Chapter 704 - The Last Platform

Making a breakthrough in the Iris Sword Sutra was way harder than making a breakthrough in his cultivation. Soaring into the sky, Lin Yun landed on the third platform as a dragon roar echoed out from within his body. Before the three statues could even attack him, he had already charged over.

The eleven lightning dragons around him manifested into a roaring dragon and tiger. Lin Yun had brought out the Dragon-Tiger Fist that he hadn’t used for a long time. Since he couldn’t draw his sword, he had to rely on all means available to him.

The Dragon-Tiger Fist might have been weakened, but he could rely on it to fight close-ranged with the Azure Dragon Sword Aura. At this moment, he finally knew that the test was to test if he had enough means. Lin Yun came this far in life by taking a firm step each time and all his martial techniques practically reached the manifestation stage. So he could use them anytime he wanted.

When the three statues were destroyed, countless light spheres surged over and brought his Iris Sword Sutra to ninety-five petals. Lin Yun rejoiced as this was an unprecedented opportunity for him if he could upgrade the Iris Sword Sutra to the eleventh stage. If he could reach the eleventh stage, he could suppress ordinary experts in the complete Yin-Yang stage.

As Lin Yun’s fighting spirits boiled, he jumped onto the fourth platform. After a series of battles, Lin Yun had a clear understanding of the stone platforms. When he landed on the ground, he immediately threw his palm out, using the Great Wind Scripture.

A violent wind swept through the area that caused the entire platform to tremble. Under the violent storm, the four statues couldn’t even draw their swords.

With a cold light flashing in his pupils, Lin Yun took a step forward. He separated into four figures as each figure threw a punch at the heads of the stone statues. Just like that, the stone statues were destroyed since they were heavily suppressed by the Great Wind Scripture.

Time was limited, so he didn’t stay on the fourth platform for long before he moved onto the fifth platform. The light spheres from the third platform were still chasing after him to enter his body. When he landed on the ground, the Iris Flower reached ninety-six petals. He was only four petals from reaching the eleventh stage in the Iris Sword Sutra.

This brat really has a lot of methods. The consciousness in the broken sword was shocked. After all, Lin Yun’s cultivation technique and secret techniques were shocking for someone as young as him. Furthermore, Lin Yun was proficient with all of them.

But after reaching the fifth platform, Lin Yun’s speed had slowed down. The five stone statues could work together to form a basic sword array, greatly boosting their strength. But upon getting through successfully, the benefits he obtained was five times what he obtained from the first platform.

It took a long time for Lin Yun to finally reach the ninth platform, granted he was covered in blood. When he landed on the ninth platform, a surge of chill rose up from his feet that made him tremble.

“C-cold.” Lin Yun’s face changed as he could sense his origin energy being restricted under the chill. It felt as though his blood had been frozen.

Instantly detecting that there was something weird about the ninth platform, Lin Yun became extremely cautious. He knew that this platform would be harder than the previous ones combined. There were nine stone statues facing nine different directions. All of them were donned with armor and even the swords they wielded weren’t simple.

“Eight thousand years of reign with our halo enveloping ninety thousand miles. As long as the moon exists, the Sword Sect never dies!” The nine stone statues came to life as they spoke at the same time. The stone on their faces had receded and they looked like living people. The statues had turned into nine people donned in purple armor with their hair fluttering in the wind. Each of them displayed xiantian sword intent in complete mastery.

“This…?” Lin Yun’s face became grave at this scene.

As nine metallic sounds rang out, all nine people drew their swords. The light from the swords left Lin Yun in a daze. Taking advantage of this, the nine swordsmen charged at Lin Yun and aimed for his vitals.

Their attacks were like a cage as they restricted Lin Yun’s movement. This awoke Lin Yun from his stupor as he cursed, “Shit!”

Forming a seal with both his hands, Lin Yun’s killing aura multiplied by seven and surged out like a tidal wave. His killing aura actually shattered the cage formed by xiantian sword intent. His killing aura also threw the nine swordsmen into a swamp as their movements became stiff. However, this didn’t stop the swordsmen as they tried using their sword intent to destroy Lin Yun’s killing aura.

Seven Slaughtering Fist—Omnipresent Anger!

Lin Yun knew that he had no path of retreat and that it was do or die. Soaring into the sky, Lin Yun’s face became enraged like a ferocious beast and flames gathered in his pupils. Then, he punched the closest swordsman to him, sending the swordsman flying.

Seven Slaughtering Fist—Raging Sky!

Lin Yun roared as torrential resentment filled the sky. When the swordsman that was sent flying landed on the ground, another one of Lin Yun’s punches landed on the swordsman’s chest. This left cracks on the swordsman’s chest as Lin Yun’s origin energy poured into its chest.

As the cracks began to spread out on the swordsman’s armor, the armor broke into pieces. This brought joy to Lin Yun’s face as he could tell that the armor was comparable to his Azure Dragon Battle Physique. It really wasn’t easy for him to deal with it without his sword.

“Brat, you only have one incense's time left.” A weak voice sounded out from the broken sword.

The voice had distracted Lin Yun briefly and the swordsman that he attacked earlier was able to retreat. After the swordsman retreated, purple light began to glow on its body as new armor gradually formed.

At the same time, two swordsmen roared as they charged at Lin Yun. He had already expected that his killing aura couldn’t hold back the swordsmen for long. He only wanted to use it to catch the nine swordsmen by surprise and kill one of them, but his plan had clearly failed…

As Lin Yun’s heart throbbed wildly, his aura surged and he faced the incoming swordsmen head-on. So what if they were troublesome to deal with? Since Lin Yun already came this far, he would rather die than give up.

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