Chapter 651 - Azure Dragon Enneaform, Duoform

When Lin Yun entered the room, a gloomy feeling seized his heart that came from the extremely sinister altar. When he looked around carefully, he noticed that the three parties were in a standoff, but they didn’t seem to have any enmity between them.

He could instantly tell that the atmosphere was strange. But just as he was about to ponder it, Leng Xiangyun yelled at him, “Big Brother Lin, save me! They want to sacrifice me to obtain the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon!”

“Behave yourself!” Just when she was about to move, the two other chiefs from the Three-Eagle Stronghold grabbed onto her. They were so forceful that blood began to drip down from her shoulders.

Feng Wuhen looked at Leng Xiangyun and sneered, “Tsk, tsk. She really doesn't understand what ‘death’ means. Since we have the Pure Yin Physique, we can discuss who gets the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon later. As for this brat, I bet the two of you won’t let him stick around any longer…”

“He’s just a nuisance. The reason why he came late is probably because he wants us to fight among ourselves so that he can benefit.” Bloodwolf stared at Lin Yun.

“Hmph, this brat already took advantage of us in the Hundred Treasure Lake and he still wants to continue.” Chief Leng looked at Lin Yun indifferently.

“We can easily kill someone in the greater Yang, but…” Feng Wuhen examined Lin Yun briefly and was shocked. He could sense that Lin Yun was emitting a powerful lightning energy.

“That fellow actually refined the Profound Lightning Bead!” Veins popped out of Feng Wuhen’s forehead as he was unable to contain his killing aura anymore.

“We can’t leave him be!”

“Kill him! We’ll split his treasures!” Bloodwolf and Chief Leng’s faces turned dark with killing intent in their eyes. In the next second, everyone’s killing aura was directed at Lin Yun. In their eyes, he was equivalent to a dead person.

“You guys want to fight? How courageous…” Lin Yun raised his brow as he looked at them with a sharp gaze. Did they really think that he was a pushover?

“What arrogance!” Bloodwolf snorted and attacked first. He soared into the sky as torrential flames surged out from his armor and covered his fist.

When the dragon roared, the flames formed a spear that shot at Lin Yun. Empowered by the Flamedragon Armor, the flames lit up half of the palace. The surrounding walls began to turn red from the high temperature. Vaguely, cracks began to appear on the surrounding walls.

Indigomoon Frost!

Chief Leng followed behind as he circulated the Indigomoon Sutra. A purple moon began to appear above his head that released a faint fluctuation. When the moonlight condensed to its limit, a cold aura suddenly exploded out from Chief Leng that froze everything in his surroundings.

The cold aura was like sharp blades that tried to tear Lin Yun’s aura apart. When the cold aura reached its coldest temperature, Chief Leng soared into the sky and sent his palm down. When his palm landed, the moon above him also crashed down like an enormous mountain.

“Seven Slaughtering SealRaging Sky!” Lin Yun began to form a seal with his left hand when he saw them coming for him. In the next second, a torrential killing aura exploded out from him that was multiplied by seven times. At this moment, Lin Yun looked like an asura from hell.

When the killing aura reached the peak, it transformed into boundless rage that poured into his fist. He first collided with Bloodwolf’s attack, which caused a huge collision. In that split second, cracks began to spread out on the flaming spear.

“Damn it…” Bloodwolf was shocked that he was in the disadvantageous position when facing Lin Yun. But before he could even react, the spear began to crumble and Lin Yun’s fist slammed into his chest.

Bloodwolf let out a groan as he was sent flying. Although he didn’t suffer many injuries thanks to the Flamedragon Armor, he still wasn’t in a good state.

“Raging Sky!” Lin Yun turned around and threw another punch. In the next second, boundless rage burst out like a volcano. At this moment, this forbidden technique, the Seven Slaughtering Fist, had been executed at its pinnacle.

At this moment, all of his rage and killing aura had been converted to a sword in his hand. Facing Lin Yun’s attack, Chief Leng’s attack had crumbled before it could even get close. When Chief Leng’s aura had weakened, Lin Yun’s fist flew past him and pierced through the purple moon.

Looking at this scene, Chief Leng began to retreat with a trace of blood dripping down from his lips.

“Die!” But before Lin Yun could catch his breath, Feng Wuhen smiled sinisterly as the Indigoflame Thunderwhip flew at Lin Yun’s face.

The whip was accompanied by torrential lightning as it caused the atmosphere to start exploding from its pressure. Lin Yun had to squint when looking at the whip because it genuinely looked like a viper. This venomous attack caught him by surprise.

Feng Wuhen barked, “So what if you refined the Profound Lightning Bead? Crushing you is as easy as crushing an ant!”

“Dream on!” Lin Yun sneered as a brilliant sword cry rang out from within his body. He had unleashed his xiantian sword intent at greater mastery. In the split second, a boundless sword intent exploded out from Lin Yun like a wall.

Defiant Frustration, Resonance!

Empowered by his xiantian sword intent, Lin Yun’s clothes and hair began to flutter in the wind. Facing the lightning python, Lin Yun threw out two punches. The first punch caused the entire palace to start trembling and cracks to appear on the lightning python. As for the second punch, the lightning python crumbled, returning to its original appearance as the Indigoflame Thunderwhip.

“Xiantian sword intent in greater mastery?” Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng were shocked when they sensed the sword intent around Lin Yun. The number of Lin Yun’s trump cards had exceeded their expectations.

“He’s too strong! He definitely has the strength comparable to those geniuses on the inner ranking of the Dragoncloud Ranking!”

“We need to work together!” The trio had rage written on their faces as they attacked Lin Yun together.

Although Lin Yun had to face three enemies, he wasn’t in a disadvantageous position thanks to his powerful sword intent. This left shock on the faces of Master Gu, Master Fu, and the two chiefs. They never expected that Lin Yun would be so powerful. Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng were all in the pinnacle lesser Yin-Yang stage, but there was nothing they could do to Lin Yun.

“Great Flamedragon Finger!” Bloodwolf had clearly become anxious as he resorted to his strongest attack. When he pointed his finger out, it turned red like heated metal as it caused the surrounding space to distort.

“Indigomoon Yinwind Palm!” Chief Leng condensed a purple wind containing cold energy and used it against Lin Yun.

“Lightning Storm!” Feng Wuhen roared as he lashed out with the Indigoflame Thunderwhip in his hand. In the next second, thunderclouds began to form in the sky along with terrifying lightning energy that brewed in the sky.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun was enveloped by the three attacks. But when those attacks fell onto Lin Yun, it didn’t have the effect that the trio had expected. On the contrary, there were only sounds of metallic collisions.

A dragon roar was heard as purple light covered Lin Yun’s body. Empowered by the Azure Dragon’s energy, Lin Yun’s physique was like a cosmic artifact that could withstand the trio’s attacks.

“What’s going on?!” This shocked the trio greatly as their jaws nearly hit the ground.

“Is it my turn now?” Lin Yun smiled coldly as he looked at the trio.

“Back off!” Immediately, they began to back off quickly without any hesitation.

“Azure Dragon Enneaform–Duoform!” Lin Yun roared as a brilliant dragon roar echoed out from Lin Yun. When Lin Yun threw his punch out, Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng were enveloped by the lightning before they could even react.

In the next second, they threw up mouthfuls of blood before they were sent flying away.

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