Chapter 655 - Great Harvest

The sword was brilliant and the full power of the xiantian sword intent at complete mastery was brought out. Together with hatred and unwillingness, Lei Yunzi, who had planned everything fifteen years ago, began to dissipate. This time, he was truly dead.

Under the brilliant light, the entire palace was filled with xiantian sword intent. It took a long time for the phenomenon to dissipate.

Master Gu and Master Fu looked at this scene with disbelief. They couldn’t believe that the infamous Lei Yunzi was killed by a young man. Lei Yunzi might be in the soul state, but anyone could tell that Lei Yunzi was still strong from how he manipulated Feng Wuhen, Chief Leng, and Bloodwolf so easily.

But his actions were futile before Lin Yun. When Lin Yun drew his sword, all of Lei Yunzi’s schemes were rendered useless. This left both Master Gu and Master Fu shocked because they never expected Lin Yun would be so powerful. Furthermore, they were even more shocked that Lin Yun had no intention of obtaining the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon.

In reality, Lin Yun wasn’t that powerful. The reason why he could kill Lei Yunzi, Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng was because they were tainted by their greed. Unlike them, he had maintained his composure since the very beginning. He was only curious about the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon. This demonic cultivation technique might be powerful because it could devour the flesh of others, but Lei Yunzi still wasn’t able to make a breakthrough to the Empyrean Realm.

Lei Yunzi wasn’t even an empyrean and the Iris Sword Saint could probably kill someone like him with a brush of his hand. So why would Lin Yun be tempted by Lei Yunzi’s demonic cultivation technique?

Although he might seem invincible from his earlier attack, he had done something extremely dangerous. If his Azure Dragon Enneaform didn’t reach the Duoform, there was no way he could withstand such a high accumulation of xiantian sword intent. He also wouldn’t have been able to kill Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng so easily.

Right now, Lin Yun was confident in protecting himself even when facing a greater Yin-Yang stage expert. Furthermore, one must know that Lin Yun’s current cultivation was just in the greater Yang stage.

Suddenly, the hearts of the two men on their knees sank as they could sense a huge pressure on them.

They felt this as soon as Lin Yun sheathed his sword because he was staring at them and the two chiefs from the Three-Eagle Stronghold who were heavily injured. The chiefs’ faces were a lot more ugly because they had attacked Lin Yun numerous times along the way.

“Young Master Lin, I…” But before they could even beg, Lin Yun drew his sword and left a bloody hole in their foreheads, instantly taking their lives. This scene left Master Gu and Master Fu’s faces pale.

“Get lost,” said Lin Yun to the two old men trembling in fear. They were extremely relieved and left quickly after expressing their gratitude.

When Leng Xiangyun saw this scene from the side, she was rather surprised. She had no idea why Lin Yun would kill the two chiefs from the Three-Eagle Stronghold and let the two old men go. She asked, “Big Brother Lin, why did you let them go…”

“If the two chiefs were still alive, your life might still be in danger. As for the two old men, they don’t matter much because they don’t have the guts to come after me.” Lin Yun explained with confidence as he walked forward.

Leng Xiangyun was briefly stunned. So it turns out that Lin Yun killed the two chiefs for her, which made her rejoice inside. But when she thought of her experience along the way, her face couldn’t help sinking. After all, no one could easily handle what she experienced, not to mention that she was still a young girl.

“What weight,” muttered Lin Yun with a grave expression as he looked at the Indigoflame Thunderwhip in his hand. But he couldn’t help looking excited when he sensed the surging lightning energy in the whip.

Waving the whip in his hand, it turned into a lightning python that struck ferociously. Additionally, there was a distinct feature on the lightning python, which ended up being its purple horn.

“Hmmm 50% power?” Lin Yun was surprised because Feng Wuhen could only bring out 40% of its power even after being converted into a demonic corpse. But in his hand, he could bring out 50% of its power. Could it be that it had something to do with the Azure Dragon Enneaform?

Thinking about it, Lin Yun’s gaze became heated as he looked at the Indigoflame Thunderwhip. Could this Indigoflame Thunderwhip be the rumored transcendent cosmic artifact? Even as a sealed high grade cosmic artifact, it was still powerful. So one could imagine how powerful the whip would be after being unsealed.

