Chapter 66 - Farewell

Lin Yun laid at the bottom of the icy pool as the cold aura seeped into his skin. He wasn’t able to move, nor was he able to speak. The cold aura blinded him, and he couldn’t help but feel anxious.


Lin Yun heard a loud sound outside. Someone had smashed the door apart outside.

“Uncle Bo, you know this old fellow? Why must we come here? This old fellow is just a piece of trash in the Azure Sky Sect, and he never steps out of this place.”

It was Wang Ning’s voice!

Lin Yun was startled as he could tell from the voice that it was Wang Ning, who Su Ziyao had warned him about.

“Haha, I don’t only know him… but the scar on my face was also left by him. It has been many years since we last met, and I never expected that he would turn into this piece of trash. Old Hong, do you still recognize me?”

An eerie voice rang out, spoke with his teeth gritted together. Hearing the voice, anyone could tell that this person had grudges with Senior Hong.

“Old dog of the Wang Family, how can I not recognize the stench on you?” Senior Hong replied calmly.

“Still as tough as before. Young Master, since you’re unable to find the item that the Azure Sky Sect’s ancestor took back then in the past three years, then it might be on this old man.”



The old man swiftly walked over to Senior Hong. Down in the icy pool, Lin Yun began to feel anxious after a long moment of silence.

A short moment later, the voice sounded out again, “This old man is truly ruthless to actually shatter his own meridians.”

“There’s nothing on him.” Wang Ning commented as he kicked Senior Hong’s corpse.

As Lin Yun’s heart throbbed, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Damn it! It took me great efforts to search the entire sect since everyone left for the Four Sects Tournament, but there was nothing to be found. I’ve spent three years here for nothing!”


Wang Ning punched the wall in rage.

“Young Master, let’s forget about it. Perhaps the item brought out by the Azure Sky Ancestor isn’t here at all, and it’s not entirely bad that you’re here for three years. At the very least, you’ve been away from conflicts, which saved you from many troubles. Let’s go then.”

“Uncle Bo, there’s someone that I want dead!” Wang Ning spoke coldly.

“No way! You have to leave today or you will be late for your adulthood ceremony. At that time, you will have your name struck from the clan.”

“I can’t leave without killing that Sword Slave!”

After a brief moment of hesitation, the man replied, “I’ll handle him if we can find him before the sun sets. But if we can’t find him, then you have to return with me immediately. He’s just a sword slave, and there’s no need to ruin your prospects because of him.”


In the icy pool, Lin Yun gradually lost his consciousness and fell asleep.

When he woke up, it was already two days later.


Lin Yun got out of the pool as he let out a long breath. Even now, he could feel his head buzzing.

He had no idea how long he had been in the pool, and he had been relying on internal breathing to survive. So when he woke up now, he couldn’t help but feel dizzy.

“Senior Hong!” Lin Yun’s face changed as he came over to Senior Hong’s side.

Senior Hong looked peaceful on his face without any pain, but his life had also come to an end.

“Damn it!” Senior Hong was one of his few friends, who had taken good care of the previous Lin Yun, and Senior Hong had even saved his life before he died.

“Wang Ning, I will definitely claim your head!”

Lin Yun regretted that he did not think much about the words Su Ziyao left him before she left.

Su Ziyao had already told him to be careful of Wang Ning, but he did not think much of him back then, and he had never imagined that Wang Ning was actually from a prominent clan, who kept him hidden in the Azure Sky Sect for three years.

Just that endurance alone wasn’t something that everyone could accomplish.

Senior Hong’s corpse had traces of being searched, and the entire Sword Cleaning Chamber was searched as well. However, Wang Ning seemed to have failed to find what he was looking for.

Could it be that painting that Senior Hong gave him?

Lin Yun did not put much thought to it as he picked up Senior Hong’s corpse and headed for the mountains behind the chamber.

There was a remote forest ten miles from the Azure Sky Peak, and there was an empty grave that Senior Hong dug for himself.

Two years ago, Senior Hong brought him over once, informing Lin Yun to bury him here if he died.

Back then, Lin Yun only felt that Senior Hong was just joking.

Two hours later, Lin Yun arrived before the tomb and placed Senior Hong’s corpse down.

As he let out a sigh, he started digging the tomb, which he spent half a day on  before he finally revealed the coffin within. As he jumped down to the coffin, he opened it up.

Aside from several nails, the coffin also had a letter.

Looking at it with a conflicted heart, Lin Yun opened up the letter, “Brat, if you’re seeing this letter, that means that I’m dead. Regardless of how I die, don’t feel bad for me. I have already lived for hundreds of years, and I’m someone from the founder of the Azure Sky Sect’s era…”

Lin Yun’s face changed when he read.

The Azure Sky Sect had existed for three hundred years, wouldn’t that mean that Senior Hong was three hundred years old?

“Back then, after the founder of the Azure Sky Sect founded the sect, he left to wander the world, and I was fortunate to come across him. After several interactions, we soon became friends. And thirty years ago, we were bold as we decided to take a risk in the Southern Emperor Tomb.

