Chapter 696 - You Guys Can Have It

A bolt of purple lightning streaked through the horizon, followed by a wild crackling. The streak was Lin Yun. After cultivating the Azure Dragon Enneaform for an entire night and condensing three more dragon runes, his body was brimming with vitality and azure dragon energy. He couldn’t contain it within his body fully even if he tried his best to control it.

The purple mist around him was even stronger than before, mixed with a sacred aura that made Lin Yun look ethereal. His Azure Dragon Enneaform had reached a shocking height. If he summoned the Azure Dragon Battle Armor, he could even withstand the attacks from cosmic artifacts.

With a breakthrough in his cultivation and an improvement to his Azure Dragon Enneaform, his strength had increased by 30% in just one night. Sensing the massive energy coursing through his body, Lin Yun didn’t have much joy on his face. 

After all, it was somewhat deformed as his cultivation was too low. He was currently like a bottle of water that was expanding without an increase in volume. In the long run, this would be dangerous for him. After all, the best case scenario was to fill the water bottle.

Lin Yun was traveling with the Seven Profound Steps at full speed. The wind wouldn’t come and go for no reason, so there must be a reason for the black storm. The more dangerous it was, the greater the opportunity, not to mention that he was in a secret realm of the Sword Sect.

As time gradually passed, Lin Yun traveled another hundred miles. Soon, people started to appear before him. The people in the surrounding area also grew in numbers as they were headed in the same direction as Lin Yun.

Looks like I’m late. Lin Yun muttered inwardly as this place had clearly been found by others. When he landed on the ground, he formed seals with both his hands as the Iris Flower bloomed within his violet palace along with a sword buzz.

Lin Yun had used nearly 70% of his origin energy to travel. The golden crow seal radiated behind him as he shot out like a cannon. The radiance that he was giving off dazzled many people. By the time everyone reacted, Lin Yun was already gone.

Using the secret technique to travel, he looked like a Heavenly Soul Realm expert. When he appeared once more, he was already on a mountain ten miles away.

He was holding onto several fourth grade spiritual jades to replenish his origin energy as he looked up ahead. There was a sand dune with lots of bones on the ground. Among the pile of bones, was an ancient person who had died a long time ago. But unlike the bones in the surrounding area, this person’s body did not decay.

Sensing the terrifying aura coming from this corpse, Lin Yun instantly recognized that this was a corpse of an empyrean. The black wind must have been coming from this place. Even though the empyrean died a long time ago, he was still giving off a terrifying energy fluctuation.

But what made Lin Yun shocked was the broken sword plunged into the corpse. He could sense an ancient energy in the mottled sword. A broken sword killed an empyrean?

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling a chill down his spine. If this was true, then how powerful was the expert who killed this empyrean?

But very quickly, Lin Yun noticed some hints. This empyrean wasn’t from the Sword Sect as the aura enveloping this empyrean’s corpse didn’t contain a sword aura. With his keen sword intent, Lin Yun was sure that he wasn’t wrong.

It’s not someone from the Sword Sect? This empyrean was an enemy! Many pictures began to flash in Lin Yun’s mind as he imagined a majestic battle from when the Sword Sect was destroyed. In that battle, even empyrean experts lost their lives.

The scenes flashing in his mind were terrifying and this deceased empyrean was an enemy who killed many of the Sword Sect’s experts. But in the end, this empyrean was killed by a terrifying sword intent.

Interesting… Lin Yun has visited many secret realms in the past, including those that belonged to ancient sects. All those sects were destroyed in a tribulation as there was a trace of demonic aura left behind. Although this secret realm also had a demonic aura, the demonic aura was rather faint. This showed that the enemies of the Sword Sect were fellow human cultivators.

But the Sword Sect was the unrivalled overlord of Ancient Southern Domain in the past, so who dared to attack them?

“Hehe, it’s actually an empyrean’s corpse. We’ve made it big this time! There must be Heavenly Astral Pearl in the corpse!”

“The Sword Sect is really terrifying to kill an empyrean. If this corpse makes it outside, it’ll surely cause a huge shock.”

“Oh, there’s no way we can fight for it. The Heavenly Soul Realm experts will definitely fight for it.” Right at this moment, many figures made it to the foot of the mountain as they discussed among themselves excitedly.

Collecting his thoughts, Lin Yun knew that he didn’t have to think too much right now. But this empyrean’s corpse was useful to him, especially the Heavenly Astral Pearl. If he obtained another one, he would have higher confidence of making his breakthrough into the Yin-Yang stage.

Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with excitement as he craved to improve his cultivation right now. But he wasn’t the only one interested in the corpse. There were also many people with greed in their eyes looking at the corpse.

