Chapter 706 - A Thousand Years

Lin Yun’s pent up feelings were relieved as he executed the last form of the Seven Slaughtering Seal. The boundless black mist began to squirm and gather behind Lin Yun.

As for the seven swordsmen, their armor was already broken and they were covered with injuries. In retaliation, they released a roar and swung their swords.

The seven stars hovering above their heads descended and flew towards Lin Yun. The commotion they caused was great and the entire sky radiated as if seven suns were descending to the earth.

Lin Yun’s bloody figure began to sway. It was as though he would fall even without the seven stars descending. However, at this moment, his killing aura had accumulated to the limit. With his hair fluttering in the sky, Lin Yun gnashed his teeth to prevent himself from collapsing. He persevered and continued to form seals with his hands.

The last form of the Seven Slaughtering Fist was too powerful, so it wouldn’t be easy for him to use it for the first time. He could sense the killing aura accumulating behind him had reached an unprecedented height. Even in his top state, it would be difficult for him to control it.

“Have I reached my limit? It doesn’t matter. Limits are meant to be broken!” Lin Yun roared as the boundless killing aura around him grew denser like a black hole.

“Seventh form of the Seven Slaughtering Seal, Endless Slaughter!” Lin Yun roared, executing the last form of the Seven Slaughtering Seal as he watched the seven stars descending. In the next second, the dense killing aura behind him formed an ancient word, 杀, behind him.

When the word was formed, Lin Yun’s aura soared. In that split second, his aura was equivalent to someone in the Heavenly Soul Realm as the entire world began to tremble. Additionally, howling of the word ‘kill’ could be heard in the air.

Everytime the voice howled, the ancient word, 杀, behind Lin Yun would grow even more refined. As it was refined, the color turned crimson. This caused fine cracks to start appearing on the seven stars. When the seventh howl sounded out, the seven stars exploded and Lin Yun threw a punch.

With the broken stars, the crimson word, 杀, flew out and destroyed the seven swordsmen. The howling continued as Lin Yun fell to his knees with the flames in his pupils slowly dying. His consciousness was currently being devoured by the killing aura and it wouldn’t take long for him to be consumed by it.

The Seven Slaughtering Fist was powerful, but the price was dire if he couldn’t retain his consciousness. This was why no disciples in the Heavenly Province Academy could practice the Seven Slaughtering Fist, not to mention the seventh form.

Lin Yun was a true talent as he could grasp the first four forms. But in such a dire situation, using the seventh move was too much for him.

“As Long As Moon Exists, Sword Sect Never Dies!” Right at this moment, a brilliant voice instantly got rid of the howls as Lin Yun regained his consciousness for a moment.

“Get lost!” Taking advantage of the moment, Lin Yun collected himself as flames blazed in his eyes. Simultaneously, the redness in his eyes began to dissipate along with the killing aura that was trying to devour his rationale.

“That was close…” Lin Yun gasped for breath after regaining his rationale. When he turned back, he could see a broken sword hovering in the sky with a black figure enveloping it. It was the senior in the broken sword that helped him earlier.

“Thank you for your help, senior,” said Lin Yun as he joined his hands together.

“You saved yourself in the end.” The soul fragment said nothing else. He had a feeling that Lin Yun would regain his rationale by himself even without his help. After all, the flame burning in Lin Yun’s eyes was too determined.

Right at this moment, the light spheres began to gather around Lin Yun and his face quickly became rosy and joyful. He immediately sat down and began to cultivate. After all, the reward was great and he had a feeling that he could reach the eleventh stage in the Iris Sword Sutra.

In just a few breaths, the Iris Flower grew to ninety-seven petals in his violet palace. As Lin Yun circulated the Iris Sword Sutra, silver light began to spread out before forming an Iris Flower that covered the entire platform. The Iris Flower was like a huge array that absorbed the light spheres.

Every single one of the light spheres were pure origin energy. No one in their right mind dared to refine them to domineering, but Lin Yun was absorbing them like a sponge. In just fifteen minutes, the Iris Flower grew to ninety-nine petals. He was only one petal away to reach the eleventh stage.

Lin Yun was covered in light. At this moment, he was like a sword embryo being tempered by the terrifying aura accumulating in his body. With a sudden crack, Lin Yun opened his eyes as he stood up and threw a punch. This instantly caused cracks to spread out on the platform in the vague shape of the Iris Flower.

When the Iris Flower reached a hundred petals, the entire platform crumbled, forcing Lin Yun to retreat back to the eighth stage. “Before, any damage that I made to the platform was quickly repaired. Now that I’ve reached the eleventh stage of the Iris Sword Sutra, I can directly destroy it. If I can land a hit on the seven geniuses with my strongest attack…”

Lin Yun’s eyes flashed because his Iris Sword Sutra was now in the eleventh stage. Meaning, he could suppress those in the complete Yin-Yang stage simply with his origin energy. If he ran into Lei Yan again, he could kill the latter within ten moves. He wouldn’t even need to use his sword. Simultaneously, he had enough origin energy to reverse circulate the Iris Sword Array nine times. He was really looking forward to summoning a phoenix.

“Looks like you have a decent harvest.” The soul fragment looked at Lin Yun with a faint smile. He could sense the immense sword energy within Lin Yun’s body, which only came from practicing a powerful sword sutra. Even during the Sword Sect’s glory days, Lin Yun’s sword sutra was comparable to those in the top three.

Even he couldn’t tell the origin of the sword sutra, which meant that it was an ancient sword sutra. Although the Sword Sect had collected many ancient sword sutras, many of them weren’t complete.

“Sorry about that. I was too absorbed,” smiled Lin Yun embarrassedly. He was so overjoyed that he forgot about the soul fragment.

“It’s fine. But you’ve really given me a headache regarding your reward,” said the soul fragment helplessly.

“There’s a reward?” Lin Yun was shocked. He thought that the light spheres were the reward. His eyes lit up as he smiled, “It’s fine. You’re so powerful, so you can just give me anything you want.”

“I died a long time ago, so I don’t have any treasures. Based on the rules, you can learn a form of the Overlord Sword for each platform, but you’ve clearly grasped the Overlord Sword. It appears that you’re fated with my Sword Sect,” said the soul fragment as he looked at Lin Yun with a friendlier attitude. If Lin Yun wasn’t fated with the Sword Sect, there was no way he would bring Lin Yun here.

“It’s really a coincidence,” smiled Lin Yun after being stunned. He had already obtained enough from the platforms.

“I have a question for you. How do I make a breakthrough in my sword intent? I’ve already reached a bottleneck,” said Lin Yun. Compared to a reward, he was more interested in getting an answer.

“You have to reach the Heavenly Soul Realm to try and make a breakthrough. Your cultivation is too low. In the end, there’s no shortcut. You can only rely on your comprehension. If you have accumulated enough comprehension, perhaps you might be able to reach the spiritual sword intent before reaching the Heavenly Soul Realm,” answered the soul fragment.

“It’s that hard?” Lin Yun’s gaze became dim. He never expected that it would be so difficult.

Right at this moment, the soul fragment became blurred as he said, “This fragment of my soul will dissipate soon. Let me send you out first.”

“Thank you, senior,” said Lin Yun as he bowed.

As the soul fragment reached out, a sword array appeared that pulled Lin Yun in. When Lin Yun disappeared, the soul fragment gradually dissipated. But just before he was about to disappear completely, he revealed a smile. He suddenly recalled that only one person in a thousand years made it through the ninth platform.

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