Chapter 647 - Lin Yun Arrives!

Under the combined power of the Great Wind Scripture and Azure Dragon Enneaform, the first cosmic artifact finally exploded. Shortly after, the second, third, and the fourth followed suit. Numerous other treasures also began to explode under this chain reaction.

The Hundred Treasure Lake had over a hundred treasures and all of them were being destroyed by the wind and lightning energies. This was a shocking scene as the treasures were reduced to fragments on the ground.

Although Bloodwolf, Feng Wuhen, and Chief Leng had retreated in time, it was still too late for them, especially Feng Wuhen, who had charged first. He wanted to kill Lin Yun, but now, he was devoured by the explosions.

Feng Wuhen threw up a mouthful of blood with an intense aching in his internal organs. Dozens of fragments had pierced through his origin energy defence and left injuries on his body. 

Bloodwolf and Chief Leng were slightly slower, so they had some time to react. So their injuries were much better. The two of them slammed onto the wall as if they were being pressed onto the wall by an invisible hand.

There were cracks on the wall behind them as blood dripped out from their lips. When they fell onto the ground, it took a long time for them to get back up. The others - Leng Xiangyun and Master Gu - stood far away, but they were still affected by the shockwave as they were sent flying away.

A long time later, the glittering light emitted from the treasures faded away. There was naturally nothing to say about the Hundred Treasure Lake as it was laid waste with countless fragments left on the ground.

“You little bastard, you better hope I don’t catch you!” Feng Wuhen roared as he coughed. Bloodwolf and Chief Leng’s faces weren’t happy either, but their eyes were flashing coldly at Feng Wuhen.

“Lin Yun might be hateful, but he’s still inferior to you, Brother Feng.” Bloodwolf smiled eerily. “Speaking of which, we have to thank him. If you obtained the Profound Lightning Bead, I bet both of us would be dead.”

“Indeed, you’re as vicious as rumored,” said Chief Leng as he looked at Feng Wuhen.

Feng Wuhen was briefly stunned before he laughed, “We’re all the same kind of people. Don’t pretend to be a saint. If you guys had the opportunity, would you give up on raiding the Thundercloud Treasury all for yourself? Can the two of you withstand the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon’s temptation?”

There was no question that the treasures in the Thundercloud Treasury were incomparable to the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon. Even if the treasures were precious, they were still external objects. But if one possessed the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon, they would be guaranteed to reach the Heavenly Soul Realm or even take another step to reach Lei Yunzi’s realm.

In fact, if they could surpass Lei Yunzi, they might become legends themselves. It would be the birth of a new empyrean. Such a huge temptation couldn’t be described with words and Feng Wuhen had ripped their argument apart.

“Wait and see,” sneered Bloodwolf. Glancing at Feng Wuhen, he said, “Don’t get cocky. Just because you’re the strongest doesn’t mean you’ll be the last one standing.”

Then, he headed towards the vermillion bird painting together with Master Fu. Shortly after, Chief Leng also left with the Three-Eagle Stronghold’s men.

After everyone left, Feng Wuhen’s face changed briefly before he threw up a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale. Seeing this, Master Gu walked over in surprise, “Your injuries are that serious?”

Feng Wuhen’s eyes flashed with killing aura and he gnashed his teeth, “What do you think? If not, how could I let them go so easily with my temper?”

As he spoke, he popped a pellet into his mouth and it didn’t take long for his face to become rosy.

“Bastard!” Feng Wuhen gritted his teeth. If it wasn’t for Lin Yun, he would’ve already obtained the Profound Lightning Bead. It didn’t matter if it was Bloodwolf or Chief Leng, they were all nothing in his eyes. But he never expected that someone merely in the greater Yang stage would destroy the Hundred Treasure Lake.

With Lin Yun’s strength, it might be difficult for him to destroy a cosmic artifact, but not impossible. So by destroying so many treasures, he made use of the Hundred Treasure Lake’s restriction. No matter what, Lin Yun had ruined everything for him and now they had a grudge to settle.

Master Gu said, “Don’t worry about it. The restriction on the second level will only be more difficult. With my attainment in spiritual runes, I’m confident that we can be the first to get through the nine rooms. The Blood-Devour Demonic Canon is surely on the third level, but there’s a high chance that Lei Yunzi’s Indigoflame Thunderwhip is on the second level.”

