Chapter 71 - Violet Sacred Frostfire

As Lin Yun gradually gained consciousness, he felt his exhaustion disappear when he opened his eyes.  

With a sigh of relief, Lin Yun looked at the wounds on his chest that  had already started forming scabs.

It seemed that after he was baptised by the fire elemental spiritual aura, the recovery of his physique had gotten stronger.

The wounds left by the Demonic Flaming Tiger that went deep into his bones had already recovered. 

Lin Yun sat up and looked around.

Apart from the corpse of the Demonic Flaming Tiger, there were also corpses of other demonic beasts lying around.

After investigating them, Lin Yun recognized that they were all trampled to death by the Dragon Blooded Horse.

It seemed that the Dragon Blooded Horse had guarded him while he was unconscious.

"Well, at least this fool had some conscience." Lin Yun smiled as he looked around, but the Dragon Blooded Horse was nowhere found.

He had no idea where the Dragon Blooded Horse went, but it had always behaved in this manner, so Lin Yun wasn’t too bothered.

Continuing to look around, his gaze finally rested on the Demonic Flaming Tiger. He still felt lingering fear from their fight as he narrowly avoided death.

Taking out a dagger from his interspatial pouch, Lin Yun began his harvest of the Demonic Flaming Tiger.

He first shaved off the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s skin, which was fully intact since it only sustained a head injury 

After storing the skin, Lin Yun tore open the chest and saw a burst of crimson glow that caused him to freeze. 

It’s the beast core.

On the corpse, there was actually a Xiantian beast core in the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s corpse, that exuded a terrifying aura.

The beast core shined red almost  as if it was burning.

When Lin Yun saw it, he took a deep breath as chills ran down his spine and his body gently trembled. 

“My heavens… what in the world have I just done…”

So it turns out that the Demonic Flaming Tiger was a demonic beast in the Xiantian Realm who possessed a beast core!

Demonic beasts in the Xiantian Realm were terrifying, let alone the fact that this Demonic Flaming Tiger possessed a beast core.

Lin Yun estimated that the Demonic Flaming Tiger had to have been at least in the third orifice of the Xiantian Realm, which meant that only cultivators in the third stage of the Xiantian Realm could defeat it in battle.

But killing it was another thing.

With the intelligence of this Demonic Flaming Tiger, it would turn around and run the moment it realized that it couldn’t win.

What Lin Yun did earlier was no different than playing with fire.

Looking at the crimson glow coming from the beast core, Lin Yun’s heart was full of greed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lin Yun’s heart was beating as this Xiantian beast core was a lot better than the core of the Serpent-tailed Lion that was stolen from him earlier.

Most importantly, the attribute fit Lin Yun perfectly as if it were custom tailored for him.

After Lin Yun calmed down from the surprise, he cautiously harvested the beast core.

Full of doubt, he wondered  how a Demonic Flaming Tiger with a beast core could be smacked to death by him?

As Lin Yun pondered, he shifted his gaze to the ancient sword box.

The rusty stains on the sword box were removed when it had absorbed the fire elemental spiritual aura.

It was as if the sword box had been reborn, having bloomed with an unadorned glow.

The inscribed patterns were exquisite and complicated as if they contained some sort of profound mystery.

It now looked like a piece of art, exuding a beauty unlike before. 

Placing the sword box down on the ground, Lin Yun examined the exquisite and delicate patterns. His hands could feel the cool chill of the ancient sword box. 

At the center of the sword box was an enchanting flower that bloomed with soft and slender petals 

It had a cold aura that was bewitching.

There was also a sparrow whose wings spread apart with the patterns on the sword box. 


On the sword box, the flower and bird had blended perfectly together.

As he slid his fingers down and finally touched the flower bud, something suddenly happened.

Shocked, Lin Yun’s fingers could no longer move and a stinging pain filled his mind. He felt as if his soul was being torn apart before a tiny strand of it was absorbed into the sword box.

Immediately, the patterns on the entire ancient sword box lit up.

When Lin Yun regained control over his hand,  he grabbed his forehead and staggered backwards

The sword box started to glow purple as more light gathered towards the flower bud.

Suddenly, a violet flame exploded from the flower bud.


The surrounding temperature swiftly dropped and a layer of frost covered ground. 

In one breath’s time, it was like winter arrived in a thousand meter radius of the sword box.

At the center of this phenomenon stood Lin Yun, unhurt.


Lin Yun was shocked and at a loss for words. 

While he was in shock, the violet flames covered the entire sword box before taking the shape of a bird made of ice. On the sword box was an unreal scene of a bird flapping its wings, but unable  to fly away

When all of a sudden, the sword box flew into the sky.

Looking at this scene, Lin Yun waved his hand.


The violet bird made of ice suddenly turned into a wisp of violet flame and landed on his palm.


