Chapter 705 - Swordsman's Heart

Overlord Sword—Thunderbolt Slash!

The two swordsmen who broke free of the restraint used their ultimate moves, unleashing eighteen thunderbolt sword rays. When all thirty-six sword rays intertwined, they destroyed everything in their path, tearing a hole through Lin Yun’s killing aura.

An incense’s time was equivalent to an hour, so Lin Yun was running out of time. The nine swordsmen had superb teamwork and their xiantian sword intent was at the same level as his, not to mention that they even grasped the Thunderbolt Slash. Since Lin Yun couldn’t draw his sword, it wasn’t easy for him to deal with the nine swordsmen.

Death if I fail? What a terrifying test, but so what? Lin Yun roared as boundless lightning began to flicker on his body. In the next second, he charged towards the thirty-six sword rays. With his eyes flashing coldly, his gaze was on the swordsman he attacked earlier. The armor on the swordsman was repairing itself, so he still had an opportunity. He knew that he had to capitalize on it.

He was instantly swallowed up by the thirty-six sword rays as they landed on his Azure Dragon Battle Armor. The sword rays then merged together to turn into a terrifying ocean of lightning.

The swordsman who was injured by Lin Yun previously felt relieved at this scene. After all, no one could survive under that sort of attack. The swordsman needed time for his armor to be fixed. At that time, it would be difficult for Lin Yun to kill him then.

But right at this moment, a dragon roar echoed out from the ocean of lightning as an azure figure broke free. Since the Azure Dragon Battle Armor was linked to Lin Yun’s bloodline, he was able to unleash an unprecedented Azure Dragon aura. Without any hesitation, Lin Yun punched the swordsman and destroyed him.

One down. Lin Yun counted inwardly as his face turned pale. Even with the Azure Dragon Battle Armor, that attack didn’t feel good.

At this moment, the six swordsmen also broke free of their restraints and charged towards him. For a split second, all eyes were on him.

“They’re really fast.” Lin Yun smiled. The origin energy within his body fluctuated and he charged forward.

Seven Slaughtering Fist—Defiant Frustration!

A desolate aura began to emit from Lin Yun’s body as a boundless rage boiled in his heart. He wanted to vent all of his frustration. So, all the boundless rage within his chest exploded and he threw a punch with a sinister smile.

All of Lin Yun’s negative emotions overlapped together with his killing aura and it felt like hell had descended on the world. With his punch, the sword array formed by the eight swordsmen was destroyed.

But the eight swordsmen reacted swiftly as they brandished their swords to defend themselves against Lin Yun’s killing aura.

Seven Slaughtering Fist—Resonance!

Lin Yun laughed with a sense of freedom starting in his chest as he vented his rage. Catching the flaw of one swordsman, Lin Yun punched his armor. This caused cracks to spread out swiftly on the swordsman’s armor before he was sent flying. But as the swordsman retreated, he brandished his sword towards Lin Yun.

Flicking Divine Finger!

As Lin Yun’s hair fluttered in the wind, he raised his right hand and flicked his finger. A sword ray flew out of his finger, landing in the center of the swordsman’s forehead.

“Two down,” muttered Lin Yun as he turned around and brandished his fists to receive the remaining attacks. Sparks flew from the sword rays as Lin Yun constantly retreated. He tried his best to dodge the incoming attacks, but it didn’t take long for him to be dyed red from blood.

Time gradually flowed and half an hour had passed. But Lin Yun was calm without any signs of panic on his face. However, he never stopped circulating the Seven Slaughtering Fist within his body.

Without him knowing, the purple mist around him had turned black. The dense killing aura had caused his eyes to become bloodshot. At this moment, he was trying to use the three last forms of the Seven Slaughtering Fist, but he never used them before.

The Seven Slaughtering Fist was a forbidden technique and he needed a powerful will to guard his mind. Otherwise, he would be consumed by it and fall into the demonic path. He didn’t dare to try it even with his xiantian sword intent at complete mastery. But he didn’t have a choice now.

Soon, the killing aura within his body had accumulated to a terrifying height. The killing aura even caused cracks to start appearing on the Azure Dragon Battle Armor.

The attacks of the seven remaining swordsmen became even more ferocious as they had formed into an array, unleashing endless sword rays. In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun was forced to the edge of the platform.

“This brat is going to lose. The test has more or less forced out all his potential…” sighed the remnant consciousness in the broken sword as Lin Yun’s accomplishment so far was already impressive. Even back when Sword Sect still existed, such talent was unparalleled.

This test was set up in a manner that no one was intended to pass it. The so-called death upon failure was a method to force someone to the limit. Otherwise, most of Sword Sect’s disciples would die. Anyone who could make it through the third platform would pass the test. If someone passed the sixth platform, they were considered a genius. There were a few geniuses who could get to the eighth platform, but they were few in number. As for the ninth platform, only a rare genius could accomplish this.

Even the conscious in the broken sword didn’t remember how many people had gotten through the test, but he was confident that Lin Yun would fail the test. Right at this moment, something happened that left the conscious shocked, “This…”

Pushed to the edge of the platform, the Azure Dragon Battle Armor on Lin Yun’s body exploded. It was utterly destroyed by the killing aura in his body as the killing aura enveloped the entire platform. Lin Yun’s pupils had turned red, but there was still a wisp of consciousness in his pupils.

Seven Slaughtering Seal!

His killing aura was like an asura from hell, but his crimson pupils gave off a serene feeling. Using the Seven Slaughtering Seal once more, Lin Yun’s surging killing aura sent the seven swordsmen back.

Fifth form of the Seven Slaughtering Seal, Heartless Injustice!

Standing in the dark mist, Lin Yun’s long hair fluttered in the wind as a colossal figure appeared behind him that released a ferocious roar. As all the resentment began to gather around Lin Yun, he clenched his fist and the entire platform began to tremble under his aura.

When he threw a punch, he sent the seven swordsmen flying and all of them spit up blood.

Sixth form of the Seven Slaughtering Seal, Bleeding Battle!

Lin Yun’s fighting spirits surged as his blood began to boil. When he threw out another punch, the armor on the seven swordsmen shattered as they fell onto their knees.

“Overlord Sword—Big Bang!” The seven swordsmen stood up as their eyes flashed with a decisive light. Their sword intent began to gather above their heads, forming seven stars that suppressed Lin Yun’s killing aura. They were naturally using the form of the Overlord Sword.

Individually, Big Bang might not be strong, but the aura was terrifying when executed by a group. Simultaneously, the light in Lin Yun’s crimson pupils began to dim down as if his light would extinguish at any time.

“Not good!” The consciousness in the broken sword became anxious. After all, if Lin Yun lost himself to the killing aura, there would be no coming back. Just when he was about to interfere, he realized that Lin Yun’s eyes were still blazing with flames albeit they were dim.

My heart as a swordsman will never waver! As Lin Yun roared inwardly, he executed the last form of the Seven Slaughtering Fist, Endless Slaughter. 

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