But their eyes were filled with fear when they saw the black mist. After all, they suffered greatly last night. Aside from that, there was also a pack of Demonbone Wolves not far away eyeing them. The Demonbone Wolves didn’t have any skin. Their structure consisted of bones, so they weren’t strong by themselves. But that didn’t mean that they were weak as they usually traveled in a pack.

Most importantly, the physique of those Demonbone Wolves was definitely stronger than human cultivators, so they weren’t afraid of the black mist.

Seeing how many Demonbone Wolves began to gather, a cultivator couldn’t hold back any longer as he  soared into the sky. With someone taking the lead, a few hundred people also charged towards the empyrean’s corpse.

The wolves roared as they charged over like black clouds, causing the ground to tremble violently. Both human cultivators and the Demonbone Wolves were charging towards the empyrean’s corpse. But the black lightning on the ground left wounds on many people.

The Demonbone Wolves weren’t in better shape as they had difficulty just taking a step forward under the immense pressure.

Half an hour later, a pile of corpses were left on the ground with no one capable of getting close to the empyrean’s corpse.

“Time for me to move out.” Lin Yun could sense many experts hidden among the crowd waiting for the mess to end before snatching the empyrean’s corpse. But Lin Yun wasn’t concerned about them. If they dared to come at him, he would just crush them head-on based on his powerful physique and xiantian sword intent at complete mastery.

He didn’t have to protect himself with origin energy to fight with the Demonbone Wolves. On the contrary, he could just charge head-on as this place was a paradise to him. After making up his mind, Lin Yun decisively made his move.

His appearance instantly attracted many people’s attention as they yelled, “Holy shit. He’s charging in all by himself? Isn’t he afraid of the black mist?”

“Damn it! It’s Lin Yun!”

“What’s with him? Why does the purple mist around him feel even stronger than before?”

“So what? Even if he isn’t killed by the black mist, he’ll end up as dinner for the Demonbone Wolves. He’s too naive to think that he can obtain the Heavenly Astral Pearl by himself.”

Under everyone’s gazes, Lin Yun entered the black mist smoothly without any trouble. He didn’t even have to protect himself with origin energy. Just like that, Lin Yun charged forward, throwing many people behind as he approached the empyrean’s corpse.

“Get lost!” Several Demonbone Wolves wanted to charge at him, but they were sent flying by his fists before they could even get close. These Demonbone Wolves were nothing before him when he unleashed the aura of an Azure Dragon. With the purple mark on his forehead and the purple mist surrounding his body, he looked bewitching. Under his gaze, the Demonbone Wolves could only tremble in fear.

“This…” Everyone was shocked because neither the black mist nor the wolves could stop Lin Yun.

These demonic beasts… Lin Yun was also stunned. He was expecting a battle with the Demonbone Wolves, but he never expected that they would be intimidated by the Azure Dragon’s aura. His lips couldn’t help twitching. He never expected that the Azure Dragon Enneaform was so terrifying.

Perhaps I’m a demonic beast in the eyes of those wolves? Technically, the Azure Dragon was also a demonic beast, except that it had a noble bloodline. So the ferocious aura it possesses could also intimidate ancient demonic beasts.

But before Lin Yun could think about it, he had already passed through the pack of wolves. As he gradually got closer to the corpse, the fluctuation in the atmosphere grew even stronger.

When he took ten steps forward, something bizarre had occurred as the head of the empyrean’s corpse had rolled over to Lin Yun’s feet. The head had been reduced to a skull, which made Lin Yun’s face turn black. He looked at the ferocious aura in the eye socket and realized that this empyrean was rather vicious. It turned out that this empyrean wanted to harm those who come here even after his death. This also meant that the empyrean probably wasn’t a righteous cultivator when he was alive.

Many people saw this scene and they started sneering, “Heh, this brat tested the mine for us.”

“Haha, you never expected that right? This is what you get for thinking that there’s no one in Skymound City who can handle you!”

“Hmph, even if the skull doesn’t kill you, we’ll still make you pay the price!”

“The Sword Sect’s secret realm isn’t a place that a sword slave like you can come to!”

The Skymound City’s cultivators sneered with mockery on their faces. They were cultivators from the various forces, so they had a deep hatred for Lin Yun. They couldn’t help feeling excited when they saw that Lin Yun was in danger.

If Lin Yun died here, it would surely shock many people. As they sneered, the skull grew brighter as if it was about to explode.

“Do you people like the skull of a dead person so much?” Lin Yun’s body surged with purple mist and lightning as he unleashed the Azure Dragon’s aura within his body without any restrain. As Lin Yun’s skin became glittering, the purple mist emitted a terrifying Azure Dragon’s aura that suppressed the energy in the skull.

“Since you guys like it, then you guys can have it.” Lin Yun kicked the skull over to the crowd as it landed among the various forces.


“Screw you Lin Yun!” The smile on everyone’s faces froze as they started cursing when they saw the skull flying at them.

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