Chapter 648 - Azurewood Wine, Dreamcatcher Flower

Master Fu, Master Gu, and the two chiefs were shocked to see Lin Yun. But when they heard Lin Yun’s words, they instantly flew into rage as their killing aura was stirred. “You’re courting death!”

“You think we’re afraid of you just because you managed to escape earlier?” The two chiefs lost in their previous clash against Lin Yun, but they still charged at Lin Yun from both sides.

“Heavenly Eagle Fist!” The one on the right unleashed his strongest attack, bringing out the power of a lesser Yin-Yang stage as his punches flew towards Lin Yun. Under his punches, the air began to tremble, which made others feel like they were suffocating.

“Demonic Eagle Claw!” The one on the left used a claw strike that was formed from his crimson origin energy. The claw was massive and looked like it could tear apart space. It was so deadly that no one in the pinnacle Yang stage would be able to take it head-on.

They were both filled with resentment for Lin Yun because of their previous loss. Now that they ran into Lin Yun again, they unleashed their strongest attacks immediately in order to kill Lin Yun. When Master Fu and Master Gu saw this scene, they both sneered.

The attacks from the two chiefs were powerful enough to kill someone in the pinnacle Yang stage and Lin Yun was only in the greater Yang stage. So they both looked at Lin Yun like he was a dead person before they resumed their search in the Hundred Treasure Lake.

“You want to take my life with such pitiful tricks?” Lin Yun sneered at the two chiefs. Raising his brow, Lin Yun turned to look at the chief who threw out a punch and unleashed his sword aura.

In the next second, he felt that Lin Yun’s existence had started to become vague. Lin Yun was clearly in front of him, but he felt as though Lin Yun was standing on top of a mountain and looking down at him. Just when he was feeling doubtful, a brilliant sword cry rang out from Lin Yun’s body.

Raising his hand, Lin Yun used his fist empowered by his xiantian sword intent at greater mastery to stab him like a sword. When the two punches collided, Lin Yun’s sword aura surged into the sky and his fist became even more ferocious.

“Get lost!” Lin Yun barked as the Iris Flower in his violet palace bloomed. With this, his fist emitted a brilliant dazzle.

The chief spit up a mouthful of blood before he was sent flying out. He was covered with injuries from Lin Yun’s sword aura.

“Die!” The other chief who pounced over with a claw sneered. There was no way Lin Yun could avoid this attack. Although Lin Yun had protected his vital spots, the chief was confident that he could kill Lin Yun if his attack landed on Lin Yun’s chest.

But when his claw came in contact with Lin Yun’s chest, it felt like he was attacking a metal plate because the rebound force hurt his arm. At the same time, lightning began to flicker on his claw, which startled him greatly. When he looked at Lin Yun closely, he noticed that there was a peculiar membrane enveloping Lin Yun that had ancient lightning runes and a wisp of a dragon’s aura.

Realizing that he couldn’t do anything to the membrane, his eyes were replaced with fear as he wanted to retreat.

“You think you can run?” Lin Yun reached out and grabbed his attacker’s wrist firmly. At the same time, a surge of sword aura drilled itself into that chief’s meridians.

The chief’s face instantly became ugly as he tried his best to withdraw his hand. But no matter how he struggled, he wasn’t able to break free from Lin Yun’s grip.

“You’re really courting death. Do you think that you lost because you were careless? I even killed the elders of the Bloodwing Pavilion. So who the hell do you think you are?” Lin Yun threw the chief out, slamming him into the wall as if he were tossing out the garbage.

The impact instantly created a dent on the wall as cobweb cracks began to spread out.

On the other hand, Bloodwolf and Chief Leng were having difficulty with Feng Wuhen. Feng Wuhen had the Indigoflame Thunderwhip, so there was nothing they could do to him.

“Old geezer, we’ll die if you don’t use your trump card now!” Flames surged from Bloodwolf’s armor that condensed into a flaming dragon to withstand Feng Wuhen’s attack.

“Haha, let me see what trump card an insignificant wandering cultivator has,” smiled Feng Wuhen arrogantly.

“Feng Wuhen, you’re not afraid that the treasures here might go to that brat?” Chief Leng’s eyes flickered unsteadily as he tried to force Feng Wuhen to stop with Lin Yun as a threat.

“Why should I care about him? As long as I kill the two of you, everything in the treasury will belong to me!” smiled Feng Wuhen.

“Dream on!” Chief Leng's eyes flickered as he made a decision. In the next second, rings of purple moonlight began to emit out of his body as his terrifying strength sent Feng Wuhen flying away. When the moonlight essence gathered, it formed a round moon above Chief Leng’s head.

“The Indigomoon Sutra!” Feng Wuhen was surprised as fear flashed in his pupils.

Simultaneously, Bloodwolf’s Flamedragon Armor increased in size as he increased in size. In the next second, Bloodwolf had grown to over three meters.

“Demonification?!” Feng Wuhen’s face became grave.

“Hmph, I already told you that having the highest cultivation here doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want,” said Bloodwolf as he charged over.

Chief Leng’s face was grim as he followed behind with a moon above him.

With that, the battle had unfolded once more and the intensity of the fight was several times stronger than before. On the Hundred Treasure Lake, Lin Yun quickly took a look at the battle and fell into deep thoughts. He now knew why Chief Leng felt so weird. 

If his memories served him right, the Indigomoon Sutra should be the cultivation technique of the Indigomoon Elysium. It made sense that Chief Leng was stronger than the Grand Elder of the Bloodwing Pavilion’s outer sect. Even if the Bloodwing Pavilion was strong, how could it be compared to the Indigomoon Elysium?

“Azurewood Wine!” While Lin Yun was distracted for a second, Master Gu and Master Fu exclaimed as they both looked in the same direction. Lei Yunzi had garnered countless treasures in his lifetime, but there were only four significant ones, the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon, the Profound Lightning Pearl, the Azurewood Wine, and the Dreamcatcher Flower.

“That wine has such dense spiritual energy. Even the Iris Flower within my body is starting to feel restless.” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up as he charged over, pushing the Seven Profound Steps to the limit.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun seized the Azurewood Wine and took a swig. He could sense a hot current flowing throughout his body and his physique had gotten a lot stronger in such a short amount of time.

“What great wine!” exclaimed Lin Yun.

“Bastard, put down the Azurewood Wine!” Master Gu and Master Fu charged towards Lin Yun with pale faces.

In addition to the wine, there was also an Azuredragon Wood that was extremely precious to the two masters. If they could obtain it, they could break through their bottleneck. So one could imagine how furious they were that the Azurewood Wine was taken by Lin Yun.

Looking at the two old men becoming so anxious, Lin Yun wore a playful expression as he took another swig before he moved. The two old men chased after him, launching their attacks. But Lin Yun moved about in the Hundred Treasure Lake easily and avoided their attacks.

Whenever Lin Yun saw an interesting treasure on a lotus, he would smile and take it. Occasionally, he would even take a swig of the Azurewood Wine, just to make the two old men even more furious.

Suddenly, the sword box he carried behind him trembled and the Flower Burial Sword started buzzing. This made Lin Yun come to a stop as he turned to look at a flower sitting on a lotus far away. 

“The Dreamcatcher Flower!” Master Gu and Master Fu took a deep breath as their faces changed once again when facing another valuable treasure.

“Since you like it, then I’ll get it for you. Here I go!” Lin Yun smiled as he flew towards the Dreamcatcher Flower.

“You bastard, stop!” The two old men roared as they charged over. Not only did Lin Yun obtain the Profound Lightning Bead and the Azurewood Wine, but he was also going after the Dreamcatcher Flower.

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