Chapter 701 - Handstand

“What? My junior brother was killed?” Ouyang Hao of the Skycloud Sect flew into rage. His surging killing intent terrified the surrounding disciples. Since the other seven geniuses had obtained the news, he naturally received the news as well. But his news came from a fellow disciple.

He found a secret channel in the core region enveloped in a mist. Looking at it carefully, he realized that the mist was made of sword intent. Knowing that there was a huge opportunity here waiting for him, he didn’t dare to move recklessly.

He instantly transmitted news to the other fellow disciples and elders upon discovering the secret channel. But he didn’t expect to receive a piece of bad news from them.

“Only one sword?” Ouyang Hao still couldn’t believe that Lu Tong was killed by a single attack.

“Indeed, only one sword. He died a terrible death. Senior Brother Lu Tong was killed before he could even use his trump card.” A Skycloud Sect’s disciple said as he recalled what happened outside. 

“Also, Xiang Tianhe is dead. Oh, and Chen Xiong was also crippled,” added another disciple.

When Ouyang Hao heard the news, his lips couldn’t help twitching. Chen Xiong was Chen Ziyu’s younger brother, while Lu Tong was Chu Muyan’s junior brother. Lin Yun had practically offended the two strongest people among the seven geniuses.

As one of the seven geniuses, he knew how strong his senior brother and Chen Ziyu were. They were comparable to the geniuses in the top thirty five of the inner ranking. In fact, they were a lot stronger than the rest of the seven geniuses.

“Her Highness Ruoyou also witnessed the entire scene and she left with a darkened face afterwards,” said another disciple in a soft voice. But the moment he said that, he instantly regretted it as Ouyang Hao’s face became terrifyingly dark.

“What a joke…” Ouyang Hao sneered with his face darkened, “I was the first to claim that I would kill him. In the end, we only showed Her Highness Ruoyou that we’re all useless.”

Although he was sneering, everyone could only sense the chill in his tone.

“Do we have to inform Senior Brother Chu about this matter?” asked a different disciple.

“No need. Senior Brother Chu must be at the core region fighting with Chen Ziyu for the resources there. We’ll go and help them once we’re done,” said Ouyang Hao. “Lu Tong, that fellow was so arrogant that he even disregarded me. I didn’t teach him a lesson seeing that we’re fellow disciples, but I never expected that he would humiliate our Skycloud Sect. But the disciples of our Skycloud Sect won’t die in vain. That sword slave better hope that he doesn’t run into me!”

Everyone could tell that Ouyang Hao was unhappy with Lu Tong, especially with how Lu Tong embarrassed the Skycloud Sect in front of Qing Ruoyou. Furthermore, his death was also a slap on Ouyang Hao’s face. After all, he was the first person to declare that he would kill Lin Yun.

Right at this moment, the elders of the Skycloud Sect arrived. They were very respectful to Ouyang Hao and they even listened to him. After all, Ouyang Hao wasn’t any weaker than them and his position was even higher than some elders in the sect.

“Since we’re all here, let’s go,” said Ouyang Hao. He had a feeling that there would be a surprise waiting for him.

Simultaneously, Lin Yun had no idea that the seven geniuses’ hatred for him had grown. But it didn’t matter because he also didn’t have any patience for these so-called geniuses. He had destroyed his path of retreat when he killed Xiang Tianhe. After all, he couldn’t stand someone willingingly becoming a dog for that woman.

Lin Yun had arrived in front of some ruins. The ruins were incredibly massive with all sorts of majestic buildings stretching out to the far end of the horizon. But most of those buildings had already collapsed. Lin Yun was shocked because this scene proved that the Sword Sect wasn’t inferior to some of the ancient sects.

He could tell because he had visited the ruins of ancient sects in the past. He simply couldn’t imagine what kind of existence the Sword Sect was back in its heyday. After all, the Sword Sect couldn’t be so simple if it was this glorious during the golden age. In fact, this secret realm was just the tip of the iceberg. Even with this small glimpse, the Sword Sect was already equivalent to a medium-sized empire.

“How massive…” Lin Yun had on idea where to start his search. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes on the core region. He could sense the fear once again. It was a fear that even made his xiantian sword intent and Azure Dragon Mark tremble. “Over there!”

“I still can’t go there…” Lin Yun retrieved the broken sword. He knew that he had to find a complete ruin right now. Even if he couldn’t obtain the Overlord Sword’s cultivation technique, he still had to find some jade slips on how to practice sword intent. After all, it had been a long time since he made any progress in his cultivation.

