Chapter 686 - What use do I have of you?

Tang Ying screamed out in pain as he was sent flying, destroying countless trees in the process. His chest was caved in and many of his ribs were broken. Those broken ribs pierced his internal organs, which made him feel a tortuous amount of pain.

But that wasn’t the most terrifying part as a patch of his body had been burned. A simple touch would cause an unimaginable amount of pain.

Descending from the sky, Lin Yun looked at Tang Ying. This left all the spectators dumbfounded as they couldn’t believe that someone in the Yang stage could defeat an expert in the Yin-Yang stage. In Skymound City, this was an accomplishment that only the seven strongest geniuses could achieve, especially the top two.

They could easily crush someone in the greater Yin-Yang stage, but they were also in the Yin-Yang stage. So, they were completely different from Lin Yun, who managed to defeat his opponent when he was only in the greater Yang stage. But even if this was unbelievable, the crowd had witnessed Lin Yun dominate his opponent themselves. Even after Tang Ying brought out a forbidden artifact, he still couldn’t defeat Lin Yun.

The moment Lin Yun made his move, he instantly turned the tables around. He had defeated Tang Ying and heavily injured him with only one punch. This was something that couldn’t be described with words.

Enveloped in the Azure Dragon Battle Armor, Lin Yun was like a wargod of lightning. With a single punch, Lin Yun showed the crowd a miracle.

“He’s that strong?”

“No wonder even those geniuses from the various forces in the Skymound City suffered in his hand.” Everyone was shocked by what they saw and they had only awakened from Lin Yun’s extraordinary temperament after a long time.

Tang Ying was rolling on the ground in pain. Unless he had a high grade herb or a rare treasure, he would die. This was his fate even if Lin Yun didn’t take his life. When he looked at Lin Yun approaching him, he was even more afraid.

“You were defeated before I even used my sword. How boring,” said Lin Yun, which filled Tang Ying’s heart with rage.

“It’s useless. You would still be a piece of trash even if I give you ten more chances to fight. The outcome will be the same,” said Lin Yun. “Wait a minute, didn’t you say that you would show me terror? Is this really all you got?”

Lin Yun’s face was dark as killing aura surged in his pupils before he stepped on Tang Ying’s chest and applied force.

“Argggggh!” Tang Ying yelled out in pain as he took a step forward. Aside from the pain he felt, he was also filled with grievance in his heart. He had already been stepped on by Murong Qing three times, which already filled his heart with resentment. This was why he wanted to take revenge, but he failed and became Lin Yun’s captive instead.

“This one is for myself.” Lin Yun stepped on Tang Ying once more before giving him another stomp, “This is for Lil’ Red!”

Due to the force of the second step, Tang Ying’s ribs broke even more and the bones nearly pierced through Tang Ying’s chest. This shocked the crowd even more because this was an expert in the greater Yin-Yang stage. However, he was actually being humiliated by a young man on the Yang stage.

Tang Ying gnashed his teeth with flames surging in his pupils, “Don’t be smug. You have no idea what you’ve done. Murong Qing will definitely come after you. No one can save you in the world.”

“Murong Qing?” Lin Yun was briefly stunned before he fell into deep thoughts. But a brief moment later, he finally recalled that Murong Qing should be the white-clothed youth back then. So his name was Murong Qing…

“Heh, you’re afraid now? Young Master Murong is a rare genius in the Ancient Southern Domain, an extremely talented swordsman. He’s the second one with the strongest talent after Nangong Wanyu. Not only is he the young master of the Scarletblood Sword Dojo, but he can easily suppress you.” Tang Ying sneered.

“No idea who he is,” said Lin Yun as he stepped on Tang Ying even further. “How do you want to die?”

Hearing that, Tang Ying’s face changed drastically with his mind going blank. He never thought about death or that he could die in Lin Yun’s hand. He had boundless rage and hatred in his heart, but even he was afraid of death.

“Young Master Lin, I was wrong. Can you forgive me? I swear that I’ll never come after you anymore,” begged Tang Ying when he recovered from his shock.

Hearing Tang Ying’s words, Lin Yun sneered.

Noticing the changes on Lin Yun’s face, Tang Ying yelled, “You can’t kill me! I’ve crushed the Protective Jade Slip and my senior brother will arrive soon. Spare my life as I’ll be useful to you.”

The Ironblood Sword Gate’s sect master was a quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert. When Lin Yun raised his head, he could sense a terrifying aura coming towards him. Additionally, there were other complicated auras swiftly approaching, most likely belonging to the disciples of the Ironblood Sword Gate.

If it was before, Tang Ying would surely take this opportunity to threaten Lin Yun. But he was thoroughly terrified right now. He knew that Lin Yun was determined to kill him, so he begged, “Spare my life. You can threaten my senior brother with my life so that you can leave Flamedragon Hill safely.”

Tang Ying’s desire to live exploded as he tried every method to survive.

“What use do I have of you?” Lin Yun said coldly. “Your life is what I want!”

Lin Yun stomped his foot down and crushed Tang Ying’s head. When Tang Ying died, Lin Yun finally felt relieved. He wasn’t a murderous person, so he wouldn’t have been so determined to kill Tang Ying if Tang Ying didn’t humiliate him.

“Stay your hand!” A bark rang out the moment Tang Ying died as an old man arrived in mid-air, releasing a terrifying aura. He was the sect master of the Ironblood Sword Gate, a quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert. When he saw Tang Ying’s death, he knew that he was late and roared out furiously, “You’re courting death!”

The sect master was decisive and he quickly slashed his sword down. His attack was like a bright sun in the sky that released a dazzling brilliance.

“What a terrifying sword!”

“That’s a quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert. Lin Yun is finished.”

“This young man is really ruthless, killing Tang Ying despite knowing that a quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert is coming.” The surrounding cultivators’ faces changed as they quickly fled for their lives. After all, an expert in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm was too terrifying and it would be terrible if they were implicated in the battle.

“You can’t kill me with this much,” said Lin Yun as he retrieved the Indigoflame Thunderwhip from his interspatial pouch, releasing a majestic aura as if an emperor had descended. Pouring the five dragon runes into the whip, the whip instantly exploded out with lightning.

“Go!” Lin Yun roared as he swung the Indigoflame Thunderwhip out. In the next second, a python enveloped in lightning descended from the sky.


As Lin Yun poured the azure dragon energy into the whip, he was able to bring out 100% of the whip’s power. The whip had destroyed the sword ray before it continued to fly towards the old man.

Damn it! The old man narrowed his eyes as he never imagined that his attack would be destroyed by Lin Yun. The whip caught him by surprise. Although he tried his best to avoid the attack, he was still hit by the whip. Just like that, the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert was knocked onto the ground and created a huge crater.

“It’s this powerful?” Lin Yun was shocked. Although he had caught the old man by surprise, he never imagined that the Indigoflame Thunderwhip would be so terrifying. Before this, he could only bring out 70% of his strength, but he could now bring out all 100% of it.

The Indigoflame Thunderwhip was the weapon that Lei Yunzi used back in the day. Even if it was still sealed, it was terrifying since he could bring out 100% of its power.

“Again!” Lin Yun laughed. He could feel his blood boiling as he actually managed to knock a quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert down. He laughed and lashed his whip out once more with his energy surging within his body.

Every single of his attacks would tear apart space and cause a terrifying storm. For a moment, he was able to suppress the old man as he chased after the latter.

This scene astonished the far away spectators. Lin Yun even dared to fight an expert in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm?

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