Chapter 699 - Fighting Lei Yan

Lin Yun hadn't used his full strength ever since his dragon runes grew to eleven. Now that the vice-sect master of the Ironblood Sword Gate delivered himself to Lin Yun, there was no reason for him to refuse it, especially after he reached the pinnacle Yang stage. There was no way that Lei Yan would escape Lin Yun.

Lei Yan, who was sent backwards, clearly didn’t expect that Lin Yun would become so strong in just half a month. Even after reaching the complete Yin-Yang stage, he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t able to defeat Lin Yun.

With that, he no longer took it easy and spread his arm apart, condensing his crimson origin energy into five crimson swords. When the swords were formed, they violently grew to thirty meters in length.

In a single moment, they became like mountains. However, even though they were large, Lei Yan could control them as he wished. Waving his hand, the five crimson swords flew towards Lin Yun. Before the swords even get close, cracks started to appear on the origin energy barrier around Lin Yun.

“Not bad…” Facing such a domineering attack, Lin Yun circulated the Iris Sword Sutra without any change on his face. Triggering his silver sword energy, the eleven dragon runes began to shine with a silver radiance.

Seven Slaughtering Seal!

However, Lin Yun didn’t think that it was enough, so he formed seals with his hands. In the next second, his killing aura was multiplied seven times. Then, a torrential surge of killing aura poured out of him.

“It’s finally easier…” Lin Yun’s fighting spirits surged. Earlier, Lei Yan’s aura was suffocating, so he didn’t hesitate to use the Iris Sword Sutra, Seven Slaughtering Seal, and the Azure Dragon Enneaform.

Bearing the violent sword aura, Lin Yun faced the five swords head-on. Lin Yun charged forward with lightning covered fists. Each punch caused countless origin energy fluctuations to spread out.

Lei Yan could manipulate the swords easily as he wished. If another genius in the Yin-Yang stage was fighting him, that genius would be killed by now. But Lin Yun had relied on the Azure Dragon Battle Physique and his xiantian sword intent at complete mastery to fight Lei Yan evenly.

When Lei Yan saw that he couldn’t take Lin Yun down even after ten moves, he could no longer contain himself. After all, it would be humiliating if news of this got out.

“Crimson Sun!” Lei Yan roared. The five crimson swords combined together into a crimson sphere.

“Form!” Lei Yan formed a seal as he unleashed his sword intent. The crimson sphere instantly released a dazzling brilliance and the immense pressure forced Lin Yun backwards.

“You think you can escape? Explode!” Lei Yan roared with cold light flashing in his pupils. The crimson sphere suddenly exploded, dying the entire region red. Shortly after, countless crimson fragments rained down on Lin Yun from every direction.

Under the ferocious attacks, Lin Yun wore a grave expression as he combined the azure dragon energy and iris sword energy together.

Azure Dragon Palm!

Lin Yun roared as scales began to appear on his hands that looked like a dragon claw. In the next second, he reached out to block the fragments flying at him. But even so, he was only able to defend his vital spots and was covered with injuries.

This brat… Lei Yan locked his brows together as Lin Yun was too difficult to deal with. Not only did the soundwave from the explosion fail to hurt Lin Yun, but the barrage of fragments also weren’t able to reach Lin Yun’s vital spots.

“Soaring Crimson Sword!” Lei Yan mobilized all the origin energy within his body to form ten crimson swords. When he took a step forward, the swords formed a crimson python that unleashed a ferocious aura.

Lei Yan’s face turned cold as he charged towards Lin Yun like a sharp sword. Then, the python that was emitting a crimson radiance dove down.

Facing this unexpected and ferocious attack, Lin Yun had a serious expression. He instantly unleashed the Azure Dragon Battle Armor. The Azure Dragon Mark on his chest lit up as the eleven dragon runes began to squirm on the surface of his body, forming an ancient armor.

The armor crackled with lightning and the outline of an Azure Dragon was branded on it. With that, Lin Yun looked like an ancient wargod. When Lei Yan’s attack landed on the armor, he was sent flying backwards while spitting up blood.

Great Wind Scripture!

When Lin Yun sent his palm out, the entire world became quiet. Everyone was also shocked to discover that there was no sound coming out of their mouths even if they tried to talk. But this bizarre phenomenon only lasted for a split second.

When his palm landed on Lei Yan, the entire world began to tremble as a violent wind soared into the sky. Under the huge explosion, Lei Yan threw up blood as his body flew backwards.

“He’s not dead?” Everyone was shocked to discover that Lin Yun was still alive and that he even injured Lei Yan. Lei Yan was someone in the complete Yin-Yang stage and his strongest attack could even kill someone in the pinnacle greater Yin-Yang stage. Although Lin Yun seemed to be injured, his fighting spirits were still blazing ferociously.

“You bastard! You’re forcing me to draw my sword!” Lei Yan drew his sword and his sword aura surged even more. He was thoroughly enraged that he was evenly matched with Lin Yun. Furthermore, his physique was inferior to Lin Yun. It was depressing, but he knew that he would lose more terribly if he refrained from using his sword.

“I haven’t even drawn my sword yet. Who gave you the guts to speak to me like that?” Lin Yun sneered as he waved his hand and summoned the Flower Burial Sword. With the sword in his hands, a dazzling brilliance blinded everyone’s eyes.

Under Lin Yun’s immense aura, traces of cracks began to appear on Lei Yan’s aura and he immediately fell into a disadvantageous position.

Overlord Sword—Solar Slash!

Lin Yun attacked swiftly as he swung his sword out, unleashing a boundless sword ray. When Lin Yun reappeared, he was standing before Lei Yan as he swung his sword down.

For a split second, the entire sky had turned dark. When everyone regained their sight, Lei Yan was sent flying with wounds all over his body.

Where do the flowers bloom!

Before Lei Yan could react, Lin Yun’s eyes flashed coldly as a rose bloomed on the tip of his sword.

Where do I come from!

Suddenly, another sword descended from the sky.

The endless mountain and lake; the crisping leaves and wind!

Drifting flowers like dreams, and sorrow like fine rain! 

At this moment, the entire region was filled with Lin Yun’s sword rays, suppressing Lei Yan completely and causing Lin Yun to look like a sword immortal. His aura had undergone a complete transformation when he drew his sword. In only ten moves, Lei Yan was covered in blood as he fell to the ground.

With great difficulty, Lei Yan rose to his feet only for his sword to be knocked out of his hands by Lin Yun’s sword ray. This caused Lei Yan to panic as he retreated in fear, “No!”

“You can’t escape!” The Flower Burial Sword radiated in Lin Yun’s hand like the sun to burn everything in its path.

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