“The Blood-Devour Demonic Canon is still of utmost importance. Lei Yunzi’s efforts went down the drain back then when he couldn’t reach the Empyrean Realm. But I’m confident that I can surpass him with my talent. As long as I obtain the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon, the Empyrean Realm will be within my reach!” Feng Wuhen said with fighting spirits blazing in his eyes.

The second level had four paths as well, each representing the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise. The restrictions in the rooms would get more difficult in correspondence to the  higher levels. Just like before, resolving each restriction would grant a small gift left behind by Lei Yunzi.

Then again, one could also give up on the treasures and focus on getting through each room. Just as Master Gu predicted, the second level was more difficult for Bloodwolf and Chief Leng. They practically made little to no progress at all. In the end, they could only get through the rooms by force.

Meanwhile, Feng Wuhen and Master Gu made it to the second level smoothly in two hours. When they came out of the door, there was another Hundred Treasure Lake before them.

“The Youthful Pellet!” Feng Wuhen’s gaze fell onto a bottle of pellet on a lotus with excitement surging in his eyes.

This made Master Gu speechless as he coughed and said, “The Indigoflame Thunderwhip is also here.”

“Where?” Feng Wuhen quickly asked. His mood had gotten much better after obtaining the Youthful Pellet.

Master Gu pointed at a pile of flames blazing at the bottom of the lake with the shape of a domineering python.

“What power!” Feng Wuhen sucked in a cold breath. So this was the weapon used by Lei Yunzi when he was alive. The domineering aura of the whip made Feng Wuhen’s heart start beating.

The Indigoflame Thunderwhip was said to be a weapon that surpassed the category of cosmic artifacts. In fact, there were only three artifacts comparable to it in the entire Ancient Southern Domain.

“With my attainments in lightning, I should be able to control this weapon. As long as I can bring out 30% of its power, I’ll be able to get rid of Bloodwolf and Chief Leng. Master Gu, I’m afraid that I have to trouble you again,” said Feng Wuhen as he suppressed his excitement.

“Wait for my good news.” Master Gu’s eyes flashed with confidence as he landed next to the lake.

As for Feng Wuhen, he had learned from his lesson on the first level and had started accumulating his energy to attack anyone who appeared. But he was pretty lucky as no one showed up even after Master Gu got rid of the restriction.

Lightning flickered on Feng Wuhen’s body as he landed by the lakeside and took the Youthful Pellet. Then, he turned to the lake and barked, “Come out!”

Lightning started to rumble from the bottom of the lake as the Indigoflame Thunderwhip rushed out like a ferocious python. When Feng Wuhen held onto the whip, his face changed as it felt like he was lifting a mountain with his hand, “It’s heavy.”

It was rather taxing for him to brandish the whip. But when he held onto it, he couldn’t help feeling surprised as this legendary weapon was only a high ranked cosmic artifact. It was far from what he had imagined. “A high ranked cosmic artifact?”

“There’s a seal.” Master Gu was a spiritualist, so he instantly noticed something unusual about the whip. “Although there’s a seal, this whip is still the strongest among high ranked cosmic artifacts. You only have to bring out half of its power to suppress everyone.”

Right at this moment, Bloodwolf and Chief Leng appeared. When they looked at the weapon in Feng Wuhen’s hand, their faces changed as they exclaimed, “The Indigoflame Thunderwhip!”

The two immediately gave up all thoughts on the treasures and rushed towards the entrance to the third level, “Run!”

“You guys think you can run?” Feng Wuhen smiled sinisterly as he barked and the Indigoflame Thunderwhip lashed out like a python made of torrential flames and crackling lightning. When the whip hit Chief Leng and Bloodwolf, the two threw up mouthfuls of blood as they were pushed back.

With that, the three parties stood in a triangle formation. This time, Feng Wuhen had no intention of letting them go. He was determined to get rid of them both.

As they fought, light flashed from the azure dragon painting and Lin Yun appeared, “How noisy.”

While the three fought, Master Gu, Master Fu, and the two chiefs from the Three-Eagle Stronghold soared into the sky and headed towards the Hundred Treasure Lake.

Lin Yun swept his gaze around and looked at the Hundred Treasure Lake with a smile. After all, how could he give up on such an opportunity? With a golden flash, Lin Yun soared into the sky like a golden crow and landed in front of the four of them.

Looking at them, Lin Yun smiled, “There are so many treasures, but you guys can give up on them since I’m here.”

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