Chapter 68 - Training in the Forest

As the blazing sun hung high in the sky, the roars of demonic beasts echoed out in the forest as a demonic beast was running through the forest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As it ran, many trees would fall in the process.

Without any trees to shade the demonic beast, the sunlight shone down on it and revealed its body.

It turned out that this demonic beast was actually covered in bloody wounds as blood gushed out from them  like spring water.

However, that demonic beast still remained standing with its strong vitality and continued running.


But just when it was about to run away, a blue figure descended from the sky with a sword box behind his back.

Dragon from the winds, and tiger from the clouds. With the winds and clouds gathering, the Dragon-Tiger Might was unleashed!

That blue figure took a step forth. As the winds and clouds gathered, Lin Yun’s aura erupted and surged out like an ocean.


The trees in the surrounding broke off as the demonic beast was blown away by the Dragon-Tiger Might.

Ferocious Tiger Descending the Mountains!

The youth in blue soared into the sky as he had perfectly displayed the might of a tiger.

When he threw out his punch, he could hear the demonic beast’s body cracking as its bones and internal organs were destroyed.

He had a yellow glow enveloping his fist, and under the sun, it looked like burning flames.

It was Lin Yun, who was travelling through the Horizon Cloud Mountain.

Under the blazing sun, he had grown in height. Compared to his frail figure in the past, he looked more lean.

Under the nourishment of the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet, it could strengthen his body, but he also wasn’t overly bulky at the same time, forming a perfect balance between strength and speed..

After he dissipated his Xiantian Pure Yang Art and looked at the dying demonic beast, Lin Yun let out a breath of relief.

The massive demonic beast right before his eyes was known as the Serpent-tailed Lion.

It had a monstrous body with the tail of a serpent that could let out venomous attacks.

It was a demonic beast in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, approaching the Xiantian Realm.

In the two months of his travel, killing demonic beasts in the Eighth and Ninth Stage of the Martial Path was no longer a challenge to Lin Yun, so he had placed his target on demonic beasts that were close to the Xiantian Realm.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to train himself.

Although the Serpent-tailed Lion was only in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, it was stronger than it looked.

Its terrifying speed empowered by its enormous strength made it more terrifying than other demonic beasts in the same stage.

Lin Yun had been hunting it over the past two days, and he only managed to injure it heavily with the help of the Dragon Blooded Horse.

In the process, he had escaped death several times.

Over the past two months, Lin Yun had undergone some changes as there was a killing aura enveloped around his body.

It was the killing aura that he had built up over the past few months of hunting demonic beasts.

When his brows furrowed, his aura alone could intimidate many people.

“Beast core!” Lin Yun exclaimed when he saw a fist-sized beast core in the chest of the Serpent-tailed Lion.

He had finally found a beast core.

He hunted countless demonic beasts over the past two months, but he couldn’t even find a single beast core.

However, he finally found one in the Serpent-tailed Lion!

Now it made sense why the Serpent-tailed Lion was so difficult to deal with.

Lin Yun knew how valuable a beast core was, a smile could be seen on his face.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

But just when Lin Yun wanted to dig it out, a crimson figure flew over and bit on the Serpent-tailed Lion, tearing off a huge piece of flesh along with the beast core.

As the Dragon Blooded Horse rejoiced, its limbs were trembling. When it saw Lin Yun looking over, it actually grinned.

“You bastard!” Lin Yun was enraged as he lashed out by kicking a rock.


However, the Dragon Blooded Horse gently jumped and avoided the rock before grinning at Lin Yun again.

“You’re asking for it!”

But before Lin Yun could even vent out his anger, the Dragon Blooded horse laughed as it ran away.

Looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse, Lin Yun shrugged with a bitter smile.

If he had to be angry with the Dragon Blooded Horse, he would probably die from anger before he made it out of the forest.

The Dragon Blooded Horse had also helped greatly when dealing with the Serpent-tailed Lion and even saved his life several times.

But thinking about the beast core’s worth, Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling heartache.

After dealing with the materials of the Serpent-tailed Lion, Lin Yun basked in the warmth of the sun.

Yellow internal energy flowed throughout his body that seemed excited from the sunlight.

“Most of the first meridian in the first stage of the Xiantian Pure Yang Art has been opened up, and I’m only left with a small portion of it.”

Facing the dazzling sun, Lin Yun could sense the internal energy within his body growing along with the Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

He only needed to clear up a small portion of the remaining meridians and his internal energy would be further refined.

As he narrowed his eyes, Lin Yun looked at the sun hanging in the sky and fell into deep thought.

He had practiced the Spirit Convergence Art, and he knew that aside from primitive spiritual aura, there were also elemental spiritual aura that existed in the world.

At the same time, different cultivation techniques would correspond with spiritual aura of different elements, and absorbing the required element could quicken the cultivation pace.

“It’s my first time being in such a hot region after spending so long in the Horizon Cloud Mountain. Evidently, fire elemental spiritual aura is more lively here.”

Lin Yun hesitated. The primitive spiritual aura was only the foundation, and no matter how much you absorbed, it wouldn’t cause a burden to the body. But absorbing the spiritual aura of a single element would be entirely different.

