Chapter 70 - Fighting the Demonic Flaming Tiger


The first thought that went through Lin Yun and the Dragon Blooded Horse’s minds was to run!

The Demonic Flaming Tiger had already crossed the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, and it was in the Xiantian Realm.

There was a huge difference between the Houtian and Xiantian Realms. So even if Lin Yun’s cultivation had reached the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, he still had no odds of winning against the Demonic Flaming Tiger.

And even if he managed to win, it was impossible for him to kill the Demonic Flaming Tiger.

The Horizon Cloud Mountain was filled with danger everywhere.

Lin Yun had been slaughtering demonic beasts along the way, but if he was heavily injured by the Demonic Flaming Tiger, any random demonic beasts in the mountain could easily kill him.


So when the Demonic Flaming Tiger saw its territory, he immediately flew into rage.

The Demonic Flaming Tiger suddenly roared, its roar echoing out for miles.


Lin Yun could sense the surging heat wave behind as rows of trees fell.

When he raised his head, he saw that the Demonic Flaming Tiger had breathed out its demonic flames in rage.

Its breath was like a dragon that devoured everything in its path.


Seeing that the flames were about to reach him, Lin Yun immediately dodged as the flames brushed past his face, a close encounter with death.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the ground trembled, Lin Yun took great effort to get up as he did not dare to look back.

A heavy breathing sounded out from the rear. The Demonic Flaming Tiger wasn’t far from him.

As Lin Yun and the Dragon Blooded Horse ran while the Demonic Flaming Tiger chased, the demonic beasts in their path all ran in fear, which accidentally caused a demonic beast wave.

However, Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with that right now as he only wanted to escape.

When he raised his head, he nearly choked from anger as the Dragon Blooded Horse was running far ahead from him without him knowing.

Patting himself on his forehead, Lin Yun vexed, “I’ve also become stupid after being with this fool for so long. Why do I have to run?”


Lin Yun suddenly soared as he landed on the back of the Dragon Blooded Horse.

He immediately felt relaxed as he pulled the strings and wanted to get the horse to run faster.

However, the Dragon Blooded Horse had misunderstood Lin Yun’s intention and neighed before it turned around and charged towards the Demonic Flaming Tiger.

It was fine before they turned around, but when they turned around, Lin Yun saw how the Demonic Flaming Tiger breathed out demonic flames from its mouth.

The Dragon Blooded Horse did not stop. On the contrary, it ran with more might.

“Holy cow, why am I so stupid…”


Lin Yun slapped himself as he regretted jumping onto the back of the Dragon Blooded Horse.

He was now brought into danger with the Dragon Blooded Horse, and it was impossible for him to turn around anymore.

“Since it’s impossible for us to turn around, then let’s fight!”

Lin Yun was a decisive person, and he was also enraged for being pursued by the Demonic Flaming Tiger for half a day.

As the Xiantian Pure Yang Art rippled within his body, Lin Yun wanted to face the demonic flames with the Ferocious Tiger Fist.

The Dragon Blooded Horse had also jumped out fearlessly as it soared into the sky.


It used its head to withstand the blazing demonic flames, and riding on its back, Lin Yun suffered no injuries.

In the sky, the flames exploded like fireworks.

Lin Yun also didn’t have much time to think as he jumped up from the horseback and threw a punch at the Demonic Flaming Tiger.

However, the Demonic Flaming Tiger faced Lin Yun’s attack with disdain and smacked its paw out.

“Tiger Roaring in the Forest!” Lin Yun balled his fists as his fist glowed golden yellow.


When his punch collided with the tiger’s paw, it caused a huge commotion as a ring of shockwave spread out.

At the same time, an enormous force flowed from Lin Yun’s arm into his body, but it was soon dispelled by the internal energy in his body.

Lin Yun was actually not blown out by the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s paw, and he was actually evenly matched with it.

Shocked in his heart, Lin Yun never expected that his internal energy would become so powerful after transformation.

The Demonic Flaming Tiger had a trace of rage in its eyes as this puny human actually took his attack head-on. So, the Demonic Flaming Tiger immediately swiped out with both of its paws..

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One paw came straight at Lin Yun’s face.

The strong wind that followed after the paw forced Lin Yun to close his eyes as he tried his best to maneuver in the air.

In the violent confrontation, Lin Yun could sense the enormous power of the Demonic Flaming Tiger growing stronger with each attack.

After receiving ten attacks from the Demonic Flaming Tiger, Lin Yun was directly sent flying out.