“It was a narrow escape for us in the Southern Emperor Tomb. I came out with injuries, and he died soon after he came out. Each of us brought out a treasure, and those were a sword and a painting…

“Before he died, he told me to hand the sword to his descendant in the Azure Sky Sect. For that, I traveled through the mountains and seas before I came to the Azure Sky Sect and handed that sword to his descendant. However, the aptitude of his descendant was ordinary, and they couldn’t see through the origin of that sword. They only thought that the sword was made of metallic wood, and had lost its spiritual aura.

“At that time, I was heavily injured and decided to stay in the Azure Sky Sword, comprehending the secret in the painting. After spending ten years to comprehend it, I finally found a secret in the painting. However, all I saw were an endless amount of evil spirits pouncing in my direction. All of a sudden, there was the flash of a sword that eradicated all the evil spirits, but it had also destroyed my Martial Soul, at the same time. At that time, I knew that my life was coming to an end…”

As Lin Yun read, he was filled with doubt.

Why was it completely different from what he saw in the painting?

He had also seen the sword flash, but he wasn’t injured. Even the evil spirits that Senior Hong mentioned were nowhere to be seen.

The painting was filled with secrets.

Whenever you think that you’ve comprehended most of it, something new would appear.

Looking at the Flower Burial Sword on the ground, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts. Was this the sword taken out from the Southern Emperor Tomb by the founder of the Azure Sky Sect?

Fate was truly bizarre…

The two items that those two had risked their lives for were now in his hands.

As he continued reading, Senior Hong did not give Lin Yu many reminders.

Perhaps in Senior Hong’s view, Lin Yun would never be able to comprehend the secrets in the painting with his cultivation.

If he couldn’t comprehend it , then he wouldn’t be injured.

However, he did mention for Lin Yun to forget Su Ziyao.

After reading the letter, Lin Yun felt conflicted in his heart as it turned out that Senior Hong had already expected his death, and he was filled with regret for his decision back then.

Southern Emperor… who was the Southern Emperor?

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling curious, but it was a pity that it wasn’t mentioned in the letter. Then again, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that the Southern Emperor had to be someone formidable.

Keeping the letter, Lin Yun carefully placed Senior Hong’s body into the coffin.

After he tidied up Senior Hong’s corpse, he then closed the coffin and sealed it with nails.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun looked at the tomb as he went down on his knees and gave three kowtows.

By the time Lin Yun returned to the sect, the sun had already set, and Lin Yun only found out that it had been two days after asking around.

Wang Ning was nowhere seen in the sect, and someone told him that Wang Ning was looking for him two days ago. Right now, no one in the sect knew where Wang Ning went. It was as if Wang Ning had suddenly disappeared.

“I will definitely find you!” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered with killing intent as he had to keep the promise he made to himself.

Within his wooden shack, his Pale Remnant Rose had already bloomed.

After half a month of nourishing it with the Spirit Convergence Art, the Pale Remnant Rose had finally bloomed as floral fragrance permeated out.

When Lin Yun took out the ancient sword box from his interspatial pouch, there was a wave of cold air blowing in his direction as Lin Yun began to pluck down the petals and placed them in the box.

After the box was filled with petals, Lin Yun then placed the Flower Burial Sword into the box.

This was taken out from the Southern Emperor Tomb, and in Lin Yun’s hands, it had only started to reveal its luster.

It was still incomparable to its glory back then, but thankfully, Lin Yun managed to figure out how to perform maintenance on the sword, by basking it in floral fragrance in the morning and night.

The Spirit Convergence Art he bought back then was all for this purpose.

As he closed the sword box, Lin Yun gently muttered, “It’s time for me to leave.”

After the Four Sects Tournament, Lin Yun already had the intention to leave.

But fortunately, he managed to restrain himself and waited for half a month to digest everything he got from the Four Sects Tournament.

Now that Senior Hong had already left the world, Lin Yun no longer had anything holding him here.

Whether it was to find Su Ziyao or take revenge for Senior Hong, it was time for him to leave.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun made the decision not to meet the Sect Master and only left a letter behind.

After he wrote his intention on the letter, he placed it on the desk.

“So heavy!”

The sword box was heavy when Lin Yun carried it behind him, but it was fortunate that he was strong enough.

With his foundation forged with the Blood Refining Pellets, Heart Nourishing Pellet, and the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet, Lin Yun could still carry the sword box behind him with his physique. Back then on the auction, the sword box was something that required the strength of several people.

As the sun slowly set, Lin Yun went down the mountain by himself.

When he came to the gates, he turned back to look at the Azure Sky Sect with a gentle gaze.

He could only take another glance of it now. In the future, he could only think about it in his memories.

But just when he turned around, a voice suddenly called out to him.

“Junior Brother Lin, hold up!”

When Lin Yun turned around, he saw Bai Yufan walking over with a smile as he led the Dragon Blooded Horse over.

“Lil’ Red!” Lin Yun was shocked when he saw the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Back then after he lost his consciousness, he hadn’t seen the Dragon Blooded Horse again, and he initially thought that it had run away.

However, he was surprised to see that it had always been in the Azure Sky Sect.

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