Chapter 65 - Deeper the Feelings, Heavier the Injuries

As the moon hovered high in the sky, Lin Yun sat in his wooden shack as he cultivated while gentle moonlight seeped in through his window and shone on the ground.

With his Pure Yang Art evolved into a Xiantian Cultivation Technique, it was much more complicated than before.

As his internal energy coursed through his meridians, he had to be careful or he would make a mistake.

Speaking of which, it was really bizarre.

Executing the Spirit Convergence Art required the support of enormous internal energy, and it was still somewhat forceful for him back then.

But he never expected that after his Pure Yang Art reached the pinnacle, the cultivation technique accidentally broke through the barriers of Houtian Realm.

The yellow internal energy coursed through his body like a weak flame, and the Pure Yang Art had been reforged into a whole new cultivation technique.

And that also meant that he had to start it over from the first stage.

However, the internal energy refined from the Xiantian Pure Yang Art was completely different from the Pure Yang Art, and it was like a wisp of overbearing flame that blazed through everything.

After Lin Yun circulated the Xiantian Pure Yang Art throughout his body, he slowly opened his eyes.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

What followed was a warm current that flowed from his heart throughout his body.

The Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet embedded in his chest was like a huge source of water that flowed into streams coursing through his body.

As the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet nourished Lin Yun’s physique, Lin Yun’s cultivation was slowly growing under the Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

“If you’re unable to make it into the Xiantian Realm before the age of seventeen, it’s impossible for you to make a breakthrough in your lifetime.”

Bai Qiushui’s words echoed out in Lin Yun’s mind as his expression became grave.

Su Ziyao… it would probably be a name that he would never be able to escape from in his lifetime.

Time ticked, and before he knew it, half a month had already passed.

In the Azure Sky Peak, it was a cliff with countless swords embedded on the ground.

There was a figure swinging his sword under the blazing sun as his sword technique flowed smoothly like water. The sword style was unconstrained and traceless.

Where do the flowers bloom!

In the next moment, the youth stabbed his sword out as four roses bloomed.


After the roses bloomed, the four roses suddenly exploded into petals that filled the sky.

As the youth brandished his sword, the petals froze as it formed into a tornado under the guidance of his sword.


With a holler, the flower petals soared into the sky.

In the next moment, the clouds were all torn apart by the tornado as the flower petal dazzled beneath the blazing sun forming a dreamy scene.

The youth was naturally Lin Yun.

Looking at this dreamy scene before him, a smile rose on Lin Yun’s lips.

As his comprehension of the technique grew deeper, he could sense the profundities that lied in the Rose Sword Art.

With boundless potential to excavate, Lin Yun began executing all sorts of killing moves.

“Who’s that man in the painting? Why did one sword give me such benefits and where do the flowers bloom?”

Lin Yun’s mind was clouded with mist. The more he grasped the technique, the more profound he felt.

Embody the tiger, smell the rose.… it appeared that it wasn’t that simple…

When his sword aura dissipated, Lin Yun pulled his sword back as the Flower Burial Sword buzzed once more.

He first stabbed his sword into the ground as the buzzing noise caused a faint tremble.

The Seeking Sword Spirit, which was separated into four realms, Seeking, Controlling, Heart, and Spirit.

He was still in the Seeking phase, and he could only make his sword buzz to resonate with other weapons.

Which meant that he could make a hundred swords resonate with a thought!

“Seeking… it’s mainly at the discerning of swords, and controlling is a technique that I can use to attack.”

Right now, he could only cause other swords to resonate with the Seeking Sword Spirit.


Sheathing his sword, the hundred swords on the ground stopped resonating as the buzzing noise stopped.

“It’s time for me to get going.”

Looking at the blazing sun above his head, Lin Yun spread his arms apart as he jumped.

He was like a wild goose as he dove down from the hillside.

He had already reached greater mastery in the Wild Goose Art, and he could now jump a few meters high by empowering it with his Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

For a brief moment, he could stay in the sky.

As he dove down from the hillside, his agility was comparable to a wild goose.

When he descended on the road, Lin Yun halted his movement  technique and walked on his feet.

“Hello, Senior Brother Lin!”

“Hello, Senior Brother Lin!”

“Senior Brother Lin.”

All the disciples he encountered would stop in their tracks and greet him respectfully.

During the battle with the Four Sects Tournament, he had already forged a name for himself.

Relying on himself, he fought with the Sect Master of the Violet Ember Sect and even defeated four Elders with a single sword.

Lin Yun had his name spread far and wide in the Aquasky Nation, and everyone in the Azure Sky Sect knew about him.

Right now, no one dared to call him a sword slave behind his back. Whenever they mentioned his name, their tone was only filled with respect.

As he travelled down the road, he walked down the mountain.

Passing through buildings, Lin Yun arrived at the Sword Cleaning Chamber.

Back then, he was an odd-job worker in the Sword Cleaning Chamber, doing his best in laborious work.

“All of you watch it! Clean up all the blood stains on the sword before the sun sets!”

