Chapter 67 - Crossing the Mountain Range

“I knew that you would definitely leave without saying anything to avoid trouble, so I have been waiting here for days.” Bai Yufan smiled as he led the Dragon Blooded Horse over.

“Young Sect Master, you understand me well.” Lin Yun was rather touched in his heart. Aside from Senior Hong, Bai Yufan was the second person that he had formed a friendship with.

“Let me send you off.” Bai Yufan led the horse as the two of them chatted while they walked.

“I have to really thank you. With your strength, there’s no one in the current generation that can be your match in the Aquasky Nation, but you waited for the Four Sects Tournament before leaving. For that, the Azure Sky Sect will never forget about this favour.”

“You’re being too polite. Without the Azure Sky Sect, I wouldn’t have the strength to leave.”

As Bai Yufan looked up ahead, he sighed, “With your strength, I’m surprised that the Bai Family did not recruit you. Where do you plan on going after leaving the Aquasky Nation?”

“I plan to travel around before heading for the Great Qin Empire.” Lin Yunreplied.

In the book that Bai Qiushui gave him, it was recorded that the surrounding nations were subordinates of the Great Qin Empire.

The current land that they’re standing on was the Southern Ancient Domain.

The Southern Ancient Domain has countless forces in it, and this land had existed since ancient times with a history that stretched out to millions of years.

This was an ancient domain, which gave birth to many legends.

For ordinary cultivators, it was impossible for them to step out of the Southern Ancient Domain in their lifetime.

“The Great Qin Empire is a pretty good place, and I have a few brothers who left for there.” Bai Yufan’s eyes flickered with a sense of longing.

“Young Sect Master, with your aptitude, you can easily leave the Aquasky Nation. Why are you staying in the Azure Sky Nation?”


Bai Yufan had a trace of sadness on his face as he smiled, “I’m used to seeing people leaving over the years, and there are some who I will never meet again in my lifetime. Although I also want to leave to pursue my cultivation, someone ultimately needs to stay behind to provide an opportunity for talents like you.”

His words sounded sad, but it made sense.

If the descendants of the Azure Sky Sect did not stay behind, it wouldn’t take long for the entire sect to crumble, ruining the hopes of many talented cultivators in the Azure Sky Nation.

“I’ll send you off here.”

Before they noticed it, they were already several miles away.

Leading the Dragon Blooded Horse over, Bai Yufan smiled, “Bring it along with you. This fellow had ruined many good horses in the two months it was kept here, and it needed to be fed with the meat of demonic beasts daily.”

Taking over the strap, Lin Yun looked at Bai Yufan with a heavy heart.

“Take care.”


The two of them gave each other a high five.

“Let’s meet again in the future if there’s an opportunity.” Bai Yufan smiled and left.

Under the setting sun, Bai Yufan’s figure slowly disappeared.

“Let’s go.”

Under Lin Yun’s ‘pacifying,’ the temper of the Dragon Blooded Horse vanished.

Carrying the sword box behind him, Lin Yun went up on the horse.

The setting sun was red like blood that dyed the clouds crimson. Gently along the wind, Lin Yun rode his horse.

Two months later, deep in the Horizon Cloud Mountain.

Under the envelopment of the night, the dark forest was filled with endless unknown dangers with only the roars of demonic beasts echoing in the nightscape.

Sitting before a bonfire, Lin Yun closed his eyes as he held onto a mid-grade spiritual stone in each of his hands as he slowly circulated the Xiantian Pure Yang Art in his body, absorbing the spiritual aura in the spiritual stone.

After one complete circulation, the two mid-grade spiritual stones were completely drained.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, there was a bright light flashing across his pupils as he was permeating with the aura in the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path, intimidating many demonic beasts in the nightscape.

One month ago, Lin Yun had made it into the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path.

Under the nourishment from the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet, there wasn’t any bottleneck for Lin Yun in the Houtian Realm.

Furthermore, the Xiantian Pure Yang Art was like a wings attached to his back as his cultivation grew swiftly relying on mid-grade spiritual stones.

However, the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet in his heart had also exhausted greatly and had shrunk down to the size of the fingernail.

That was the remaining essence of it.

After Lin Yun circulated a complete cycle of the Xiantian Pure Yang Art, the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet in his chest started to give out a faint green flow with dragon-shaped flows coursing through his body from the pellet, nourishing his body.

