Chapter 69 - Escaping Death

Retracting his gaze, Lin Yun examined the rock beneath his feet before he noticed something different a moment later.

This entire region was hot, but the rock wasn't. It even looked ordinary.

But when Lin Yun stood on it, he could sense comfort within his body.

Without circulating his cultivation technique internationally, Lin Yun could sense fire elemental spiritual aura pouring into his body bit by bit, and at the same time, his internal energy slowly grew.

“No wonder the Demonic Flaming Tiger likes to sleep here…”

At this moment, Lin Yun finally understood why the Demonic Flaming Tiger became so powerful by just sleeping.

If his cultivation could grow by just sleeping, what would he need the cultivation technique for?

When Lin Yun thought about it, his heart throbbed.

Demonic beasts weren’t cultivators, and they did not know any cultivation technique. They only knew how to absorb the spiritual aura in their surrounding.

It was a stupid technique without any efficiency.

As Lin Yun sat on the rock, he began to circulate his Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

In that split second when he circulated his cultivation technique, Lin Yun could sense endless fire elemental spiritual aura surging from the rock into his body.


In that split second, he felt that he was thrown into the forge as he endured the burning temperature.

If he was careless, then he would explode from the overflowing energy immediately.

An intense pain came all of a sudden as Lin Yun could feel his every single muscle fiber and cell burning.

“Arghhh!” That sudden pain struck Lin Yun suddenly that disrupted his focus. When he could no longer withstand the pain anymore, he roared as he wanted to jump down from the rock.

But if he couldn’t even take this pain, how could he persevere in the future when he was facing anything?

I’ll give it another go!

Lin Yun gnashed his teeth as he calmed his mind and circulated his cultivation technique, allowing his internal energy to flow throughout his body.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

His sweat evaporated the moment they came out of his pores with steam rising from his forehead.

His youthful face was also trembling under the sunlight, showing that he was bearing intense and unimaginable pain.

However, he held onto his breath and gnashed his teeth, forcing himself to circulate the Xiantian Pure Yang Art with impressive willpower.

Gradually, his temperature dropped as his internal energy absorbed the fire elemental spiritual aura within his body.

As his internal energy grew stronger, Lin Yun’s situation began to improve.

When he completed one entire cycle of the Xiantian Pure Yang Art, his condition had already stabilized.

The fire elemental spiritual aura surging into his body was entirely absorbed by this internal energy.

But even so, the high temperature was shocking to the point that Lin Yun couldn’t be careless with it. At this moment, he realized how risky he was earlier.


As his internal energy grew stronger, the colors of his internal energy changed from faint yellow to golden yellow, permeating a golden halo that enveloped four hundred miles around Lin Yun.

When the halo touched the ground, it had instantly blazed into fire.


A hundred meters around Lin Yun was covered in flames as it enveloped him.

“What power?!”

Lin Yun was shocked as his internal energy had grown stronger by one-fold after half an hour.

More surprisingly, the characteristics of his internal energy also started to change along with fire elemental spiritual aura pouring into his body.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

After the fire elemental spiritual aura calmed down, it gradually fused into his muscle fibers as the pain gradually disappeared. At the same time, his body was being tempered like a weapon.

“Interesting… not only did my internal energy grow stronger, but even my physique is starting to change. It looks like the Pure Yang Art of the Azure Sky Sect isn’t as simple as it looks.”

He could sense that as his body began to burn up, his physique was gradually growing stronger.

Lin Yun was startled inwardly as he began to make a breakthrough.

He did not know how long the fire elemental spiritual aura could last, and Lin Yun was preparing to make use of this opportunity to make a breakthrough in the Xiantian Pure Yang Art and push it to the second stage.

In that split second, he used the internal energy that had been refined into golden yellow to surge within his body.

Under the surging impact of his internal energy, the remaining meridians left for the first stage were cleared up.

In his heart, Lin Yun immediately rejoiced.

Logically speaking, he should be able to do it after reaching the Xiantian Realm.

But the risk he took had finally paid off!

As time gradually ticked, the flames around Lin Yun grew more intense.


Half an hour later, there was an explosion within Lin Yun’s body as his Xiantian Pure Yang Art had successfully made it into the second stage.

Right at this moment, the remainder of the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet had also broken apart.

The nourishment of the pellet instantly made Lin Yun feel relaxed.

At the same time, his cultivation was also growing at an incredible rate.

The last gift from the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet had allowed Lin Yun’s cultivation to grow by leaps and bounds.