The Sword Sect was a place that mainly practiced swords, so there must be a method to cultivate. The broken sword contained sword intent lingering from the Sword Sect back then, so it should be able to sense something in the ruins.

With that, Lin Yun held onto the broken sword as he began to travel through the ruins. He didn’t have an objective. He only pushed his movement technique to the limit as he could see many people fighting for treasures. However, he wasn’t interested in those things.

He even saw the figures of the seven geniuses from afar and their strength had shocked him. Then again, they had also displayed their dominance by chasing or killing wandering cultivators and other geniuses. Aside from the local cultivators from Skymound City, the rest were in a rather terrible state. They had completely treated the Sword Sect’s secret realm as their garden.

“How satisfying! With the seven strongest geniuses, we can go anywhere we want in the core region.”

“It feels great! Look at how everyone runs when they see us!”

“What a pity that Lin Yun is still nowhere to be seen. I heard the Jin brothers, Qin Xu, and Gu Yang are all looking for him.”

“That brat only dares to show off outside. He won’t dare to show up here.” Lin Yun could hear the conversations of the Skymound City cultivators after he retracted his aura.

“Is it there?” Lin Yun rubbed his nose as he looked towards the Skymound City’s cultivators. He has been wandering in the core region for nearly half a day. The seven geniuses weren’t easy to deal with and they were a lot stronger than Lei Yan. But so what? Aside from Chen Ziyu and Chu Muyan, he didn’t have to fear anyone.

If he wanted to leave, not even the seven of them together could stop him from leaving.

Hmmm? Right at this moment, the broken sword in Lin Yun’s hand began to tremble. AFter half a day, the broken sword finally showed a reaction. “It’s in that direction? Time to go!”

Lin Yun no longer concealed his aura as he pushed his movement technique to the limit. It didn’t take long for him to see a towering mountain shrouded in mist. He wasn’t the only one who found the mountain shrouded in mist. But no one dared to enter because all those who dared to enter had died a terrible death.

In the end, they were shocked to discover that the mist was entirely made of sword intent. This meant that aside from those with secret artifacts or powerful physiques, going into the mist was suicide. Even if only a tiny amount of the mist entered their body, their internal organs would be injured.

In the end, many people could only leave after shaking their heads. After all, there were other places they could search and it would be stupid to court death when they knew it was impossible for them to enter.

Lin Yun became the center of attention the moment he showed up. He had initially retracted his aura, using his sword intent to suppress the Azure Dragon’s aura. Shrouded in a purple mist, Lin Yun looked bewitching. So it was impossible for anyone not to notice him.

But by the time everyone recovered from their shock, Lin Yun had already entered the mist. “Was that Lin Yun?”

“He’s actually here! Damn it, what arrogance!” Earlier, the crowd was confident that Lin Yun wouldn’t dare to show up. However, he proved them wrong once again.

“What is there to be afraid of? Isn’t Ouyang Hao inside?”

“Are you serious?” Everyone became excited the moment they heard that.

“I witnessed it myself. Ouyang Hao went in with the elders and disciples of the Skycloud Sect.”

“Haha, Lin Yun is dead!”

“Ouyang Hao was the first to declare that he would kill Lin Yun. Now, Lin Yun is delivering himself to Ouyang Hao.”

“Let’s just hope that Ouyang Hao doesn’t beat the shit out of Lin Yun. After all, Ouyang Hao is famed for his temper.”

“I believe in Ouyang Hao. I’ll wait here and watch Lin Yun crawl out like a dog. If not, I’ll eat shit while doing a handstand.” Everyone became excited when they heard that Ouyang Hao was also inside.

Lin Yun had finally encountered the seven geniuses. Without a doubt, they were about to witness a great show.. Many wandering cultivators and geniuses that weren’t from Skymound City also gathered, watching from afar. After all, they had been targeted in the Sword Sect’s secret realm.

The seven geniuses were like seven mountains that loomed over their heads. The local geniuses relied on the seven geniuses to act domineering. Guo Xu and Yang Fan were among this crowd that had been suppressed. They were in such a terrible state that they didn’t dare to show themselves. 

After all, the geniuses from Skymound City were too united and they could only hide. So they couldn’t help coming over to wait for a show when they heard that Lin Yun was also here. They could only hope that Lin Yun would teach the geniuses from Skymound City a lesson on their behalf.

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