Chapter 690 - Obstruction

The sword ray coming from Skymound Mountain was giving off an immense pressure that would even make a Heavenly Soul Realm expert feel tiny. The sword ray appeared two days ago, which attracted many people’s attention. But everyone could only look from afar, and no one dared to head forward.

They were waiting for the sword ray to tear a hole in the secret realm before heading in. Otherwise, they would be in danger if they dared to intrude now. Every time a secret realm appeared in Thunder Prefecture, it would attract everyone’s attention.

Skymound City was one of the seven main cities in Thunder Prefecture and its foundation definitely wasn't any weaker than the prefectural cities. It was filled with people and had a deep foundation, but Lin Yun only understood this when he reached the border of the mountain.

The plains beneath the sword ray had a multitude of people gathered. Compared to the Death Auction, the attraction of the secret realm was a lot greater. Occasionally, he could see experts riding their flying beasts across the sky.

“How busy…” Looking at this scene, Lin Yun smacked his lips inwardly. Looking afar, he saw the sword ray that pierced the sky. Vaguely, he could sense a vague and powerful energy fluctuation. The Sword Sect was truly worthy of being the overlord of the Ancient Southern Domain. The sword ray alone was enough evidence for Lin Yun to imagine how glorious the Sword Sect was.

Lin Yun didn’t make a move recklessly as he knew that the four major clans and Skycloud Sect must be here. Glancing around, he could see disciples donned in Skycloud Sect’s clothes scouring past the crowd as though they were looking for someone.

Looking for me? In terms of manpower, the Skycloud Sect was ranked at the top. After all, the manpower a force could mobilize would definitely be much higher than a clan. So if the various forces in Skymound City wanted to hunt for him, the Skycloud Sect naturally had to send out their forces. Then again, the forces that the other clans sent out weren’t any inferior.

Suddenly, Lin Yun raised his head, and he could sense many powerful auras charging forward. Not only him, but many people among the crowd in the plains could also sense the unique aura. Very quickly, an uproar exploded.

“It’s Jin Zhan and Jin Yi from the Jin Clan. They’re both considered one of the seven strongest geniuses  They’re also known as the Twin Stars of the Jin Clan. I heard that they’re in the greater Yin-Yang stage and they’re known to be invincible among the same realm.”

“Ouyang Hao has also come!” Someone exclaimed when a youth carrying a long spear appeared. Ouyang Hao was the first of the seven strongest geniuses who returned and he even declared that he would slay Lin Yun.

Not long later, two more figures arrived. They were Qin Xu and Gu Yang of the Qin and Gu Clans. They were on the same level as Ouyang Hao and the twins. Under the sword ray’s brilliance, the group of five emitted a faint radiance that stood out among the crowd.

Looking at them, many people had envy and fear in their eyes. Those five were standing at the front and they would be the first batch to enter the moment the secret realm opened. The sword ray was sharp, so ordinary people couldn’t get close to it.

This meant that the best treasures would definitely go to the five geniuses while they could only go for the undesirable treasures. So, they could only rely on their luck.

“They’re part of the seven geniuses of Skymound City?” Lin Yun pondered inwardly as he could sense a powerful aura coming from the five of them. They were all standing at the front, which clearly meant that they were capable of dealing with the sword intent.

I wonder if they can still be so indifferent when they face my sword intent? Lin Yun had interest on his face as his xiantian sword intent had reached complete mastery. Further empowered by the Iris Sword Sutra and Overlord Sword, it wasn’t something that an ordinary sword intent could be compared to.

But right at this moment, a sonic boom sounded out that made many people cover their ears. This made everyone’s faces change as they turned their heads around. They could see two figures blazing through the sky like two meteors. In fact, they were so fast that only their outline could be seen.

“Chu Muyan!”

“Chen Ziyu!”

Those two represented the top of the pyramid among Skymound City’s geniuses and they were legendary figures. Upon looking at the two of them, many people began to feel excited.

“They’re really back! I’m afraid that they’ve grown stronger over the past two years.”

“How terrifying! I can’t even look at them directly. They are simply too dazzling.”

“All seven of them are here at the same time. I wonder if they’ll kill Lin Yun before or after they enter the secret realm.”

“You must be overthinking things. How can the seven of them place Lin Yun in their eyes? Of course they will enter the secret realm first. After all, it’s more important than Lin Yun.” Someone immediately shut the idea down that the seven geniuses would wait for Lin Yun. Many of them even felt that Lin Yun wouldn’t dare to show up before them.

The crowd believed that any of the seven geniuses could suppress Lin Yun. They didn’t think it was necessary for Chen Ziyu and Chu Muyan to make their moves. With the seven geniuses here, Lin Yun would die if he dared to show up.

Under everyone's gaze, Chu Muyan and Chen Ziyu landed on the mountain at the same time as they looked at each other. Chen Ziyu was enveloped in a faint fog, “You’re pretty quick.”

“You too,” said Chu Muyan as he carried a purple spear behind him. Everyone in Skymound City knew that the spear was called Indigoshadow, an inherited high rank artifact from the Skycloud Sect. Only the strongest disciple of each era could wield it.

Back then, he relied on this spear to withstand thirty-two attacks from Nangong Wanyu. Chen Ziyu looked at the sword ray that pierced the sky as cracks began to spread out. They all knew that this was the best moment to enter.

“Let’s compete,” said Chu Muyan as he turned into a streak of light and flew into the secret realm. This had shocked everyone because Chu Muyan had charged over before the crack was completely open.

Chen Ziyu smiled as he stomped his foot on the ground and followed behind. They didn’t give everyone else any time to react as they both threw out a palm to shatter the sword ray before entering the secret realm.

“Let’s go!” The five other geniuses also charged over with their eyes glowing. Although they weren’t as fast as Chen Ziyu and Chu Muyan, they still made their way in.

“They’re truly worthy of being the seven strongest geniuses. Each of them are incredibly terrifying.” Everyone was shocked by this scene. Naturally, they were also experts in the greater Yin-Yang stage who charged over as well. But clearly, it wasn’t so easy to enter the secret realm.

Many people who charged out were sent flying back and they were covered in blood. Only some of them managed to enter forcibly, but this scene had dismissed the thoughts of many people who wanted to enter beforehand. In the end, they could only stand where they were to wait.

“Should I go in? Hmmm, I think I’ll give it a try,” smiled Lin Yun as he stepped forward and exploded in a golden brilliance. In the blink of an eye, he passed through several mountains and landed on the plain. The moment he appeared, he instantly attracted many people’s attention as their faces changed.

“Lin Yun, you sword slave! You actually dare to show up here?!” Chen Xiong yelled. He hated Lin Yun deeply for the humiliation he suffered back in the Death Auction. The plain was filled with scouts from the various forces, so Lin Yun would have been discovered if he dared to show up.

Chen Xiong initially didn’t hold much hope in this because he didn’t think that Lin Yun dared to show up. But he didn’t think that Lin Yun would actually show up just like his big brother had predicted. So his eyes surged with hatred and killing aura the moment he saw Lin Yun.

Practically everyone in Skymound City knew Lin Yun’s name. So Lin Yun’s appearance instantly drew many people’s gazes onto him.

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