Right at this moment, he suddenly felt a bizarre sensation rising from his body.

The Houtian Realm emphasizes tempering the meridians, bones, blood, muscles, bone marrow, and the internal organs. At the same time, traces of essence started seeping out from them.


As all the essence converged together, it condensed into a bright spot in the Dantian.

The Xiantian Seed!

Lin Yun was shocked as one could only condense the Xiantian Seed after reaching the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path.

As the essence began to condense within Lin Yun’s body, the Xiantian Seed, the size of an infant’s fist began to take form.

It also meant that Lin Yun was officially in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path right now.

Logically speaking, he needed a month to reach the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path.

However, he never imagined that he would make a breakthrough in his Xiantian Pure Yang Art, bringing out the full effects of the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet.

Now, he was finally in the Quasi-Xiantian Realm!

Su Ziyao had probably predicted that the pellet would help him sweep through all the bottlenecks to the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path.

And many years later when Lin Yun finally felt the worth of the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet, only then did he know what Su Ziyao did for him.

But right now, he realized that he had encountered trouble before he could even rejoice.

So it turned out that after his Xiantian Pure Yang Art reached the second stage, it was still circulating and absorbing the fire elemental spiritual aura.

In the Xiantian Pure Yang Art, one stage was equivalent to a new heaven.

The second stage was several folds stronger than the first, and the absorption rate of the fire elemental spiritual aura had also reached a shocking speed.

While Lin Yun was distracted by the Xiantian Seed, he had already absorbed fire elemental spiritual aura to a terrifying degree.

When Lin Yun woke up, he noticed that his internal organs were all burning up.

Looking from the outside alone, Lin Yun seemed to have turned into a human fireball, literally.

As the fire blazed from the inside, the fire was so hot that he couldn’t feel any pain.

“Damn it! What’s going on?!”

Lin Yun was shocked inwardly as he tried his best to control the Xiantian Pure Yang Art, but he realized that he had lost control of it.

There were fire elemental spiritual aura everywhere, and it was futile no matter how he tried to dispel them.

In just a few breaths, he was nearly incinerated into nothing.

He was playing with fire, and now  he was facing the consequences from it!

As the worst thing that could ever happen was taking place on him, Lin Yun could only watch with his eyes opened.

Lin Yun smiled bitterly as there was nothing he could do to change the current situation.


Just when he was about to be devoured by the flames, something unexpected occurred.

Under the blazing fire, the rust on the ancient sword box began to peel off and revealed gorgeous patterns.


In the next moment, all the fire elemental spiritual aura within Lin Yun’s body was sapped away by the ancient sword box.

It had been a long time, and the rust on the ancient sword box was gradually peeling off.

Even after the ancient sword box had sucked all the fire elemental spiritual aura from Lin Yun’s body, it wasn’t satisfied with that and began to absorb directly from the source.


The source of the fire elemental spiritual aura ,with a radius of a few thousand meters was rapidly disappearing.

In just a brief moment, the heat had disappeared completely without a single strand left. The ancient sword box had absorbed every last strand of energy from the source.

Crack! Crack!

As Lin Yun’s scorched skin began to peel off, new skin was revealed underneath. His skin was glossy as the fire had removed all the impurities in his body.

A short time later, all the impurities on Lin Yun’s body fell off.

When he opened his eyes, they shined like the stars, and the purple slave mark on his forehead looked even more dazzling, adding a trace of demonic charm in his temperament.

In just an hour, Lin Yun had experienced near death, and an extreme rise and drop in his emotion. At this moment, he only felt exhausted.

As he let out a breath, Lin Yun moved his body as all his clothes immediately crumbled.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

Sounds of hooves coming in contact with the ground could be heard as the Dragon Blooded Horse appeared.

When the Dragon Blooded Horse saw Lin Yun, it looked happy as if it was saying that it had come back.

Looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse, Lin Yun smiled weakly, “You stupid fool, why are you so happ…”

In the next moment, he couldn’t smile anymore as he felt a surging Xiantian aura that enveloped out. The raging Demonic Flaming Tiger was right behind the Dragon Blooded Horse.

“You bastard!” Lin Yun couldn’t help cursing as he would be conned to death by the Dragon Blooded Horse sooner or later.

The Dragon Blooded Horse was simply brainless to lead the Demonic Flaming Tiger here.

As Lin Yun quickly wore his clothes, he began running for his life together with the Dragon Blooded Horse.

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