.

But Lin Yun’s gaze was indifferent as he looked at Ouyang Hao coldly. The aura from Ouyang Hao didn't even bring a ripple to his face.

“Still so ignorant despite facing death. From the moment you took Her Highness Ruoyou’s Divine Indigo Radiantstone, you were a dead man. You have no idea who you have offended!” Ouyang Hao snorted as his boundless killing aura came crashing down on Lin Yun. His aura was violent and could devour everything in its path. But Lin Yun stood firmly on the ground like a sword, so the killing aura couldn’t even get close to him.

Sensing Lin Yun’s fighting spirits, Ouyang Hao sneered, “You’re really unafraid of death. I can’t be bothered with you. One attack, I’ll let you off if you can take one attack from me. This attack is called Shattering Star!”

As he spoke, the aura coming from him suddenly surged as boundless origin energy was being poured into his spear. Under his aura, the sky turned dark and his spear glowed crimson. This attack seemed like it could tear a star apart.

Then, a terrifying aura began to gather on the tip of his spear. The crimson glow even began to squirm on the tip of his spear as if it were alive.

“How terrifying…”

“Is this the power of the seven geniuses?” Sensing the aura coming from Ouyang Hao, the faces of Guo Xu and the geniuses not from Skymound City changed.

“Hmph. Back then, Ouyang Hao used this move to kill a complete Yin-Yang stage wandering cultivator and became famous. I don’t believe that Lin Yun can take this move!” Skymound City’s geniuses looked at this scene with anticipation in their eyes. It was as if they could already see Lin Yun being torn into pieces.

As Ouyang Hao’s aura continued to accumulate, even Lin Yun felt an unprecedented pressure. But he didn’t panic at all under the immense aura. On the contrary, his eyes blazed with torrential fighting spirit as his xiantian sword intent soared into the sky.

As the radiance coming from Lin Yun grew even more dazzling, he shined brightly within the darkness like a star.

“Azure Dragon Sword Aura, unleash!” Lin Yun could finally get a little more serious facing Ouyang Hao’s attacks. In that split second, the Iris Sword Sutra merged with the Azure Dragon’s aura completely,emitting a bright brilliance before manifesting into eleven swords

The swords were engraved with dragon runes. With a dragon roar, Lin Yun’s sword intent pulsated as the ground exploded and all eleven swords shot forward. Simultaneously, Ouyang Hao’s spear also unleashed a boundless sea of crimson clouds.

As Lin Yun and Ouyang Hao’s aura clashed, the entire surroundings began to tremble. Aside from the mountain shrouded in mist, cracks began to spread out on the surrounding mountains.

Lin Yun and Ouyang Hao, who were at the center of the confrontation, were under immense pressure and were sent flying by the explosion. They both slammed into a mountain before they managed to stabilize themselves. But the mountains they slammed into had collapsed.

Everyone in the surrounding area was quiet as they looked at Lin Yun and Ouyang Hao blankly. Suddenly, a ray of light burst out of the stone rubble. Hovering in the sky, Ouyang Hao’s face was covered in blood as he revealed a sinister expression. Then, he coldly looked at the stone rubble before him.

“Sword slave, you’re courting death to fight me!” yelled Ouyang Hao.

“Is that so?” But just when Ouyang Hao finished speaking, Lin Yun replied and the rubble surrounding him was reduced to ashes. Unparalleled power exploded out of Lin Yun instantly. An azure figure walked out of the rubble unharmed. Not even a speck of dust had landed on him.

“You…” Ouyang Hao was shocked. He couldn’t believe that Lin Yun was actually unscathed from his attack.

But if one thought about it clearly, they wouldn’t be surprised. After all, Ouyang Hao had accumulated hsi attack seriously, while Lin Yun was only slightly more serious. His strongest attack was nothing compared to the test Lin Yun had gone through in the mountain. So how could Lin Yun be actually injured? He had only relied on his origin energy from the Iris Sword Sutra to resolve Ouyang Hao’s attack.

“Let’s carry on.” Before Ouyang Hao could respond, Lin Yun’s punch echoed with a dragon roar as it landed on Ouyang Hao’s chest.

Throwing up another mouthful of blood, Ouyang Hao landed on the ground once more. But just before he could struggle to get back up, Lin Yun stomped down on his chest and said coldly, “A piece of trash like you wants to kill me?”

Ouyang Hao was in terrible pain as if his chest was about to blow up. What made it even worse was Lin Yun’s cold mockery. “You bastard, let go of me!”

Ouyang Hao struggled frantically to break free, but there was nothing he could do. Lin Yu was looking at him indifferently. Since Ouyang Hao willingly became a dog for Qing Ruoyou, then he should be also prepared to be killed. In that second, killing aura began to surge in Lin Yun’s pupils.

“N-no! Don’t kill me!” Ouyang Hao began to beg for his life when he sensed the killing aura in Lin Yun’s eyes.

“Too late.” But just when Lin Yun was about to stomp down on Ouyang Hao’s head, five sharp killing auras exploded from his rear. When he turned around, he saw the Skycloud Sect’s elders. They were weaker than Ouyang Hao, so it took everything they had.

Facing their attacks, Lin Yun dodged them with a flash. As he gently waved his hand, the Flower Burial Sword shot out from the sword box behind him. Without any hesitation, Lin Yun charged forward with his sword. He wouldn’t cause trouble if no one provoked him, but today, he wanted to kill and make them pay back ten-fold!

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