When the wisp of flame flew over to Lin Yun’s palm, the ancient sword box fell onto the ground heavily.

Lin Yun sensed the violet flame in his palm as if it were a part of his soul.


As he threw a palm out, the violet flame shot out in the form of an ice bird, instantly freezing everything within five thousand meters of radius. When Lin Yun pulled his hand back, all the trees were instantly incinerated to the ground.

When the violet flame returned to his palm, it had dimmed down by a lot.

As Lin Yun gently patted it, it returned to the sword box and blended in with the floral patterns once more.

All of a sudden, Lin Yun figured out how it was possible for the ancient sword box to smack the Demonic Flaming Tiger to death with a single blow.

Lin Yun immediately took out the book Bai Qiushui gave him.

The book was titled the Bizarre Records of the Martial Path. Not only did it contain all the wonders of martial path, it also had many bizarre things of the world recorded.

As Lin Yun flipped through the pages, he stopped when he saw a violet ice bird. It was exactly the same as the bird on the ancient sword box.

“The Violet Ice Sparrow, it is a beast with the Phoenix bloodline. It lives in the bitter cold of the far north. It wields the Violet Sacred Frostfire at birth, and it can freeze thousands of miles in one attack. In ancient times, it was also called the Ice Phoenix. In reality, it’s not a divine bird, but a beast with the bloodline of the divine bird, the Phoenix. Among the descendants of the Phoenix, it is ranked among the forefront…”

Violet Ice Sparrow!

Lin Yun closed the book as he looked at the sword box in astonishment.

It turned out that the ancient sword box contained a strand of the Violet Sacred Frostfire and it seemed to be sealed by arrays in the box.

Now, Lin Yun finally figured out why it felt so cold when he first saw it.

However, the Violet Sacred Frostfire was exhausted over the years, but it was reborn from absorbing the fire elemental spiritual aura along with a strand of his soul.

All of a sudden, Lin Yun was filled with awe that the owner of this sword box was an existence who could even tame the Violet Ice Sparrow!

Just how powerful was he?

Although the current Violet Sacred Frostfire was powerful, it was far from what it was compared to its prime.

Looking at the sword box, Lin Yun gave a telepathic signal and saw the Violet Ice Sparrow appearing on the surface of the box, flapping its wings.

At the same time, the heavy sword box also flew into the air.

It would be so much more convenient for him to carry this sword box around since it could fly and he wouldn’t have to face an awkward situation of not being able to retrieve his sword anymore.

After Lin Yun put on some clothes, he carried the ancient sword box behind him.

His cultivation was now in the tenth stage of the Martial Path. At the same time, he had already condensed his Xiantian Seed along with his Xiantian Pure Yang Art reaching the second stage. His three months of bitter training in the Horizon Cloud Mountain had ended in a success.

Collecting himself, he continued forth in his journey.

With a flash of light through his eyes, he was like a wild goose, shuttling through the forest. At the same time, the aura that was subconsciously leaking from him had also attracted the attention of many demonic beasts as they followed behind him.

“Die!” After Lin Yun travelled for more than half an hour, there was a bold demonic beast that attacked Lin Yun.

As a result, Lin Yun easily smacked it around in just a few punches, with his fist glowing golden yellow.

After all, not every demonic beast had the same intelligence as the Demonic Flaming Tiger, knowing how to hide their strength.

Before Lin Yun, ordinary demonic beasts in the tenth stage of the Martial Path were insignificant.

Meaning, Lin Yun could easily kill them all with the Ferocious Tiger Fist.

Lin Yun looked at the corpse of the demonic beast before quickly leaving. A demonic beast with no beast core was worthless to him. 


Shortly after he left, the demonic beasts who were trembling in fear suddenly pounced to feast on the corpse.

“That’s weird, where did the Dragon Blooded Horse go?”

Lin Yun stopped after a while as he looked perplexed.

The Dragon Blooded Horse might be wild, but it had never disappeared for so long.

Did it encounter a formidable demonic beast?

But that didn’t make any sense. With the speed of the Dragon Blooded Horse, even a Xiantian realm demonic beast like the Demonic Flaming Tiger couldn’t catch up to it.

Although the Dragon Blooded Horse was only in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, it had no natural predators in the Cloud Horizon Mountain.

Lin Yun whistled for the Dragon Blooded Horse and his signal echoed out into the forest

But even after his whistle stopped echoing, the familiar clopping sounds weren't heard.

At this moment, Lin Yun’s expression sank as there was only one possibility left.

The Dragon Blooded Horse had encountered a human cultivator!

Lin Yun searched the surroundings for half a stick of incense time when he finally found tracks left by the Dragon Blooded Horse.

When Lin Yun raised his head, his gaze was dark as he stretched his arms apart.

Executing the Wild Goose Art, Lin Yun flew as he followed the tracks.

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