The one who was responsible for all the odd-job workers in the Sword Cleaning Chamber was still the outer disciple, Zhou Ping.

When Zhou Ping caught a glance of Lin Yun, his face immediately changed.

As he walked over swiftly, he tightened his scalps and smiled, “Senior Brother Lin, why have you come? You can just get someone to inform me if you need anything, there’s no need for you to come personally.”

When all the odd-job workers looked at Lin Yun, they stopped what they were doing as they looked at him with conflicted gazes.

Most of them had shame flickering through their eyes as they lowered their heads, fearing that Lin Yun would notice them.

After all, they weren’t friendly at all to Lin Yun.

Back then when Lin Yun was still an odd-job worker, they had bullied him.

After Lin Yun became a Sword Slave, they kicked him out of the dormitory under the rain.

If Lin Yun wanted to take revenge with his current position in the sect, it was simply too easy for him.

However, they were evidently being too oversensitive.

Lin Yun did not even cast a glance at them and muttered, “Go down.”

This was a place that reminded him of his past, and Lin Yun did not want to take revenge against them.

But he couldn’t help recalling how the previous Lin Yun was being distanced and bullied.

As Zhou Ping and the other odd-job workers felt relieved, they immediately backed down.

When they were standing before Lin Yun, they only felt greatly pressured and  uneasy.

Thinking about his past with Su Ziyao here, Lin Yun sighed gently.

The Sword Cleaning Chamber had triggered the memories deep down as he sighed with sorrow.

A long time later, Lin Yun’s gaze fell on the main building with his eyes narrowed.

If there was someone who knew about his lost memory, it would definitely be Senior Hong!

With a few steps, Lin Yun walked into the building.

The Sword Cleaning Chamber was still the same as before, only the icy pool seemed to have weakened.

When he swept his glance out, he could see Senior Hong performing maintenance for a sword.

“Hello, Senior Hong.” Lin Yun walked over and greeted.

Lin Yun did not dare to treat Senior Hong without respect. After all, Senior Hong was the one who gave him the painting that changed his life, and he could tell from that that Senior Hong was someone with stories.

“Brat, I heard that you were pretty awe-inspiring.”

Senior Hong smiled as he turned around. There weren't any changes to his appearance, except for the increased wrinkles. After months of not seeing him, Senior Hong seemed to have grown much older.

“Senior Hong, your body…” Lin Yun couldn’t help sounding his worry.

“I’ve already told you that I already have one foot in my grave, and I have already seen through life and death. I had also prepared my coffin a few years ago.” Senior Hong smiled.

“Senior Hong, I’m actually here because I want to ask you about something.”

“About Su Ziyao?”

Lin Yun was briefly stunned upon hearing that name before he had joy on his face, “That means that you know about it? That’s great!”

Waiting for Lin Yun to finish, Senior Hong smiled, “Don’t rejoice about it. Your lost memories were sealed by both Su Ziyao and I.”

“What?!” Lin Yun’s face changed as there seemed to be a roar of thunder echoing in his mind.

The truth had completely exceeded Lin Yun’s expectations.

“Senior Hong, can you tell me about my lost memories? If I can’t recall it, I won’t be able to forgive myself for my entire life.” Lin Yun begged.

He had finally found someone who knows the truth, but he never expected that it was also Senior Hong who sealed his memories, so how could he not feel anxious?

“Child, your memories are sealed for a reason. It’s beneficial to the two of you, so you can stop begging me. I will definitely bring this secret into my grave, and not knowing about it is good to you.” Senior Hong comforted with a sigh.

Seeing that Senior Hong was so firm, Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling sorrow.

“You don’t have to be too bothered by Su Ziyao’s attitude. Her cultivation technique determined her aloof status, and the deeper her feelings, the more she will be hurt. It’s an ill-fated relationship between the two of you…” Senior Hong hesitated but he still revealed a little to Lin Yun.

The deeper her feelings, the more she will be hurt?

Lin Yun knitted his brows as he wondered what cultivation technique Su Ziyao practiced for it to be so overbearing.

But a moment later, Lin Yun suddenly figured something out.

Su Ziyao gave his pellets to strengthen and refine his physique, but hadn’t she always done it with an aloof expression?

The deeper her feelings, the deeper she will be hurt… the conflict and torture she must have felt was something others couldn’t comprehend.

“I must look for her! I must find her!” Lin Yun repeated in a firm tone.

“My suggestion for you is to give up on that.” Senior Hong looked at the strand of hair that wrapped around Lin Yun’s pinky and continued, “This hair was from her, and if the two of you met again, she might kill you without any hesitation.”

“You have no idea of her origin, of the responsibility she bears. She’s the descendant of the Great Empress…” Senior Hong muttered before his face changed drastically.

As Lin Yun was startled, there was a powerful aura outside the Sword Cleaning Chamber approaching swiftly.


But before Lin Yun could react, he was sent into the icy pool with a palm from Senior Hong.

Under the pool, Lin Yun felt as if he had gone into fake death as his aura disappeared, and he couldn’t move a muscle.

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