Chapter 691 - Who Gave You The Face?!

Chen Xiong’s roar was filled with anger and hatred, which drew everyone’s attention onto Lin Yun. The seven strongest geniuses of Skymound City had just left, so everyone exploded when they saw Lin Yun.

“Oh my god! It really is Lin Yun! He actually dares to come!”

“Holy shit, is he courting death? The seven geniuses are here! Is he looking down on our Skymound City?”

“This is too much!”

“Damn it. If only one of the seven were here. They would be able to crush him like a dog.”

“This brat is too crafty. He only showed himself after the seven geniuses left.” The geniuses of Skymound City were all furious when they saw Lin Yun.

Right at this moment, a figure landed beside Chen Xiong. He was naturally Xiang Tianhe, ranked forty-eight on the inner ranking. He swept a glance at Lin Yun with a dark expression. Back in the Death Auction, he was the last hope as the strongest remaining person. But he didn’t expect that he wasn’t able to take Lin Yun down within three moves, allowing Lin Yun to mock those on the inner ranking.

This brought him Qing Ruoyou’s indifference as she had ignored him completely. This angered him so much. He barked, “You really dare to show yourself. As requested by Brother Ziyu, I’ve been staying here, waiting for you.”

Xiang Tianhe’s voice was cold and he didn’t bother concealing his killing aura. After all, Lin Yun was in no position to be arrogant with a genius on the inner ranking present. If Lin Yun tried to enter the secret realm forcibly, then he would be courting death.

“Hehe, since Brother Xiang is here, then I’ll watch from the side… for now.” A person suddenly stood up from the Skycloud Sect’s direction. He was carrying a long spear and emitted an aura in the greater Yin-Yang stage.

“It’s Lu Tong!” Everyone was shocked as Lu Tong was ranked third in the Skycloud Sect and he was an arrogant person. But it was a pity that he was outshined by Ouyang Hao and Chu Muyan, who were also in the Skycloud Sect. So he had been in seclusion all this time waiting to shine brightly.

“The Skycloud Sect is really filled with geniuses.”

“It won’t be long for Lu Tong to get on the level of the seven geniuses.”

“Lin Yun won’t be able to escape now.” Everyone was emotional when they saw Lu Tong.

“Hehe, with Brother Xiang here, he might not have the opportunity to defeat Lin Yun.”

“That’s right, no hurry. Anyhow, just leave Lin Yun alive for us to torture him,” said the geniuses of the various clans. Lin Yun’s appearance had caused a huge uproar as if there was no place for Lin Yun here.

“Xiang Tianhe, we have no grudges between us. Isn’t your killing aura a little too much?” Lin Yun said. He did have grudges with the geniuses of the various clans, but not with Xiang Tianhe. So he had no idea what was with Xiang Tianhe’s torrential killing aura. Was a genius on the inner ranking so petty?

Thinking that Lin Yun was afraid of him, Xiang Tianhe smiled sinisterly, “Just offending Her Highness Ruoyou is enough for me to kill you a hundred times. I gave you a chance back in the auction, so I won’t let you go today even if you beg me.”

“So it turns out that you’re willing to be a dog,” said Lin Yun.

“You’re just a sword slave. Does he need a reason to kill you?” Chen Xiong said seeing that the geniuses from the various clans had arrived.

“Who are you to interrupt?” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed coldly as a dragon roar echoed out from his body while he charged at Chen Xiong. When he was mid-air, he had already mobilized three of the dragon runes before he threw his punch out.

In a split second, Chen Xiong, who was a thousand meters away, was captured by Lin Yun.

“Damn it!” Everyone was shocked by Lin Yun’s action as none of them had expected that Lin Yun would make a move with so many people here. When Lin Yun captured Chen Xiong and landed back on the ground, the other geniuses and Xiang Tianhe barely recovered from their shock.

“Let Young Master Chen go!”

“Let him go!” Everyone roared in anger when they saw Lin Yun grabbing Chen Xiong’s neck. Chen Xiong’s face had turned red as overbearing energy entangled his body. In the next second, wounds began to appear on Chen Xiong’s body as fresh blood started flowing down.

Looking at this scene, everyone sucked in a cold breath as they could only watch Chen Xiong being tortured.

“You sword slave! What do you think you’re doing?! My big brother and the Chen Clan won’t let you off!” Chen Xiong’s face p turned red with pain as he roared furiously. He tried to struggle, but he realized that there was nothing he could do before Lin Yun. As Lin Yun’s overbearing energy began to squeeze his body, his bones started breaking.

“Still acting tough?” Lin Yun said coldly.

Chen Xiong yelled out in pain from the bottom of his heart. At this moment, he was consumed with fear as he begged, “Lin Yun, please let me go. I won’t do it anymore. I can’t take it!”

“Lin Yun, let him go and I’ll let you have an easier death!” Xiang Tianhe roared with an ugly expression. After all, it was a source of humiliation for him that Chen Xiong was captured with him around. He even wanted to charge over and slaughter Lin Yun right now, but he could only control himself when he saw Chen Xiong’s terrible state.

“Well, since you’re a genius on the inner ranking, I’ll give you some face,” said Lin Yun in a mocking tone.

When Xiang Tianhe heard that, his face loosened up. But inwardly, he was determined to kill Lin Yun the moment he released Chen Xiong. But in the next second, a domineering force slapped Chen Xiong’s face like a dragon’s claw, causing Chen Xiong to spit a mouthful of blood.

When he landed on the ground, the force binding Chen Xiong disappeared. All of Chen Xiong’s bones were broken as he laid on the ground with a foul stench coming from his pants while he lost consciousness.

“Lin Yun!” Xiang Tianhe roared as he nearly fainted from the anger pent up in his chest. He was tasked by Chen Ziyu to kill Lin Yun, so he was responsible for Chen Xiong. But Chen Xiong was now a cripple.

There was no way he could explain this to Chen Ziyu, which truly enraged him. When he unleashed his killing aura, a cold breeze blew out into the surroundings that made everyone tremble in fear as Xiang Tianhe’s aura was too powerful.

Chen Xiong was crippled openly and lost control of his bowels from a slap. This would definitely be a shadow looming over Chen Xiong’s heart for the rest of his life.

Facing Xiang Tianhe, Lin Yun had no changes to his expression. He knew that he would be in danger if he came, but the situation seemed more dire than he had imagined. Even an inner ranking’s genius willingly became a dog for a woman.

Since Xiang Tianhe didn’t want any face, then he couldn’t be blamed for being ruthless. Lin Yun had killed many people in his path of cultivation, but these people before him had no idea who they were messing with.

“I rarely killed anyone after I joined the inner ranking. Lin Yun, you’ve really enraged me this time!” Xiang Tianhe glared at Lin Yun ferociously.

“Interesting. You're making it sound as if you'll let me go. You’re just someone ranked at the end of the inner ranking. Who gave you the face to boast before me?” Lin Yun’s words echoed like thunder as he released his killing aura, which instantly turned the sky dark.

The rage in him was like an ocean because these so-called geniuses were too much. Today, he would slay a genius on the inner ranking!

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