Chapter 687 - Flower Burial, Shocking the Skymound City

Lightning rumbled in the sky as the Indigoflame Thunderwhip wreaked havoc in Flamedragon Hill. This cosmic artifact was a weapon that shook everyone as it revealed its sinister side.

For a moment, the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm sect master of the Ironblood Sword Gate was actually forced into such a terrible state. The old man was aching all over his body and he was fearful of the whip. He didn’t want to be whipped again. 

If he was bold enough to charge at Lin Yun while bearing the incoming attacks, he could’ve taken Lin Yun down in three moves with his powerful cultivation. After all, a quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert was more than enough to stand at the top of the world.

He could even gain footing in Skymound City quite easily. Aside from the Chen, Qin, Jin, and Gu Clans, not many people could compete with him. After all, the Heavenly Soul Realm represented the top of the pyramid in the Ancient Southern Domain and someone in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm could suppress most genius easily.

But the old man didn’t want to suffer two lashes as it would be humiliating for him. After all, the Indigoflame Thunderwhip at full power was painful, not to mention that he had other intentions.

After all, using such a weapon didn’t look easy and Lin Yun’s origin energy would be exhausted sooner or later. At that time, he could easily take Lin Yun down.

“Let me see how long you can hold on for!” The old man gnashed his teeth as he dodged Lin Yun’s attacks. Right at this moment, more people began to gather around the battlefield, they were the elites of the Ironblood Sword Gate.

Looking at this scene, the old man’s eyes lit up, “Set up the array! Trap this brat! Don’t let him escape from Flamedragon Hill!”

“Roger!” Hundreds of Ironblood Sword Gate’s disciples replied as they drew their swords, unleashing crimson sword rays. As the crimson mist began to spread out in the forest, the ground began to tremble.

Lin Yun’s face became solemn when he saw the Ironblood Sword Array being formed. Back then, it had given the Indigo Thunderdemon Dragonvulture a lot of trouble. So he had to deal with it before he was trapped in it. After all, he wasn’t as strong as the Indigo Thunderdemon Dragonvulture.

When the Indigoflame Thunderwhip cracked out, the old man sneered coldly as he charged at Lin Yun, “Right now!”

“You think I’m not prepared for that?” Lin Yun revealed a mocking smile as he had guessed that the old man would take this opportunity to attack him. Flicking his wrist, the lightning python suddenly opened its jaws and bit the old man.

The lightning python was fast as if it was a trap waiting for the old man. This startled the old man as he retreated at an even faster speed.

Indeed… Lin Yun knew that the old man would dodge. After all, the old man had been dodging his attacks all along.

But Lin Yun was decisive right from the start. When he landed on the ground, the aura he had accumulated became even more ferocious. But before the Indigoflame Thunderwhip landed on the Ironblood Sword Array, it swung back and lashed out three times.

In the next second, several disciples took the whip head-on and were sent flying away. When the old man saw his disciples’ terrible state, his rage exploded and he charged at Lin Yun, “You’re courting death!”

Even if he had to risk taking the whip head-on, he had to make Lin Yun pay a great price.

Too late! Lin Yun sneered as he twirled the Indigoflame Thunderwhip in his hand like a shield. When a sword ray one hundred feet wide flew over and collided with the lightning python, it exploded in the sky and sent Lin Yun flying away.

Then, lightning dissipated and the lightning python returned to the Indigoflame Thunderwhip form. Vaguely, the Indigoflame Thunderwhip seemed to have broken a seal as it began to tremble.

Is the seal going to break? Lin Yun rejoiced. After all, the Indigoflame Thunderwhip was a transcendent cosmic artifact. Seeing that it was a key moment for the seal break, he knew he would be able to draw out more power from the whip. This meant that if he was hard-working enough, he could break the seal.

Thinking about it, Lin Yun wiped the blood off his lips and smiled playfully, “Quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm, how powerful.”

But when the old man heard that, his face nearly turned black. With a darkened face, the old man unleashed an even more powerful sword ray, “You’re courting death!”

“What great timing!”

Azure Dragon Enneaform–Triform! As the azure dragon energy spread throughout his body, Lin Yun poured the energy into the Indigoflame Thunderwhip.