Lin Yun spurted a mouthful of blood from his mouth as he bounced several times on the ground when he landed.

“Ughhh!” It was still too early. With his Xiantian Pure Yang Art in the second stage, it was still impossible for him to fight with a demonic beast in the Xiantian Realm.

At the same time, the disdain in the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s eyes had also disappeared.

When it looked at Lin Yun, its pupils became cautious.

As a demonic beast in the Xiantian Realm, its intelligence had far exceeded ordinary demonic beasts, who had no understanding for humans.

In the past when it was facing cultivators who were in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, it only needed a single paw to leave them heavily injured.

After all, the Xiantian Realm was of a completely different level compared to the Houtian Realm.

If it had unleashed more of its power, it could even turn them into a pile of meat.

However, not only was Lin Yun still alive, he looked as if he could still put on a fight without any heavy injuries.


Sharp claws extended out from the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s paws as they shone under the sunlight. Even the surrounding atmosphere became oppressive.

Lin Yun was shocked. This Demonic Flaming Tiger wasn’t like any demonic beast that he faced in the past.

This Demonic Flaming Tiger actually knew how to conceal its strength and even analyze its opponent’s strength.

All of a sudden, Lin Yun finally knew that he wasn’t this Demonic Flaming Tiger’s opponent even if his strength had grown.


The Demonic Flaming Tiger suddenly pounced out with an agile speed as its claws tore downwards.

Getting up on his feet immediately, Lin Yun backed off.

However, he was still a tad too slow. His clothes were torn on the chest, leaving ten bloody wounds that went deep into the bones.

Lin Yun sucked in a cold breath as he was nearly torn to pieces if he was any slower, but he was already at his limit when he dodged earlier.

With blood flowing down from his chest, his reaction speed would only decrease with his injuries.

As he thought about that, fear soon clouded his heart.

The Demonic Flaming Tiger was looking at Lin Yun with a sinister expression, permeating with killing aura. It was looking at Lin Yun like a dead man.

But all of a sudden, a crimson figure suddenly charged over.

The Dragon Blooded Horse that had been forgotten suddenly permeated with killing aura and ferocity.

It suddenly ran over like a bolt of lightning as it bit on the Demonic Flaming Tiger.


The Demonic Flaming Tiger suddenly roared out in pain as its body trembled, trying to break free from the jaws of the Dragon Blooded Horse.

However, the Dragon Blooded Horse firmly bit down on the Demonic Flaming Tiger, not letting it free.

“Right now!”

Bearing the pain, Lin Yun roared as he retrieved the Flower Burial Sword from the ancient sword box.

But right at this moment, he noticed that the ancient sword box was actually so much heavier than before.

Even after making progress in his cultivation, it was still tough for him to take it down.

Damn it!

Looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse being smacked by the Demonic Flaming Tiger, it looked as if it would collapse in the next moment.

Lin Yun’s eyes turned red as he jumped up and held onto the ancient sword box with both his hands and smacked it on the head of the Demonic Flaming Tiger.

Right at this moment, Lin Yun’s internal energy was unintentionally sapped by the sword box.

After absorbing Lin Yun’s internal energy, the floral patterns on the sword box glowed.

It was as heavy as a hill as it smacked on the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s head.


Being smacked by the sword box, the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s head had actually exploded.

Looking at the brain juice splashing out, Lin Yun immediately dodged to avoid being splashed.

After he landed on the ground, Lin Yun’s face was pale without any trace of blood. Just a moment ago, his internal energy was entirely sapped by the ancient sword box.

As Lin Yun gasped for his breath, he looked at this scene with disbelief.

The Demonic Flaming Tiger was dead?

The Demonic Flaming Tiger was actually smacked to death by the ancient sword box?

But right now, he was overwhelmed by the exhaustion, and before he knew it, his brain started to hurt.

However, he couldn’t  afford to fall asleep! He can’t afford to lose consciousness!

Lin Yun was relying on his willpower alone to hold onto his consciousness.

This was the Horizon Cloud Mountain, and he knew that losing his consciousness meant death.

He would only end up being eaten by other demonic beasts, especially with the body of the Demonic Flaming Tiger around. The corpse would definitely attract other demonic beasts!

However, the intense pain was gradually grinding down his willpower.

As his head buzzed, he lost his consciousness in the end. When his vision started to blur, he could only see a horse face sticking up close in his face.

This fool…

That was the last thought before Lin Yun fell unconscious.

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