Chapter 653 - Heart, Sword, and Pride!

Lin Yun was barely able to contain the surging sword intent within his body. He was excited to see the limit of his xiantian sword intent at complete mastery when it was combined with the Azure Dragon Enneaform—Duoform.

“Tsk, tsk, brilliant. How brilliant. I’ve been away from human society for only a decade, but the world is still the same as before. Hahaha!” A suppressed laughter echoed once everyone stood ready to fight. The laughter sounded hoarse and was filled with demonic charm.

In the next second, an immense pressure descended onto the palace. Aside from Lin Yun, Bloodwolf, Chief Leng, and Feng Wuhen, the others couldn’t help falling to their knees.

“It’s him!” Chief Leng trembled as he raised his head to look at the crimson light coming from the altar. He could see that the crimson light had condensed into a humanoid figure surging with demonic aura around him.

“Lei Yunzi!” Feng Wuhen and Bloodwolf’s faces were shocked when they looked at the demonic figure. They couldn’t believe that a dead person was suddenly appearing before them.

Leng Xiangyun’s face turned pale from fright and her heart began to tremble. But when she saw Lin Yun who stood before her, she felt relieved.

Lei Yunzi swept his glance out before examining Chief Leng, “You didn’t disappoint me. I let you go on purpose knowing that you would bring me back a Pure Yin Physique.”

“That’s impossible…” Chief Leng’s body jolted as he continued, “You had no intention of letting me go back then. If I didn’t resolve your blood curse by luck, I would be dead!”

“Is that so?” Lei Yunzi sneered and asked, “Did you really resolve it?”

As he spoke, a crimson mark appeared on Chief Leng’s forehead. When the mark appeared, fear appeared in Chief Leng’s eyes as he cried, “N-N-N-NOOOOO!”

But no matter how he struggled, he still fell to the ground while howling out in pain. He scratched his body like a madman and was quickly covered in blood. At this moment, the cunning and sly Chief Leng had been reduced to a madman.

Watching Chief Leng get tortured, Feng Wuhen and Bloodwolf’s cheeks began to tremble.

Lei Yunzi turned to look at Feng Wuhen and fear began to rise in the latter’s heart. But he comforted himself because he wasn’t like Chief Leng who had come in contact with Lei Yunzi.

“Hehe, you really cultivated the Spiritual Floral Canon I left on the Storm Sword. Have you not wondered why your master had a cultivation technique that was meant for women with his irritable temper? Not only the Spiritual Floral Canon, but there was also a treasure map left on your master’s corpse. What’s the matter? You don’t believe me?” Lei Yunzi smiled sinisterly before forming a seal with his hand.

In the next moment, wrinkles began to appear on Feng Wuhen’s face as he swiftly aged.

“ARGHHH! N-N-NO! THIS ISN’T REAL! THIS ISN’T REAL!” Feng Wuhen looked at himself aging through the mirror with disbelief as his hands began to tremble.

“The Youthful Pellet, right! The Youthful Pellet!” He took out the Youthful Pellet and swallowed it. Only then, did his aging slow down. But it still didn’t take long for him to age and he eventually turned into an old man covered with wrinkles and white hair.

“NO!” Feng Wuhen threw the mirror away as his heart had shattered when he saw his appearance. His heart had completely died at this moment.

Bloodwolf’s heart throbbed violently as his face became ugly. When he exchanged gazes with Lei Yunzi, he started trembling in fear.

“You must’ve tried taking off the Flamedragon Armor throughout the years, but all your attempts failed, right? No worries, let me help you!” As Lei Yunzi laughed, he yanked the Flamedragon Armor right off Bloodwolf, but a layer of skin was ripped off with the armor.

Looking at Bloodwolf, he looked like a skeleton that had some muscle still stuck to it. This made Leng Xiangyun cover her mouth as she hid behind Lin Yun. Meanwhile, Master Fu and Master Gu were trembling in fear as they got down on their knees.

The palace suddenly became quiet. Lei Yunzi’s appearance had shown everyone what a true monster was!

“You three pieces of trash want my Blood-Devour Demonic Canon? You guys are just chess pieces that I’ve planted. As for you…” Lei Yunzi’s gaze fell onto Lin Yun, and he said, “You nearly ruined it for me. Do you think you’re strong? No one is an exception to the scheme that I set up fifteen years ago. Now, KNEEL!”

Lei Yunzi’s voice echoed as lightning rumbled in the hall, which caused Master Fu and Master Gu to spit up blood as their faces lost its color. But after a few seconds had passed, Lin Yun was still standing without any changes. This left Master Fu and Master Gu, who were on the ground, greatly shocked.

What is going on? Lei Yunzi dealt with Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng in just a short period of time. But Lin Yun was the only one who remained standing.

“You…” Lei Yunzi was also shocked as he formed a seal and barked, “Kneel!”

Once again, he failed as Lin Yun still stood completely fine.

“Damn it, kneel!” Lei Yunzi formed his seal once more. But when he saw that Lin Yun hadn’t moved, he couldn’t help having shock on his face, “What’s going on? I clearly sense the azure dragon seal from you…”

“Are you talking about this?” Lin Yun opened his palm and the azure dragon seal trembled as it was being restricted by his sword intent.

“I’m afraid you’re incapable of getting me, Lin Yun, to kneel!” Lin Yun snorted and waved his hand, shattering the azure dragon seal on his palm into pieces.

As a swordsman, his sword would point him forward. Like a sword, he would rather snap than to bow and kneel to a demonic cultivator! He stood firm with his clothes fluttering in the wind as he looked at Lei Yunzi with pride.

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