If he wasn’t careful with it, he would be hurt.

“But if I don’t take a risk, who knows how long my Xiantian Pure Yang Art needs to clear up the remaining meridians.”

No way!

Lin Yun did not want to wait as he made up his mind.

Since he had come to a place with rich fire elemental spiritual aura, he definitely couldn’t let this opportunity go. After all, who knows when he would encounter a place like this again.

So, Lin Yun began travelling through the forest and went searching.

He wanted to find a place with a high density of fire elemental spiritual aura.

Two hours later, Lin Yun came to a stop at a blazing land.

This place did not have many trees, and the plants growing here were tough thorns and shrubs.

Then again, only plants with strong vitality could survive in such a harsh environment.

“Here it is.” Lin Yun focused, but he did not take the risk to go up.

He was no longer the rookie he was back then, and he knew that this place must be occupied by a demonic beast.

After he carefully backed down, he climbed up a towering tree and looked down.

“My heavens!”

In the hill, he saw a Demonic Flaming Tiger permeating with killing aura in the Xiantian Realm with fur as red as fire.

Lin Yun had encountered Demonic Flaming Tigers in the past, and he had ran at the sight of them. If he had tried to fight them, he would’ve lost his life several times over.

At this moment, the Demonic Flaming Tiger was lying on a rock and resting.

It was snoring on the rock, and no demonic beast dared to approach it.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

As Lin Yun gently moved along the branches, he quietly backed down and only stopped after he was certain that he was out of the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s territory.

All of a sudden, a neigh echoed out from the forest.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

Sounds of hooves clopping rang out in the forest that startled the surrounding birds flying.

A moment later, the Dragon Blooded Horse appeared in his vision.

Looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse from the tree, the killing aura on it had gotten more terrifying than before after consuming the Serpent-tail Lion’s beast core.

Over the past two years, Lin Yun wasn’t the only one who had gotten stronger.

Following Lin Yun every day and feasting on demonic beasts, the Dragon Blooded Horse had also grown stronger.

After consuming that beast core, the aura permeating from the Dragon Blooded Horse was actually comparable to a demonic beast in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path.

“This fellow has been living his life too easily, and it’s time for you to suffer a little.”

Lin Yun smiled as he jumped down from the tree and landed before the Dragon Blooded Horse. As he spoke out, “Lil’ Red, help me with something.”

The Dragon Blooded Horse was intelligent, and Lin Yun only had to make a few gestures for the Dragon Blooded Horse to figure out what Lin Yun meant.

Lin Yun initially felt that the Dragon Blooded Horse would refuse, but he was surprised when it had actually agreed.

Did this Dragon Blooded Horse became stupid?

As the Dragon Blooded Horse rose its chest pridefully, it ran towards the territory of the Demonic Flaming Tiger.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

As clouds of dust rose into the air, the Dragon Blooded Horse alerted the Demonic Flaming Tiger just when it stepped into the territory.

However, the Demonic Flaming Tiger was sleeping peacefully, and it was too lazy to open its eyes. In the end, it had only unleashed its Xiantian Realm aura.

After all, ordinary demonic beasts would flee upon sensing its Xiantian Realm aura.

But the Dragon Blooded Horse had ignored that aura and kept coming over.

When the Demonic Flaming Tiger opened its eyes, it saw a Dragon Blooded Horse running over.

In that split second, it was dumbfounded as it wondered if the Dragon Blooded Horse had thought it was still asleep.

After rising to the Xiantian Realm, the intelligence of the Demonic Flaming Tiger wasn’t bad.

It had also seen Dragon Blooded Horses in the past, but all of them trembled at its sight.

Was this a trap?

Just when the Demonic Flaming Tiger was wondering, the Dragon Blooded Horse sneered as it gave a kick to the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s butt.


The Demonic Flaming Tiger’s mind went blank. A Dragon Blooded Horse actually kicked its butt?

Was it stupid?

The Dragon Blooded Horse looked at the Demonic Flaming Tiger staring blankly before going up and giving it another kick.


That kick was stronger than before, hurting the Demonic Flaming Tiger to the point that it roared out in pain.

It turned out that it wasn’t dreaming, and a Dragon Blooded Horse actually gave a kick to its butt… twice!

I’ll kill you!

As the Demonic Flaming Tiger roared in rage, its fur stood up that seemed like fire.

It had also unleashed its torrential killing aura that startled all the demonic beasts within a radius of ten thousand miles.

However, the Dragon Blooded Horse had already run away as it turned around to show a grin to the Demonic Flaming Tiger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Demonic Flaming Tiger flew into fury as it started running.

Whenever the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s paw landed on the ground, it would cause the ground to tremble.

In just a brief moment, the Dragon Blooded Horse had already led the Demonic Flaming Tiger to the end of the forest.


A blue figure flew out and landed on the resting area of the Demonic Flaming Tiger with a sword box behind his back.

Looking at the Dragon Blooded Horse and the Demonic Flaming Tiger’s departure, Lin Yun smiled, “That fellow might be stupid, but he’s still reliable.”

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