He could hear a crack on the tip of the Indigoflame Thunderwhip before a terrifying aura swept out. The Indigoflame Thunderwhip instantly transformed into a gigantic lightning python with dragon horns growing out from its head.

The Indigoflame Thunderwhip was turning into a dragon as it charged and destroyed the crimson net before colliding with the old man and sending him flying. Succeeding in his attack, Lin Yun withdrew the whip. But just when Lin Yun was about to strike again, a crimson radiance around the whip solidified.

“It’s going to break the seal soon?” Lin Yun instantly understood what was going on at this scene. The Indigoflame Thunderwhip had gone into a deep slumber for its upcoming transformation.

Now that he gathered himself, a surge of dizziness resonated in his mind. Although he seemed almighty during the fight, he had exhausted himself greatly because of the Indigoflame Thunderwhip. He knew that he couldn’t continue the battle anymore. After all, he didn’t have the strength to contend with a cultivator in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm and what he had done so far was enough.

“Hahaha! Ironblood Sword Gate, this isn’t finished. One fine day, I’ll rely on my strength to destroy your sect!” Lin Yun grinned as he quickly retreated. At the same time, a crimson bolt flew over. Lil’ Red had come to fetch him.

“Stop him!” The old man roared furiously.

Hearing the old man’s instruction, the Ironblood Sword Gate’s disciples moved out. But there was no way they could catch up to Lin Yun, not to mention Lil’ Red. So they could only watch as Lin Yun disappeared from their sight.

The old man was enraged by this scene and he cursed, “Damn it!”

The ground started to tremble violently as if the mountain range had sensed his rage. When everyone saw this scene, their expression froze as they couldn’t describe their shock. After all, Lin Yun was too arrogant with his words.

Lin Yun first suppressed Tang Ying, who was in the greater Yin-Yang stage, before playing with the Ironblood Sword Gate’s sect master. This was simply unbelievable. Furthermore, Lin Yun even left behind an arrogant speech before leaving. It had been a long time since there was such a ruthless person in the Thunder Prefecture.

“He’s simply a monster! If the news of this matter gets to Skymound City, it will definitely shock a bunch of people to death,” muttered a bystander while many people nodded their heads in agreement.

Two days later, the news of Lin Yun appearing in Flamedragon Hill, killing Tang Ying, and fighting a quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert had spread out. This had caused a huge shock to Skymound City. It was like a rock had been thrown into a pond.

“This is impossible!” The geniuses among the various clans were shocked by this news. After all, they have been advertising that Lin Yun was determined to die and that he could only cower in the Falling Aquatic Residence. They said that they would teach Lin Yun a lesson if he dared to show up to cleanse the humiliation they suffered back in the Death Auction.

After all, they were prideful geniuses from the various clans. But Lin Yun’s appearance had slapped their faces and they had embarrassed themselves greatly before Qing Ruoyou. In the end, they could only watch Lin Yun seize the Divine Indigo Radiantstone.

But that wasn’t all as Lin Yun even destroyed the Chen Clan’s Profound Note Bell. They initially thought that they had trapped Lin Yun and that he could only hide in the Falling Aquatic Residence trembling in fear. However, they never imagined that Lin Yun would cause such a huge commotion at Flamedragon Hill.

It was unlike what the geniuses from the various clans had said. Lin Yun was clearly having a great time at Flamedragon Hill and he even slew an expert in the greater Yin-Yang stage. When this news reached Skymound City, it was a resounding slap to their faces.

For the next few days, none of the geniuses spoke as they felt ashamed. But before anyone could react, the geniuses from the various clans became excited five days later. Ouyang Hao, one of the seven strongest geniuses of Skymound City had returned to the Skycloud Sect.

He even said that he would kill Lin Yun and make the latter pay a great price. He claimed that he would make Lin Yun suffer a hundredfold to get revenge for his junior brother kneeling on the ground and for Qing Ruoyou.

When he issued his words, the various geniuses in the Skymound City were excited because there was finally someone to deal with Lin Yun. After all, they have been waiting for this day for a while!

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