So much so that there was a medicinal fragrance seeping out from Lin Yun’s pore that attracted many demonic beasts in the night.

When Lin Yun swept his glance out, he could see many green glowing eyes staring at him. Those eyes were light hellfire as they shone in the distance.

Those demonic beasts had considered Lin Yun to be a walking treasure, but the aura permeated from Lin Yun made those demonic beasts feel fearful.


Finally, a demonic beast couldn’t hold it back anymore and pounced over.

Whoosh! Fwoosh!

As the demonic beast tore through the wind, the ferocity of the other demonic beasts were also awakened as it charged over.

However, Lin Yun had looked at this scene calmly without any change in his expression.

Flicking his finger, the blazing internal energy of the Xiantian Pure Yang Art swept out.

The blazing wave had incinated everything in its path, lightning up the night.


Those demonic beasts were shocked when they saw the terrifying energy coming in their direction.

While those demonic beasts had dazed off, Lin Yun gently patted out with his palm.


The ancient sword box beside Lin Yun suddenly flew into the air and opened up.

As flower petals rained down from the box, it created a gorgeous scene as a sword was revealed.


Like shadows of darkness, Lin Yun wielded his sword and swept over.


The Flower Burial Sword buzzed when it was pulled out of the sheath.

“Reflective Shadow!”

With the sword in his hand, Lin Yun danced as he left afterimages of swords behind, rotating endlessly. All it had created was a feast of blood as mournful howls rang out.

When Lin Yun returned to the ground, all the demonic beasts who were coming in his direction had all been slaughtered.

Every single one of them had at least four to five wounds on their bodies, which went deep enough to reach their bones. Even if those attacks weren’t fatal, it was sufficient to injure these demonic beasts in the Eighth and Ninth Stage of the Martial Path heavily.

Under the light from the bonfire, the moonlight shone on the sword as blood was dripping down like morning dew onto the ground.

Under the nourishment of floral fragrance, the Flower Burial Sword was now comparable to a low-grade profound artifact.

Lin Yun’s series of moves only took an instant, and when he turned around, not all the petals of the Pale Remnant Rose had fallen onto the ground.

As Lin Yun leaped, he swung his sword out.

Under the guidance of his sword, those petals were like butterflies that gathered over and went back into the sword box.

After Lin Yun sheathed his sword, he returned the sword into the sword box.

Clop! Clop! Clop!

At the same time, an aura that was more violent than Lin Yun’s approached with the clopping sounds of hooves on the ground along with neighs.

The Dragon Blooded Horse ran over and stomped those demonic beasts who were trying to get away to death.

The wildness on the Dragon Blooded Horse was more ferocious compared to those demonic beasts as it stomped down on them ruthlessly.

Placing both his hands on the sword box, Lin Yun fell into deep thought.

The Dragon Blooded Horse was an outstanding species among horse breeds, rumored to possess a trace of bloodline from dragons, and its name also came from its crimson fur that looked like blood.

But most Dragon Blooded Horse only had a tiny bit of impure dragon bloodline.

So generally speaking, it made no sense for his Dragon Blooded Horse to be so brutal.

He also had no idea how the Yun Family managed to get this Dragon Blooded Horse that was even more ferocious than demonic beasts.

After trampling those demonic beasts to death, the Dragon Blooded Horse picked up the corpse of a demonic beast with its mouth and returned.

Evidently, it was going to have a feast.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun silently gathered the materials from the demonic beasts, only harvesting the valuable parts.

Under the bonfire, Lin Yun looked more mature than how he was two months ago.

With his hair draped down, it made him look more calm.

The Horizon Cloud Mountain was connected to the surrounding nations, and Lin Yun planned on travelling through the Horizon Cloud Mountain to head for the Great Qin Empire that Bai Qiushui spoke about.

From Bai Qiushui, Lin Yun got to know that the Great Qin Empire was a giant even in the Southern Ancient Domain.

In the Great Qin Empire, there were many clans with a long history and even sects that stood for thousands of years. There were also many monstrous geniuses, and it was a place as dazzling as the stars in the sky.

Even throughout the Southern Ancient Domain, the Great Qin Empire’s reputation was spread far and wide.

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