Chapter 698 - Annoyance

When the aged voice echoed out, everyone’s hearts fluctuated. Those who were calling Lin Yun a fool to depend on a bunch of dead ghosts were also dumbfounded.

“I was right!” Lin Yun’s pale face became rosy with joy flashing within his pupils.

Just when the Astral Constellation was about to completely unfold, a dazzling sword ray exploded from the broken sword that left cracks on the Astral Constellation. Although the aerial beast in the Astral Constellation roared with reluctance, it was forced to disappear when the Astral Constellation broke. In that split second, Lin Yun could sense that the pressure on him was a lot lighter.

No one can humiliate an empyrean? Lin Yun sneered with his eyes flashing coldly, “Someone who’s already dead should stay dead. Break!”

The eleven dragon runes gathered on Lin Yun’s chest as he lifted the skeleton once again. This time, the empyrean’s corpse was easily lifted by Lin Yun.

“N-No…” The deceased empyrean’s voice echoed within Lin Yun’s mind. It was bad enough that he was killed when he was alive. But even now after his death, he was actually being humiliated by a young man.

Under Lin Yun’s immense strength, the empyrean’s skeleton was lifted up along with the ground trembling. With another roar, Lin Yun tossed the empyrean’s skeleton away into the crowd once more. “Get lost!”

“Fuck! Again?!”

“Lin Yun, screw you!”

“You bastard!” Everyone began to run for their lives when they saw this scene. They were fast, but they were still too late. When the empyrean’s corpse landed on the ground, even those who had run the furthest away were heavily injured. As for those unfortunate ones who were nearby, they vanished without a trace.

The energy fluctuation turned into a violent wind that blew towards Lin Yun. The wind made Lin Yun’s hair flutter violently as he could see a deep crater on the ground where the corpse fell. Only the Heavenly Astral Pearl was left behind, containing a shocking amount of astral energy.

Waving his hand, Lin Yun pulled the Heavenly Astral Pearl over to him. With the Heavenly Astral Pearl in his hand, Lin Yun could sense explosive energy as the origin energy within his body began to surge. After all, the origin energy within his body had been surpassed by the Azure Dragon Enneaform for a long time and it wanted to make a breakthrough a long time ago.

What power! Lin Yun was shocked, but he knew that this wasn’t the right moment to refine it. He wanted to accumulate enough treasures to ensure a smooth breakthrough. Storing the Heavenly Astral Pearl carefully, Lin Yun waved his hand and summoned the broken sword.

The rusted sword looked smooth and sharp now. It also contained a shocking sword intent. Lin Yun was shocked that the sword still contained sword intent, but the sword intent felt like it was about to dissipate.

While he examined the broken sword, many gazes were fixed on him. There was no question that they were tempted to snatch the Heavenly Astral Pearl, but they were deterred by how Lin Yun lifted the empyrean’s skeleton earlier. Just thinking about it sent a chill down their spines.

Just when everyone was about to leave, ten figures flew over shrouded in sword intent. They soon appeared before Lin Yun and the leader of the party looked familiar. But soon, his face sank because it was the Ironblood Sword Gate’s other vice-sect master.

These people are really annoying...Hmmm? Lin Yun soon realized that the old man who was only in the greater Yin-Yang stage half a month ago was in the complete Yin-Yang stage. No wonder this old man dared to come after him.

“Brat, how have you been?” The old man looked at Lin Yun as he gnashed his teeth. Not only did Lin Yun kill Tang Ying, but he also used a secret artifact to leave his senior brother, the sect master, in a terrible state. That had thoroughly embarrassed the Ironblood Sword Gate, causing them to lose their prestige in Flamedragon Hill.

Lin Yun’s gaze was cold and a killing aura surged in his pupils. He had a deep grudge with the Ironblood Sword Gate and he had said that he would annihilate them one day. Since he had said that, he naturally had to keep up to his promise.

“Brat, don’t you know that you’re dead?” The old man sneered. “Qing Ruoyou showed up earlier after you left and her killing aura even shocked me. Why don’t you take a guess as to what I can get from Her Highness Ruoyou and the various forces in Skymound City for your head?”

That woman showed up? Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling enraged as he had never met such an unreasonable woman before. He openly welcomed the challenge during the Death Auction, but she was the one who didn’t want to fight him. 

After he defeated all the geniuses in Skymound City, she began targeting him in every way possible. He never expected that she wouldn’t let it go and would pressure the Skymound City’s geniuses.

The old man stepped forward and unleashed his pressure, sending Lin Yun a few steps backwards. The sudden confrontation had attracted many people’s attention and they cheered when they saw the old man, “It’s the Ironblood Sword Gate’s vice-sect master, Lei Yan!”

“Complete Yin-Yang stage? No wonder he’s so arrogant. So he made his breakthrough.”

“Lin Yun probably never imagined that. He has too many enemies.”

“Lin Yun might be a talent, but he’s still only in the Yang stage. Facing Lei Yan, who’s in the complete Yin-Yang stage, Lin Yun will probably be defeated in just ten moves.”

“That’s not set in stone. Lei Yan has just reached the complete Yin-Yang stage, not the pinnacle.” Everyone began to discuss among themselves as they guessed how Lin Yun would handle this matter. Although the empyrean’s corpse was terrifying, it wasn’t Lin Yun’s own strength, not to mention that Lei Yan had relied on his aura to make Lin Yun take a few steps back.

Many people wanted to find a hint on Lin Yun’s face, but they were clearly disappointed as they couldn’t tell anything from his face.

“You don’t have to be concerned about me. Just be concerned about yourself!” Lin Yun stomped his foot on the ground and soared into the sky like a golden crow. When he used the Seven Profound Steps, a dragon roar echoed from within his body along with a purple glow.

When he clenched his fist together, he poured all the eleven dragon runes into it and threw a punch at Lei Yan.

“This brat is too arrogant to attack first.”

“No matter what, Lei Yan is still in the complete Yin-Yang stage. I can’t believe that he dares to attack first? Isn’t he afraid of death?”

“Hmph, how arrogant. His defeat is inevitable.” The radiant scene of Lin Yun soaring into the sky had shocked everyone. But those who didn’t want Lin Yun showing off began to curse him.

“You’re courting death. Do you think you’re invincible just because you killed a few geniuses? I’ll teach you that there’s always a bigger mountain!” Lei Yan was briefly stunned when he saw Lin Yun attacking first before he sneered. In his eyes, Lin Yun was simply courting death. He was still thinking about how to prevent Lin Yun from running.

Condensing his crimson origin energy into a sword ray, Lei Yan faced Lin Yun’s punch head-on. When he collided with Lin Yun, lightning and sword intent crackled. But in the next second, a shocking scene had occurred as Lei Yan retreated with a trace of blood on his lips.

“H-h-how is this possible?!” Lei Yan looked down with disbelief. He had used 50% of his origin energy in his attack, but he was defeated by Lin Yun’s punch?

In mid-air, Lin Yun’s azure clothes fluttered in the wind as he was enveloped in a purple mist, looking like a bewitching lotus. “Complete Yin-Yang stage? It’s really not that impressive after all…”

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