If it really had something to do with the Azure Dragon Enneaform, which was linked to his physique, then he might have a chance to bring out the full prowess of this whip. With that, the Dreamcatcher Flower, Azurewood Wine, Profound Lightning Bead, and Indigoflame Thunderwhip had fallen into Lin Yun’s hands. There was no question that among the four treasures, Lin Yun was most excited about the Indigoflame Thunderwhip.

This was a powerful weapon, and if he could bring out 90% of its power, it could become his trump card. This had greatly supplemented the weakness of his cultivation since he would be able to fight a genuine greater Yin-Yang stage expert.

Storing the Indigoflame Thunderwhip, Lin Yun thought about his harvest. Including the Heavenly Silkworm Armor, Violet Yang Palace, and a lot of other treasures, his journey was successful. As for the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon, he immediately destroyed it as he had no interest in it.

Retrieving the sword down from his sword box, Lin Yun took out the Dreamcatcher Flower. This flower was a priceless treasure to demonic cultivators, but Lin Yun had shattered it without any hesitation and placed it in his sword box.

When he was done filling the sword box with petals, Lin Yun placed the Flower Burial Sword inside. Instantly, he could see the floral fragrance being absorbed by the Flower Burial Sword at a visible speed. At this moment, the sword was buzzing in excitement.

Watching this, Lin Yun felt that the Flower Burial Sword would become a mid grade cosmic artifact after absorbing all the flower fragrance. This was something to look forward to. After all, the Indigoflame Thunderwhip might be good, but it was definitely nothing compared to his Flower Burial Sword.

The Indigoflame Thunderwhip might be strong, but the Flower Burial Sword of the past was definitely a lot stronger than the Indigoflame Thunderwhip. Leng Xiangyun watched this calmly from the side. She might be young, but she had also experienced many things in the past. She had never seen someone who treasured his sword as much as Lin Yun.

“Big Brother Lin, what are you doing?” she asked.

“This sword is called Flower Burial Sword. One fine day, the name of this sword will resound throughout the Ancient Southern Domain. But for now, it still needs the nurturing of flower fragrance,” said Lin Yun.

Suddenly, he thought of something and turned to Leng Xiangyun, “Little Yun, the three chiefs won’t be able to return anymore. What do you intend to do from now on?”

“I-I don’t know.” Leng Xiangyun instantly looked pitiful. She was looking forward to traveling with Lin Yun, but she knew that she would be a burden with her current strength. So she didn’t have the guts to say it as she bit her lips. She might have gone through a series of ordeals, but she was still innocent and didn’t want to trouble others.

“Have you heard of the Heavenly Province Academy?” asked Lin Yun.

“Of course. It’s an academy famous for spiritual runes in the Ancient Southern Domain.” As a second grade spiritualist, Leng Xiangyun naturally knew about it.

“You can give them my name. No, wait. I’ll write you a letter. In the future, you can live there,” said Lin Yun.

“Really?” Leng Xiangyun’s eyes lit up with excitement. Lin Yun could tell that she loved to research spiritual runes, so he expected this.

“Yeah, it will be fine,” smiled Lin Yun. Taking out the Heavenly Silkworm Armor and Azurewood Wine, he said, “It’ll be a long journey. Take this Heavenly Silkworm Armor, it’ll ensure your safety. Then, help me give this Azurewood Wine to a lady called Mo Ling and tell her that this is my gift of gratitude.”

If the Heavenly Province Academy didn’t protect him in the Withernorth Sea, he would’ve died a long time ago. Since he had an opportunity to pay them, he naturally had to do so. The Azure Dragon Wood in the Azurewood Wine was tempting to every spiritualist, so Mo Ling should benefit greatly.

“T-This is too valuable.” Leng Xiangyun looked at the treasures Lin Yun had handed over, but she didn’t dare to take them.

“I need you to deliver something for me, so I naturally have to ensure your safety. Furthermore, this isn’t really precious,” said Lin Yun.

Receiving the treasures from Lin Yun, Leng Xiangyun looked at Lin Yun timidly, “Thank you, Big Brother Lin. Where are you going to go next?”

“The Thunder Prefecture,” said Lin Yun.

Leng Xiangyun engraved that name into her mind, but she knew that Lin Yun wouldn’t stay in the Thunder Prefecture for long. Even if they could meet again, it would probably only be at the Draconic Banquet.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you out,” smiled Lin Yun as he rubbed Leng Xiangyun’s forehead and left the Thundercloud Treasury.

Without the altar, the core of the spiritual array had been destroyed. So they managed to leave the treasury smoothly and without any troubles.

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